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Nepal boy called reincarnation of Buddha

Posted on Thursday, 24 November, 2005 | Comment icon 23 comments

Image credit: CC 3.0 Yashi Wong
"A teenage boy has been meditating in a Nepalese jungle for six months, and thousands have flocked to see him, with some believing he is the reincarnation of Buddha, police and media said Wednesday."

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 Source: Yahoo! News

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by snuffypuffer on 21 December, 2005, 18:02
Well, another big theme in Buddhism is keeping a balance in your life. And sitting around meditating for months on end isn't very balanced.
Comment icon #15 Posted by xstortionist on 21 December, 2005, 18:03
The boy is shutting his body down....which means he is conserving his energy which means his body is in a shut down mode...almost in a coma like state. There "were" book you could get this type of information about....but governments propoganda have edited most of these books...the boy was taught by somebody close to him...It isn't a's just something nobody has seen in probably over 500-600 years.
Comment icon #16 Posted by ADbox on 21 December, 2005, 18:08
Can someone remind me, what’s the significance of someone sitting all day long doing nothing, I don’t understand Buddhism but surely so sort of wisdom or hidden knowledge must be spoken\demonstrated in order for this feat of endurance to mean anything to the world. What use is one man achieving “enlightenment” when his brothers around him suffer? Its foolishness if you ask me; because we are meant to live and thrive (interact with others) on this planet, He is 15 years old, he should be in school or working in that part of the world maybe supporting/raising a family instead he’s just sitting a... [More]
Comment icon #17 Posted by ericraven2003 on 21 December, 2005, 18:38
Wow. Increasing tourism with a lie. He is doing it to make himself famous. With a screen around him at night, he is able to eat and drink. So special.
Comment icon #18 Posted by PadawanOsswe on 23 December, 2005, 5:16
yeah, if people looking at him during the day dont bother him, why does it at night? he's a fake!
Comment icon #19 Posted by Bigfoot_Is_Real on 24 December, 2005, 19:56
any one know what happened to the study to see if its all real?
Comment icon #20 Posted by ADbox on 26 December, 2005, 1:17
He is 12... I think that is a good practical use for todays 12 year olds. Better and more productive than school. And How can he be eating if he hasnt eaten anything for 6 months. not saying i believe it.. but im not saying i dont.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Euphoric Deception on 26 December, 2005, 1:58
And How can he be eating if he hasnt eaten anything for 6 months.
Comment icon #22 Posted by ADbox on 26 December, 2005, 21:10
Comment icon #23 Posted by Bigfoot_Is_Real on 16 January, 2006, 17:55
Hey its been a good 2-3 months why am i getting no results on wheter this is real or not

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