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St. Michael's apparition, earthquake linked

Posted on Sunday, 15 January, 2006 | Comment icon 8 comments

Image credit: CC 2.0 Jeremy Lock
"The ancient story of the Archangel Michael, whose legendary apparition influenced the cultural evolution and spread of Christianity throughout Europe, may be linked to earthquake activity in Southern Italy, according to a new study."

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 Source: The Discovery Channel

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by joc on 15 January, 2006, 13:26
Hmmm...I've never read the bood of Apocalypse.
Comment icon #2 Posted by dnb420 on 15 January, 2006, 20:29
Religion was invented to explain the unexplainable.
Comment icon #3 Posted by exo9 on 16 January, 2006, 4:11
Arrogance and stupidity was invented to account for non-believers.
Comment icon #4 Posted by ZeroShadow on 16 January, 2006, 4:57
Well.... that can either proove that michael did create the Earthquake, and also proove that it was just a natural Earthquake. There's really nothing to lean towards any side. If we found no Earthquake at the time then THAT would disprove the entire idea.
Comment icon #5 Posted by dnb420 on 16 January, 2006, 6:26
Arrogance and stupidity was invented to account for non-believers. Sorry, its the other way around. Arrogance and stupidity was invented to account for believers. There we go, religion was also invented to control the masses. Sad but true.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Incubus420 on 16 January, 2006, 7:29
Sorry, its the other way around. There we go, religion was also invented to control the masses. Sad but true. wow, does this look like spirituality vs. skeptism forum to you? get out of here, what you're doing is like... okay, we have people who are in organizations that say that tobbacco is bad. now, we have people who work for the tobbaco company. do you ever here of those protesters and organizations being invited or asked for their opinion or a debate during the company's board meetings? no. i'm not trying to be rude but what you're doing is like practically going to church and while the p... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by ROGER on 16 January, 2006, 13:56
The phenomenon of light from sound has a basis in science. Sonoluminescence has been duplicated in labs , but only in small amounts. What the artical is saying is a person witnessing such a Natural occurrence , without modern scientific insight , will record the event as a supernatural or spiritual experience. An act of GOD! Works for me!
Comment icon #8 Posted by primordial on 16 January, 2006, 23:08
Hmmm...I've never read the bood of Apocalypse. Apocalypse 12:7 is Revelations. Come to think of it... the yr 2005 was almost portrayed from Revelations: like 100,000 ppl dieing in one day. I wonder how 2006 is going to be.

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