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Space sunshade may reduce global warming

Posted on Wednesday, 8 November, 2006 | Comment icon 9 comments

Image credit: NASA/ESA
"Submitted by Waspie_Dwarf: The possibility that global warming will trigger abrupt climate change is something people might not want to think about."

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 Source: Science Daily

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Ghostkol on 8 November, 2006, 18:50
Intersting but I don't agree. This will cost a lot of money and many countries will need to colaborate. However I doubt that small probes will be able to cover a whole face of the planet. I think it will be easier to move the moon with super rockets!
Comment icon #2 Posted by ROGER on 8 November, 2006, 20:41
I was thinking that after deployment , the Solar winds would blow the whole thing out past Jupiter.
Comment icon #3 Posted by vlanos on 8 November, 2006, 22:32
anyone remember in elementary school when you would draw a sun you'd put sun glasses on it. this idea reminds me of that.
Comment icon #4 Posted by ROGER on 8 November, 2006, 23:31
Great Idea VLANOS. NASA should Pay you for having just as good an idea as Mr. Angel.
Comment icon #5 Posted by mfrmboy on 8 November, 2006, 23:43
If they put something like the moon or a big sheild in orbit blocking the sun we would be in a solar eclipse all the time right ? Couldnt this cause an opposite reaction making the Earth cool too much reversing the global warming possibly causing another ice age? What about the things that need the sunlight to grow like trees, plants,algae? I guess solar electricity would be a thing of the past. I would think we would need something more like a type of louver that could be opened and closed as needed.
Comment icon #6 Posted by ilovejules25 on 9 November, 2006, 0:56
"The plan would be to launch a constellation of trillions of small free-flying spacecraft a million miles above Earth..." Trillions? Well assuming that each individual spacecraft costs at least a dollar to produce, we're looking at trillions of dollars. And I'm sure each one would cost slightly more than a dollar.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Star_girl on 9 November, 2006, 8:37
Yes conclusive proof the Earth is doomed. We cannot "afford" to save ourselves! (taken literally) Next they will say we should "darken the skies" like in the Matrix to protect us from the sun... Maybe one day someone will come up with a feasible plan...
Comment icon #8 Posted by Leonardo on 9 November, 2006, 10:11
OK, here's my totally unfeasible idea to complete with Mr Angel's. Turn the ISS into a very large radiator. Use it to discharge the excess energy from Earth (you could beam microwaves to it or something) so the climate cools. Can I claim my NASA millions now?
Comment icon #9 Posted by brave_new_world on 9 November, 2006, 10:31
I think if we used our manners and talked real civil like, we could ask the sun to please stop producing so much heat and to cool down a little.

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