Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Unexplained Mysteries
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Q. I have a story or experience that I'd like to share or that I need help with
A. There are two ways that you can submit your story to us. The first, which is best if you are looking for feedback, help or advice on something that you have experienced, is to post your story or request on our discussion forum. Our Stories, Sightings and Experiences section is the ideal place for this.

Q. I would like to request general information or assistance with a topical subject
A. The best way to request information about any of the topics we cover is to post about it on our discussion forum - our members will be able to help point you in the right direction.

Q. I have a query regarding the "Unexplained Mysteries" television show
A. Despite sharing the same name, our site actually predates the TV show and is not associated with it in any way. We are in fact not associated with any TV or radio shows at all - our presence is purely online.

Q. I have a paranormal site and would like to exchange links
Unfortunately we are unable to participate in link exchanges.

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