Friday, July 10, 2020
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Tassie tiger cloning 'pie-in-the-sky science'

Posted on Thursday, 17 February, 2005 | Comment icon 5 comments

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"The more than $350,000 spent trying to clone the extinct Tasmanian tiger had gone to "pie in the sky" science and it was sensible for the Australian Museum to have abandoned the project, scientists said yesterday."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by recon_soldier on 17 February, 2005, 15:18
Me being from Tasmania...i find this very sad that they had to give up I find it even more upsetting that the Tassie devils are getting wiped out by a tumor like disease If you have seen these poor mammels you to would feel extremely upset.... A large amount of the Tassie Devils have been wiped out by this disease..and they predict that they too could be extinct before 2010 Ive held a baby Tassie devil and played with a Tame full grown...And see a plenty of them in the wild....They went through our camp once when me, my bro and parents went for a walk So upsetting
Comment icon #2 Posted by DarkSinister on 17 February, 2005, 18:57
It's sad to hear that more and more animals are becoming endanger and even worse, brink of extinction. At least we're taking measures to help, although i persume it may not be enough..
Comment icon #3 Posted by Mandar on 18 February, 2005, 6:30
I was so excited about the possibility of them cloning the Tazzy's so sad how recently they died...and they are so's just so sad.... But I don't want the Tazzy Devils to go! So I hope they can save them! Maybe someday...they'll find a way to bring the Thylacine back.
Comment icon #4 Posted by DarkSinister on 19 February, 2005, 2:44
if they were to bring back the tasmanian tigers, it would be very very very far from now. I dont think they'll ever get the funding they need.
Comment icon #5 Posted by AztecInca on 19 February, 2005, 5:29
Right now the cost is far too great and our technology and understanding of cloning is still far too limited. We need to concentrate on saving the animals that are still around before we go and try and bring back extinct ones. Its just not feasible at the present time!

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