Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Does the 3rd dimension exist ?

Posted on Sunday, 13 November, 2005 | Comment icon 4 comments

Image credit: NASA/ESA/ESO
"In quantum physics, nothing is as it seems. As physicists continue to study the universe they continually run into new questions that shake how humans understand the universe's intricate mechanics."

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 Source: Daily Californian

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by rane on 14 November, 2005, 1:55
this article is questioning an answer that is already known by everyone if you look at holograms that are just 2D but reflect 3D imagery, then it makes the third dimension existant...if you are making something in 3rd dimension, then it would become a manifested energy that as been created.. plus, aren't holograms considered 3d anyways? ROBOT: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU HUMANS AND YOUR PESSIMISM, AND UNRELENTING QUESTIONING OF WHAT HAS BEEN DISCOVERED TO ITS FULLEST EXTENT. this is why my planet has negative gravity rays, and Earth doesn't..
Comment icon #2 Posted by joshy on 14 November, 2005, 5:29
i can honestly say i have no clue what those scientists are getting at. we the 3rd demension didnt exsit that means that, the one star trek the next generation episode where the enterprise got stuck in a swarm of 2demensional lifeforms is just totally false, and im not willing to accept that (ha im hilarious) but yeah i have no clue what the hell they're talking about
Comment icon #3 Posted by darkknight on 14 November, 2005, 11:20
It would seem logical that if you doubled the size of the chip, then you could store twice as much information on the chip. In other words, if you have a bunch of grapes in the fridge and have all the information including water content, temperature and anything else, you should be able to create an exact replica of the grapes. now thats interesting........
Comment icon #4 Posted by sylph on 14 November, 2005, 11:42
so science is starting to become aware of maya; slowly but surely does humanity search for the exit to the hall of mirrors ~ it's hopeful, if anything..

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