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Giant wasp nests perplex experts

Posted on Tuesday, 22 August, 2006 | Comment icon 11 comments

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
"To the bafflement of insect experts, gigantic yellow jacket nests have started turning up in old barns, unoccupied houses, cars and underground cavities across the southern two-thirds of Alabama."

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 Source: Montgomery Advertiser

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by IronGhost on 22 August, 2006, 14:27
Totally amazing! One day, insects will rule the earth, and will thrive long after humans have died out, or left for the stars.
Comment icon #3 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 22 August, 2006, 16:32
Five feet in length and can hold up to an estimated 10,000 bees? Imagine getting caught in a swarm that huge?!?
Comment icon #4 Posted by Nadal on 22 August, 2006, 17:15
They've finally discovered how to make insect hotels.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Michelle on 22 August, 2006, 19:19
That's bizarre...yellow jackets nests are always underground, no wonder the experts are baffled. Celumnaz...yellow jackets have nests underground...normally, hornets have the basketball size nests usually hanging from a tree branch, wasps have strange mushroom looking nests hanging from the underneath the edge of the roof and mudwasps have the tube shaped nests. We had a huge yellow jacket nest about twenty feet from our back door a few years ago. I heard about this guy in the area that collected them for free and he sold them to a university that uses them to make the antivenom shots. He came... [More]
Comment icon #6 Posted by __Kratos__ on 22 August, 2006, 22:28
This does seem pretty scary...I know I wouldn't want to live around 100,000 bugs that can sting me to death.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Dark_Ambient on 23 August, 2006, 1:25
A sign of things to come.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Anvil on 23 August, 2006, 2:09
This creeps me out, it makes me feel horrible.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Dando Kast on 23 August, 2006, 4:35
That's what those brown tube things are at the top of the house! Mudwasps..... 10 feet from the door *shivers*
Comment icon #10 Posted by Saint on 23 August, 2006, 8:17
Gee whiz - that is really scary - those nests sound HUGE - Big as VW beetle???
Comment icon #11 Posted by Tejina on 29 August, 2006, 7:12
Times like this... I'm so glad I'm not in the south. But SHIIIIIITE... I hate bugs to begin with. And I hate being near nests. I'm sooo staying out of Alabama now. I might have to move back to Alaksa.... It's safer, cold winters to kill the bugs.... And no dangerous buggies.... But I HATE THE COLD.... *Invests in a bee suit*

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