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Ouija board helps probe the subconscious

Posted on Sunday, 8 July, 2012 | Comment icon 26 comments

Image credit: William Hope

Psychologists are using Ouija boards to explore how we communicate with our subsconcious mind.

Long alleged to enable communication with spirits, Ouija boards consist of a planchette and a board on which is printed all the letters of the alphabet along with a few simple words and phrases. While some believe the planchette will move under the influence of spirits to spell out a message, others subscribe to the idea that it is actually our subconscious mind that is creating that movement through small unconscious muscle movements.

It is for this reason that the Ouija board has gained the interest of psychologists studying the human subconscious. By examining the movements produced by volunteers over a series of experiments researchers have been able to gain new insights in the workings of the unconscious mind.

"Beloved of spiritualists and bored teenagers on a dare, the Ouija board has long been a source of entertainment, mystery and sometimes downright spookiness."

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 Source: New Scientist

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by May-21-2011 on 6 August, 2012, 20:24
This is a joke...right?!?!?
Comment icon #18 Posted by TheJoker on 7 August, 2012, 3:28
Why won't the ghost hunters use this then???
Comment icon #19 Posted by mpgarr on 11 August, 2012, 23:55
I really don't know what to make of Ouja boards since I played around with them myself as a kid and nothing much happened but my mom had a very creepy experience with one when she was a child that was truly frightening and the events totally inexplicable by "rational" standards and I have known many others who have had very negative experiences with them as well, so if there really is anything "beyond"---I think that the probability is high that Ouja boards are not simply games, but a portal to something beyond whether that is "evil spirits" or as these researchers are apparently trying to det... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by Anagoge on 12 August, 2012, 4:20
Ouija boards are not good or evil. They are basically neutral. However, many people have negative experiences with them. The reason why is because people get freaked out when they start spelling messages out. They get scared, and this fear is like blood in water to sharks. Nonphysical beings that feed on fear, smell it or sense it, and come immediately. It's tasty meal time for them. If one is not fearful when using the board, one will not interact with those types of entities. There is a whole ecology of different beings out there. I wouldn't call any of them "good" or "bad", but there are be... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by Time Traveler on 16 August, 2012, 2:01
Well, for what it's worth - I will give my 2 cents. When you ask a ouija board something you are opening the door to any and all entities. Any spirit can answer. Some are merely mischieveous and may give you a correct anwer once or twice only later to trick you on something else. Some have bad intentions to begin with, which explains why some people have worse experiences than others with the board. To avoid this you must direct your questions/inquiries to a specific spirit/entity. State who you are speaking to, this way it does not allow any other spirit to answer. Never show fear and remembe... [More]
Comment icon #22 Posted by King Cobra 1408 on 13 January, 2013, 22:24
while it could also be used to communicate with spirits i also believe that it could be used to communicate with the subconscious mind as well.either way lets say your looking for a answer you still get would be so cool to talk to a ghost and talk to one and be able to see thing though i do not believe its the devils toys.the devil is something and the creation of the catholic church and christian religions.i have a quija board at home and in my room and i sleep like a baby meaning it don't bother me and its glow in the dark too lol
Comment icon #23 Posted by Crikey on 14 January, 2013, 1:48
If somebody has to turn to a ouija board for "guidance", I pity them..
Comment icon #24 Posted by lone wolf2 on 14 January, 2013, 7:47
There are alot of people that say the Ouija board is controlled by the ideomotor response which can be controlled. By the subconscious and the subconscious is able to pick up on alot more than we realize. It just filters out what isn't thought to be relevant. So if your trying to use an ouija board to contact spirits i would think it would depend on the person or people using it. Just my opinion
Comment icon #25 Posted by stevemagegod on 15 January, 2013, 5:45
I wouldn't even go near Ouija boards. I'm not even Religious. But i am Superstitious. I have heard many People say nothing but bad **** happens around that thing.
Comment icon #26 Posted by DallasCowboysFan on 16 January, 2013, 0:16
It's just research, mainstream physicians would never jump onto such a controversial band wagon, way too much liability. Well, I guess the Ouija board is just a tool to learn something new. Not just about the paranormal but the people using it as well. There were probably people that thought the same thing when they saw ink blots for the first time.

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