Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Giant squid lights up for attack

Posted on Wednesday, 14 February, 2007 | Comment icon 5 comments | News tip by: Waspie Dwarf

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
"Enormous deep-sea squid emit blinding flashes of light as they attack their prey, research shows."

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 Source: BBC News

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Dark_Ambient on 14 February, 2007, 14:42
Cool. I wish there was audio available. Maybe there is a sound associated with the light bursts.
Comment icon #2 Posted by RamboIII on 14 February, 2007, 16:34
Seven feet long hardly qualifies it as a giant squid...
Comment icon #3 Posted by chaoszerg on 14 February, 2007, 18:30
(shudders) They look wonderful but i would not want to meet one in the ocean.
Comment icon #4 Posted by brute_avenger on 14 February, 2007, 21:01
that's really interesting, i guess giant squid are more places than we think! oh and if i ever saw one of those i'd probably die froma heart attack
Comment icon #5 Posted by STIX on 15 February, 2007, 17:19
Seven feet long hardly qualifies it as a giant squid... These squid usually start out really small, less than 30 centimeters... so compared to that, 7 feet is quite large for the species. But there are other, larger species out there.

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