Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Princeton ESP lab plans to close its doors

Posted on Sunday, 11 February, 2007 | Comment icon 8 comments

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"Over almost three decades, a small laboratory at Princeton University managed to embarrass university administrators, outrage Nobel laureates, entice the support of philanthropists and make headlines around the world with its efforts to prove that thoughts can alter the course of events."

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 Source: New York Times

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by aquatus1 on 11 February, 2007, 14:01
Well, three decades is a pretty good run for a lab that was never able to provide evidence for much more beyond something that most definitely might maybe be possible. That's certainly more funding and resources that other, more tangible, theories have had.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Leonardo on 11 February, 2007, 14:54
Bit sad to see PEAR Labs disappear, but it's on their own terms (pretty much) so nothing to gripe about. They did produce some very interesting data from some of the research - certainly enough to cause you to pause and consider it. Don't begrudge them their time in the sun, study should be done on the things we find interesting/controversial.
Comment icon #3 Posted by 3rd rock resident alien on 13 February, 2007, 14:38
Princeton is in hot waters over anonymous donation. Anonymous donors state that the funds should be use for the advancement of American ideals instead the funds were used to make more buildings. A Princeton spokesman tells that it is a scheme by the descendants of the donors to control the donated money but the descendants said it is a betrayal by Princeton to the donors of the money. New and current related to 550 million fund. Old link PSI and freewill are American Ideals. Move some funds over to Pear Research Group.
Comment icon #4 Posted by GanjaGuru on 13 February, 2007, 16:05
PSI and freewill are American Ideals. Move some funds over to Pear Research Group. Give them money when they don't produce anything beneficial, Pear had a good run considering most people never heard of it. IMO 30 years and no proof provided to back up paranormal abilities. PSI is not an American ideal and has no place in science because it does not exist, freewill on the other hand does exist.
Comment icon #5 Posted by 3rd rock resident alien on 13 February, 2007, 21:35
Sue Princeton for closing Pear research.
Comment icon #6 Posted by aquatus1 on 13 February, 2007, 21:41
Sue Princeton for closing Pear research. To my understanding, it is the founders of the PEAR program that decided to close it, not Princeton.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Lt_Ripley on 15 February, 2007, 4:26
wonder if they saw that coming ? lol sorry couldn't resist !
Comment icon #8 Posted by Lt_Ripley on 22 February, 2007, 16:04
Give them money when they don't produce anything beneficial kinda like the republican controlled congress of the last 6 years.

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