Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Mount Everest shrinks 12 feet

Posted on Wednesday, 12 October, 2005 | Comment icon 10 comments

Image credit: Uwe Gille
"Mount Everest is about 12ft lower than previously thought, according to the results of a Chinese survey of the world's highest peak."

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 Source: The Scotsman

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Leliel on 12 October, 2005, 13:12
I bet mount everest is thinking "I'm meeellltiiiinnng..." but this could be a huge devistation if it has shrunk
Comment icon #2 Posted by Kryso on 12 October, 2005, 14:38
while perhaps confirming suspicions that the mountain has been shrinking due to the effects of global warming. If its the snow that has melted due to global warming, then it hasn't really shrunk, it simply has less snow on it. Weather changes don't shrink rock! Or am I been dumb, lol.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Rathma on 12 October, 2005, 23:50
IT SHRUNK 12 FEET?!?!!? That's it, i'm climbing it!
Comment icon #4 Posted by AztecInca on 13 October, 2005, 6:34
"we cannot arrive at the conclusion now that Everest has become shorter, because there have been problems ... of surveying technology with previous measurements". That is where the discrepancy has come from I believe. 12 feet just seems far too much for it to shrink especially when its supposed to be risisng slightly each year!
Comment icon #5 Posted by turbonium on 13 October, 2005, 7:13
NEWS UPDATE!!! Oct.12, 2005 (SatirePress) Emergency services from Nepal and China dispatched over 20 aircraft today, including specially equipped Hughes and Bell helicopters, to unload thousands of gallons of liquid Viagra onto the shrinking Mt. Everest. "This is an all-out effort to restore Everest to its once proud claim as the world's highest mountain. It's really nothing to be embarassed can happen to the best of us", stated Gen. Abso El Morrah, leader of the multinational coalition forces. "I have climbed Mt. Everest during and immediately after heavy rainfalls, and at that tim... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by stuart on 13 October, 2005, 7:52
Perhaps it didn't sink, could the tide have been in when they had the measuring tapes out?
Comment icon #7 Posted by starlitkate on 13 October, 2005, 14:34
kryso-I wouldn't say rock shrinks, yet I would. Rain does wear rock down. And if the snow is melting due to global warming then that could be taking an effect on rock causing it to reform and wear down. If this is what is going on, it's not a good thing!!
Comment icon #8 Posted by Kryso on 14 October, 2005, 21:16
kryso-I wouldn't say rock shrinks, yet I would. Rain does wear rock down. And if the snow is melting due to global warming then that could be taking an effect on rock causing it to reform and wear down. If this is what is going on, it's not a good thing!! I know rock gets worn and washed away. But 12 feet since it was last recorded. Thatís some mean weather up there, lol.
Comment icon #9 Posted by different on 14 October, 2005, 21:26
could be possible they made a math mistake?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Wingman on 15 October, 2005, 22:44
I bet it's cause we have more precise technology than in 1975, and they simply mis-measured it before.

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