Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Dinosaur fossils inspired monster myths

Posted on Saturday, 18 June, 2005 | Comment icon 2 comments

Image credit: Heinrich Harder
"According to the Lakota, or Sioux, Indians' "Water Monsters of the Badlands" legend, the rugged and eroded lands of southwestern South Dakota were the stage for an epic battle between water spirits and thunder and lightning spirits."

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 Source: National Geographic

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Skela on 18 June, 2005, 17:35
Duh! Who didn't know this? Heh
Comment icon #2 Posted by ROGER on 18 June, 2005, 18:40
True enough SKELA, this theory has been around for decades. I first heard it proposed in the early 70's. Some times the younger generation forgets that theirs is not the First Enlighten Generation, and that creative thinking was done long before computers put knowledge at their finger tips.

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