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Russian x-ray girl demonstrates her ability

Posted on Tuesday, 9 November, 2004 | Comment icon 11 comments

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"Natasha Demkina from Russia's Saransk first got popular in London and then disgraced in New York."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by SaRuMaN on 9 November, 2004, 13:44
I think by 'exposed' it means that she's been 'exposed' on Television, as in she's demonstrated her ability to a large audience. I don't think it's supposed to mean she has been exposed as a fraud. They picked a poor choice of words, i'll change the title to something more apropriate.
Comment icon #3 Posted by STIX on 9 November, 2004, 14:43
its good people try to discredit these ridiculous claims of superhuman powers. I for one do think its possible, but Im not believing it just yet, I also think the term "X-Ray" is inappropriate to describe her talent I believe it could be something more similar to remote viewing...she communicates with the persons body using her brain to manipulate her electrical energies and magnetic fields...kind of like kreskin the famous spoon bender. but of course I have no idea what Im talkin about
Comment icon #4 Posted by Alien_child on 14 December, 2004, 11:30
i recon it would be wicked who cares if they gave her a weird name it fits good to me
Comment icon #5 Posted by malakiem on 27 December, 2004, 5:40
Does anyone know if they did indeed prove this, is there actually any truth at all?
Comment icon #6 Posted by zudo on 28 December, 2004, 3:52
They should call her "crazy eyes girl" or "girl with them eye things" or maybe even "blind as a monkey with an mri machine"
Comment icon #7 Posted by Stellar on 28 December, 2004, 4:14
Does anyone know if they did indeed prove this, is there actually any truth at all? Its pravda... and James Randi still seems to be offering that 1 mil... my bet is that its fake (mostly because it comes from pravda, just like the story Boriska -- Boy from Mars and Russia Conquered Mars 30 Years Ago)
Comment icon #8 Posted by AztecInca on 28 December, 2004, 10:04
This poor girl is just a pawn that those with power and money are using to make more money!
Comment icon #9 Posted by Q-La on 29 December, 2004, 1:30
Does she know that she can win $1mil from a sceptic?
Comment icon #10 Posted by malakiem on 29 December, 2004, 1:35
This poor girl is just a pawn that those with power and money are using to make more money! 425838[/snapback] lol, yeah with that 1 million, she can open up a business to suck innocent people's money out from under them. Russia, has and always will be a cooky, wierd, and extremely interesting place
Comment icon #11 Posted by ROGER on 29 December, 2004, 6:03
If this girl can see your organs through your cloths, she must stare quite a while at a guy before agreeing to go on a DATE. SOL again!

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