Friday, March 23, 2018
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Running while on fire

Antony Britton has achieved multiple world records for sprinting while on fire.


Recent comments on this video
Comment icon #1 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot on 26 December, 2017, 16:55
When he does that without protective suit and comes out without injuries then you could give him the award. As it is, it's kinda pointless. Marketing for new hazard suits?
Comment icon #2 Posted by FLOMBIE on 26 December, 2017, 18:21
I bet you can't even walk a few steps in that suit. Protective or not, it won't shield the heat.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot on 26 December, 2017, 18:27
Ok so the suit is few tons of weight and on this video it is actually superman whois wearing it? Possible but if it was dangerous for his health he would not be doing it - wereany injuries reported after this run, like burns? If the heat wasn't shielded he would get burned all over his back. Don't you think that this assumptionsounds reasonable and logical? Anyways, these things can't impress me even slightly hence such reply i made. [edit] to add : considering how the Russians, allegedly, managed to make suit like this in the video below : It further undermines so called 'achievement' and... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by FLOMBIE on 26 December, 2017, 18:32
That's the point. Like someone jumping off a building with a parachute. And that's the point as well: He can handle it that well for such a long period. Why do you think the old record was of a shorter distance? Because the guy just thought it's enough? You are seriously underestimating what is going on here.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot on 26 December, 2017, 18:40
There is a risk involved in everything but that doesn't mean that we risk our lives while doing all sorts of risky things if we take precautions. These guys are professionals and know what they are doing, they've trained to break the record. Were the burns reported? You've said that the suit doesn't shield from the heat so, since he run for 100 m it means that his back is fried. Check the video made by Russians, now, that's impressive to me. I might be underestimating it but since it doesn't impress me i see it as marketing.
Comment icon #6 Posted by FLOMBIE on 26 December, 2017, 19:59
You can train all you want and things still go wrong. That happens every day. Marketing? There is no mention of the suit he is wearing whatsoever. That would be really bad marketing. Maybe for their stunts company, which they deserve, in my opinion. Yeah, there is always something that impresses us more. Still no reason for crap talking, in my opinion. I could apply the same criticisms you used for that Russian video. But why would I? I think both are cool feats on their own.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot on 27 December, 2017, 13:42
Of course but let me ask you one thing - since when did having an opinion became crap talk? It's just that i got impression that it was some marketing and we agree more than we disagree here, aside the obvious. It's not really crap talk to doubt in anything.
Comment icon #8 Posted by FLOMBIE on 27 December, 2017, 14:44
Its the way you express your opinion. How do you know the Russians do not promote their hazard suits?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sooth Sayer on 30 December, 2017, 19:20
I think Richard Pryor held this record for the longest time but he was actually on fire when he ran down the street. It's true and yes, I am joking around.

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