Monday, September 21, 2020
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Does the Loch Ness Monster exist ?

Posted on Thursday, 28 September, 2006 | Comment icon 18 comments

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"Start looking into the phenomenon of the Loch Ness Monster and you cannot help but stir up controversy."

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 Source: The Scotsman

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by Luziadus on 30 September, 2006, 14:31
I dont understand it we have found other planets far away of our system but we haven't found if there is this monster,contraditory isn't it?
Comment icon #10 Posted by Pax Unum on 30 September, 2006, 15:58
I think Nessie is a myth, like the Kelpie. early reports of Nessie describe a horse-like creature, but modern reports have more reptile and dinosaur-like-appearances. it appears the legends of kelpies have evolved into the present legends of lake-monsters. reflecting a more realistic appearance since the discovery of dinosaurs and aquatic reptiles. and because of the high peat content, loch ness does not have enough food to support animals as big as a plesiosaur, particularly a breeding population of plesiosaurs... IMO LINK- Kelpie
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dragon_Sight_999 on 1 October, 2006, 0:56
I believe Nessie is real. I'm only part Scottish, but i believe science can't always be the answer. That's just my thoughts though.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Anvil on 1 October, 2006, 1:30
There could be things we don't know about lurking deep in the bottom of Loch Ness, not saying it's nessie, but the loch is extremely and very deep. Has anyone managed to get to the bottom of it yet?
Comment icon #13 Posted by aquatus1 on 1 October, 2006, 1:36
A while ago. They found a new species of crab down there.
Comment icon #14 Posted by mouse888 on 1 October, 2006, 2:11
a real mystery! after over 50 years and still no concrete evidence yet! like to believe but i think nessie like the whale he or she just travel over the world not just a scottie breed
Comment icon #15 Posted by CaptRand on 1 October, 2006, 2:29
a real mystery! after over 50 years and still no concrete evidence yet! like to believe but i think nessie like the whale he or she just travel over the world not just a scottie breed I think people are seeing something in the loch. If it is something living and BIG, like a prehistoric saurian, (I can't spell Plesiasour-at least I don't think I can) it would have to be like one of the other guys posted, a regular visitor to the loch since there isn't enough food there to support a breeding population. Maybe they go there to make or have babies. If it is something that lives in the Loch all the... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by aquatus1 on 1 October, 2006, 2:33
The main problem with the migratory theory is that, in order to get into the Loch, it would have to go through the locks downstream. That means that it would have to go through the relatively small chambers and not be seen by the captains, pilots, and lockmen who have to make absolutely sure that the boats are positioned safely and that there is nothing that might threaten them, such as an errant tree trunk or something, and remain unseen for the half an hour it would take to simply fill the lock. The chances of missing a twenty to thirty foot aquatic creature are pretty small.
Comment icon #17 Posted by yea on 16 October, 2006, 21:40
i found this pic. supposidly an old picture of some lake monster, not sure which one but its cool
Comment icon #18 Posted by Annointer on 17 October, 2006, 8:18
i found this pic. supposidly an old picture of some lake monster, not sure which one but its cool Did you forget something?

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