Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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The science of sea monsters

Posted on Sunday, 11 December, 2005 | Comment icon 8 comments

Image credit: Anonimo
"Sea monsters are in the news and on television like never before."

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 Source: Live Science

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by darkknight on 11 December, 2005, 12:16
The conclusion, published in Biological Bulletin: the samples matched exactly those of various species of great whales. The DNA and molecular structure were unmistakable, and "when the microscopic anatomy and biochemical composition of the Chilean and Nantucket Blobs are compared with those of the other remains, similarities are manifest. Thus, there is no doubt that they are all derived from the same type of organism." The mysterious globsters were simply whale remains. this is very logical....
Comment icon #2 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons on 11 December, 2005, 15:41
The largest giant squid specimen, found in New Zealand, was estimated to be 65 feet long. On Sept. 30, 2004, Japanese zoologists Tsunemi Kubodera and Kyoichi Mori became the first to see and film a giant squid at depth. The creature, about 26 feet long, was found at a depth of 2,953 feet (900 meters). The researchers, searching whale feeding areas in the North Pacific near the Ogasawara Islands, used bait and a remote camera to film the creature. I remember reading about this but I don't remember hearing that they actually released the footage.
Comment icon #3 Posted by frogfish on 11 December, 2005, 16:03
Ahhhhh, the wonderful Mysteries of the deep...
Comment icon #4 Posted by RedRaider9981 on 11 December, 2005, 23:19
I wish we could see the footage of that giant squid.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons on 12 December, 2005, 13:17
No AveSatani, the article states that: "Scientists working in Patagonia, South America, recently found remains of a 13-foot beast with four-inch teeth. The creature, dubbed "Godzilla" by its discoverers, is a distant relative of today's crocodiles and lived about 135 million years ago. "
Comment icon #6 Posted by __Kratos__ on 12 December, 2005, 13:28
I remember reading about this but I don't remember hearing that they actually released the footage. I wish we could see the footage of that giant squid. Yeah, they did... Link to Video Clip of Giant Squid Video still works, just watched part of it.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons on 12 December, 2005, 13:57
Thank you Kratos, I just watched it and I must say it was awesome.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Iron Aden on 14 December, 2005, 4:50
It was pretty awsome.

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