Friday, April 26, 2019
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Jumbo squid mass "suicide" stumps scientists

Posted on Friday, 25 February, 2005 | Comment icon 11 comments

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
"It's a deep-sea mystery worthy of a Jules Verne novel."

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 Source: National Geographic

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by DarkSinister on 25 February, 2005, 20:05
Maybe they are mating and once they finish, they die and float to shore like the salmon does. Well, just a though...could be possible.
Comment icon #3 Posted by BurnSide on 25 February, 2005, 20:06
Indeed it's a good theory.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Walken on 25 February, 2005, 20:16
Scientists would know it though. Maybe this in a way is proof of their communications and emotions. Maybe they're not appeased with the state of this world. They've gone to a better place anyhow.
Comment icon #5 Posted by LunarWarrior on 25 February, 2005, 20:45
My guess would be something with their diet. Maybe durring some times of the year their main diet is scarce and they must prey on other fish, which are nearer to the surface, or excape to the surface and they follow.
Comment icon #6 Posted by brittish_gurl on 25 February, 2005, 21:03
All of this is possible. I'm interested because I have to do a project and reearch squids before, lol. Very interesting.....
Comment icon #7 Posted by AztecInca on 26 February, 2005, 5:02
How amazing would it be to travel down into the depths and observe these creatures up close living their lives!
Comment icon #8 Posted by jjtss on 27 February, 2005, 1:57
There was an article on CNN Science that blamed the mass deaths of dolphins and whales on some kind of noise pollution. Maybe this is more of the same noise. Perhaps an extension of the HARRP project using ELF, or maybe another nation is also experimenting with frequencies.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Kismit on 5 March, 2005, 3:18
I don't believe it's the breeding cycle, if the giant squid had a breeding cycle that resulted in mass suicides afterwards then more carcasses would have shown up on a regular basis, but they don't. Meanwhile masses of the Earths oceans are becoming de-oxygenated, this could cause pressure problems for the squid. Or even perhaps it's human intervention. The tagging that these scientists are doing could be causing the problem.
Comment icon #10 Posted by dmgspycat on 5 March, 2005, 23:49
There was an article on CNN Science that blamed the mass deaths of dolphins and whales on some kind of noise pollution.  Maybe this is more of the same noise.  Perhaps an extension of the HARRP project using ELF, or maybe another nation is also experimenting with frequencies. 503542[/snapback] Yeah I have already seen confirmation of SONAR affecting whales...the ELF waves are used because they travel through anything which is why the navy uses them for submarine communications. The navy also runs a HAARP website and it appears to be used as a communications tool, among some other things. It mu... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by absinthegreen329 on 6 March, 2005, 1:10
That is a very interesting article. I have heard that the oceans are getting warmer, could this have possibly caused their deaths?

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