Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Does Maya calendar predict 2012 apocalypse?

Posted on Friday, 30 March, 2007 | Comment icon 44 comments

Image credit: Bruno Girin
"With humanity coming up fast on 2012, publishers are helping readers gear up and count down to this mysterious some even call it apocalyptic date that ancient Mayan societies were anticipating thousands of years ago."

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 Source: USA Today

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #35 Posted by burkspatrick on 31 March, 2007, 19:37
I personnally think that what will happen is that another cycle will just begin simple as that. Of course those worrying about the end of the world will probably stay up all night long frettin' about something that will never happen. And instead of worrying about a species wide human changing consiousness event try changing yourself before 2012 by picking up meditation and mindfulness or tai chi or martial arts or something. In the words of Nike "just do it" don't wait for 2012 to quit being a couch potato.
Comment icon #36 Posted by burkspatrick on 31 March, 2007, 21:18
I'm sorry for the strong comment of couch potato I was just meaning if you believe that 2012 will cause a conciousness change why wait to 2012 why not start a tai chi class or start meditation or something. Then that way if 2012 comes around and nothing happens you've still started on a path of change. It's interesting when things like predictions of the end of the world start happening and everyone starts getting all spiritual all of a sudden then nothing happens and then peoples interest just fall by the way side. That's what happened with 2000 people started getting involved with tai chi an... [More]
Comment icon #37 Posted by gabrielssword on 1 April, 2007, 0:27
People are weird! Even if the world wasnt supposed to end, we will ourselves create this myth into a sort of truth by believing too hard in it! Anticipation of things causes them to happen... in a generic sense! Lets just live and let live and help this world to be a more peaceful place where millions of generations to come can 'live'..
Comment icon #38 Posted by secondhand on 1 April, 2007, 1:29
Meh who cares anyway, we'll all be dead one day. Nothing you can do about it but stop caring about anything but you and your family and friends. I personally couldn't give a **** about anyone else but those I care about. Simple as.
Comment icon #39 Posted by Biscuithead on 1 April, 2007, 2:35
Here's a thought. What if as we're moving away from the center, the gravitational pull causes the planets' orbit to change, thus altering time? Then even the Mayans wouldn't be able to create a calender past 2012.
Comment icon #40 Posted by Phantm on 1 April, 2007, 3:50
I am not doing anything different than the way I live already. I am curious to see if something indeed will happen in 2012 but I do not feel I have to change my ways. No extra meditation or anything. I live from my heart and it rules me. There is nothing more true than just live from the heart. It can't go wrong then, I think. But I am curious. Just to see IF anything will happen.
Comment icon #41 Posted by 101011 on 1 April, 2007, 4:27
Maybe the Mayans figured out how boring making calanders is and after the last level they just said screw it, lets go make some crystal skulls .
Comment icon #42 Posted by Yunie on 2 April, 2007, 20:35
Here's a thought. What if as we're moving away from the center, the gravitational pull causes the planets' orbit to change, thus altering time? Then even the Mayans wouldn't be able to create a calender past 2012. Thats pretty interested to put it that way...
Comment icon #43 Posted by spookysara on 4 May, 2007, 14:54
when I was abducted for the 5th time in Feb. of 1994, the aliens revealed to me the end of the world will not come in my lifetime. they didn't tell me when it would happen, they just told me not yet. So what makes aliens so specials that they "know" when our world will end? Or are you just kidding?
Comment icon #44 Posted by spookysara on 4 May, 2007, 14:56
Maybe the Mayans figured out how boring making calanders is and after the last level they just said screw it, lets go make some crystal skulls . HAHAHA, I love it. That is what I think too. At some point these dudes had to die, what are they supposed to do keep writing the calanders in the afterlife and send them to us?

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