Monday, December 9, 2019
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New device helps develop human psychic senses

Posted on Friday, 23 September, 2005 | Comment icon 27 comments

Image credit: stockxpert
"An intriguing new device developed by the people at Life Technology Research International, the 'Hyperdimensional Oscillator', uses a unique combination of quantum physics, psychotronics and technology based on the work of Nikola Tesla to actually help develop human psychic senses."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #18 Posted by weeone on 24 September, 2005, 18:14
Please, stop it. Tesla did no such thing. Sure, some of his discoveries and inventions were great, but they were hardly the endless supply of free energy that conspiracy theorist make them out to be. Also, "the Americans" did not wipe Tesla out. It took one American to do that and his name was Thomas Edison. The simple fact is that Edison was a better salesman and obvioulsy had thicker skin than Tesla. Tesla was great, but he did not by any means hold the key to infinite energy or anything of the sorts. Most of the things he claimed he could do he could neither prove nor could he show any data... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by Stellar on 24 September, 2005, 19:58
its because it looks slightly cool I reckon. Umm, I think you got the wrong impression. I was saying that this "ultra high tech" piece of technology is quite underpriced if it were real.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Leliel on 24 September, 2005, 20:14
Umm, I think you got the wrong impression. I was saying that this "ultra high tech" piece of technology is quite underpriced if it were real. oh right sorry, I was joking with that post because i though you meant they were expensive for what they are. maybe its because the cosmic energy is so abundance and that the item only takes in little quantities of it? or something.
Comment icon #21 Posted by JohnnyBoyC on 25 September, 2005, 0:53
Im trying to figure this out... ok you wear this pendant thingy thjat focuses cosmic radiation from the universe, and transmutes it into psychic or healing energy? If that is true, then I want one for Christmas
Comment icon #22 Posted by Josiah on 25 September, 2005, 4:45
For those wishing to gain a better understanding of some of Tesla's theories and inventions, as applied to "free energy from the vacuum", "scalar technology" and "electromagnetics", visit: This site offers a fascinating, albeit intense view, of some of the applied works of Nikola Tesla, being pursued today by others of like mind, concerned for the future of our planet. Tesla, proved that one man can make a difference and just maybe someday, someone smarter than I, will pick up where Tesla left off and change this world for the better ... while there is still time.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Incubus420 on 25 September, 2005, 21:33
Alright listen guys, i just joined recently, but i've been involved in the forums for a long time, and this particular subject Made me join, but what i want to say is, yes this thing sounds pretty cool, and sure the people selling it can throw in a bunch of complex words and even an aclaimed inventor/visionary, but look at the rest of their site, and the bulls*** explanations they give for some of their products, i mean, look at the pendant itself, there are plenty other products on their website that look exactly like that, and sure they aren't gonna want you to open it because it will break ... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Skela on 26 September, 2005, 1:31
It's amazing! I WANTS IT , MY PRECCCIOUOSSSS.... NOT! If any of you guys bought this you ought to be ashamed of yourselves
Comment icon #25 Posted by STIX on 26 September, 2005, 17:20
" Other Sponsors: The Hyperdimensional Oscillator " So was this article only here because they sponsor the site a bit??? WTF!?!?
Comment icon #26 Posted by Richdog on 26 September, 2005, 17:30
Alright listen guys, i just joined recently, but i've been involved in the forums for a long time, and this particular subject Made me join, Incubus420 in future please watch your language...
Comment icon #27 Posted by metateutonic on 29 October, 2005, 6:58 Same game, different name.

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