Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Should we contact ET ?

A discussion on whether Hawking was right to warn against attempts to contact an alien civilization.


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Comment icon #1 Posted by DBunker on 25 August, 2013, 13:52
I think that professor Hawking was more reflecting about human behaviour that possible ET out there.
Comment icon #2 Posted by -M7 on 1 September, 2013, 22:16
They are probably many civilizations out there. Why should we be cautious? Mostly because we don't want the attention of a civilization hell bent on conquest for obvious reasons. But there is no reason that exists, why we should just avoid contacting any civilization.....We just have know who we're contacting. Thats the thing through, we don't know who or what we're dealing with. But we should make an effort to find out, and that does not necessarily mean contacting them. For right now, all we know is that what civilizations exist out there can be just about anything.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Asadora on 1 September, 2013, 22:32
Personally, I think it's within human nature to -endeavour- to make that otherworldly contact. No point in wondering if we should or not. My belief is that contact will be made, but from which side, us or them, and when could this possibly be? Those are the real unknowns, certainly not the former. I hope by the time that initial contact has been made that us Humans, have 'grown-up' by then. We haven't managed to figure out how to get the lock off the cosmic baby gate yet. Kind Regards
Comment icon #4 Posted by pallidin on 2 September, 2013, 20:53
Might sound weird, but the way things are going on now on planet Earth, I would welcome ET contact.

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