Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Modern Mysteries
Anomalies found in 'sonic attack' victims' brains
7-23-2019 | 4 comments
Scientists have identified 'significant differences' in the brains of the diplomats 'attacked' in Cuba.
Cat filter strikes again during press conference
7-23-2019 | 4 comments | Bizarre
A Canadian police press conference about a mysterious double homicide was marred by 'technical difficulties'.
Paranormal author Rosemary Ellen Guiley dies
7-23-2019 | 1 comment | Ghosts & Hauntings
The 69-year-old, who wrote dozens of books on a wide variety of paranormal topics, has sadly passed away.
RNLI warns against 'Storm Loch Ness' event
7-22-2019 | 15 comments | Cryptozoology
Lifeboat officials in Scotland have warned social media users not to flock to the world famous loch en masse.
Adorable new 'pocket shark' species identified
7-22-2019 | 3 comments | Natural World
Scientists have discovered a new type of shark that is so small that it is possible to hold it in your hand.
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Modern Mysteries
75-year-old warship mystery solved at last
7-22-2019 | 6 comments
The wreck of the last US warship to be sunk off the east coast during WWII has finally been discovered.
Vatican mystery: bones found in hunt for girl
7-14-2019 | 9 comments | Modern Mysteries
Two sets of bones have been discovered by authorities searching for missing girl Emanuela Orlandi in Rome.
MH370 pilot was in control 'until the end'
7-12-2019 | 16 comments | Modern Mysteries
Investigators looking in to the fate of the doomed airliner have learned more about the plane's final hours.
Mystery of missing girl at the Vatican deepens
7-11-2019 | 9 comments | Modern Mysteries
Officials on the hunt for the remains of a missing girl in Rome have lifted the lid on an entirely new mystery.
Aleister Crowley's house set to be restored
 Hot!  7-8-2019 | 47 comments | Modern Mysteries
The fire-ravaged remains of the infamous occultist's Loch Ness home have been purchased by three investors.
Space & Astronomy
Orbital plan for lunar space station unveiled
7-21-2019 | 1 comment
Mission planners at NASA and ESA have determined the orbital path of the upcoming lunar Gateway.
NASA celebrates Apollo 11's 50th anniversary
7-20-2019 | 11 comments | Space & Astronomy
Today marks exactly 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the lunar surface.
Stunning image shows ISS in front of the Sun
7-19-2019 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA has released a breathtaking photograph showing the space station silhouetted against our solar neighbor.
Universe expansion rate mystery deepens
7-18-2019 | 8 comments | Space & Astronomy
A new attempt to calculate how fast the universe is expanding has thrown up more questions than answers.
Scientists find a way to make Mars farmable
7-15-2019 | 14 comments | Space & Astronomy
Growing crops on the Red Planet would undoubtedly go a long way towards building a sustainable human colony.
Science & Technology
Why aren't humans constantly hallucinating ?
7-21-2019 | 10 comments
A fascinating new study has highlighted just how sensitive, yet finely tuned the human brain actually is.
New details of Elon Musk's Neuralink revealed
7-17-2019 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
The firm aims to make it possible for humans to interact with machines through a brain-computer interface.
Amazon is working on an AI household robot
7-13-2019 | 6 comments | Science & Technology
Reports indicate that web giant Amazon is ramping up development of its upcoming consumer oriented robot.
First image of quantum entanglement revealed
7-13-2019 | 13 comments | Science & Technology
For the first time ever, scientists have managed to capture Einstein's 'spooky' phenomenon on camera.
Ice spires hint at potential for life on Pluto
7-9-2019 | 2 comments | Science & Technology
The existence of algae high up in the Andes Mountains hints at the possibility of life on distant, icy worlds.
Tiger enters house, goes to sleep on bed
7-20-2019 | 8 comments
A homeowner and his family were forced to flee when the enormous cat simply walked in the front door.
'Storm Area 51' spawns copycat campaigns
 Hot!  7-19-2019 | 100 comments | Bizarre
Inspired by the recent social media phenomenon, other people have started setting up their own 'storm' events.
Man spends five days sitting on a toilet
7-16-2019 | 12 comments | Bizarre
Eager to earn his place in the Guinness Book of Records, one Belgian man sat on a toilet for 116 hours.
Mystery as postman buries letters in forest
7-13-2019 | 26 comments | Bizarre
A Dutch postman was recently caught burying thousands of letters in holes that he had dug out in the woods.
'Beach' optical illusion confuses the Internet
7-10-2019 | 5 comments | Bizarre
This seemingly unremarkable image appears to show a tranquil shoreline on a starry evening, or does it ?
Natural World
Incredible 'piglet squid' caught on camera
7-19-2019 | 9 comments
Footage of the unusual cephalopod was captured in the Pacific depths by the Exploration Vessel Nautilus team.
UK divers encounter gigantic, rare jellyfish
7-17-2019 | 6 comments | Natural World
Two divers exploring the waters off the coast of Cornwall, England came across something rather spectacular.
Tiny worm makes insanely loud popping sound
7-16-2019 | 2 comments | Natural World
A worm measuring a mere 29mm long makes one of the loudest sounds heard anywhere in the animal kingdom.
Biologists clash over plant consciousness
7-7-2019 | 27 comments | Natural World
For years, scientists have clashed over whether or not plants possess a form of conscious awareness.
Alabama plagued by huge wasp 'super nests'
7-1-2019 | 21 comments | Natural World
Some wasp nests in the southeastern state are so big that even pest control experts won't go near them.
Creator of 'Storm Area 51' comes forward
 Hot!  7-18-2019
The Facebook user who started the campaign to storm the secretive military base has finally spoken out.
Richard Branson offers his thoughts on UFOs
 Hot!  7-18-2019
The billionaire founder of space tourism firm Virgin Galactic has commented on the UFO phenomenon.
UFO expert warns against trying to contact ET
 Hot!  7-15-2019
Former CIA operative Darrel Sims maintains that attempting to contact intelligent aliens is a very bad idea.
Egypt opens unusual 'bent' pyramid to visitors
The 4,600-year-old structure is thought to mark the transition between smooth and step-sided pyramids.
Couple buys house that inspired 'The Conjuring'
The remote Rhode Island farmhouse that inspired the popular movie has something of a sinister past.
Oldest human skull found outside Africa
Scientists have identified the earliest known evidence of modern humans outside of the African continent.
Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video gets makeover
 Hot!  7-11-2019
A 4K remaster of the infamous footage, which is alleged to show a live Bigfoot, has been posted online.
Pope attributes 'miracle' to late televangelist
Pope Francis has declared that Fulton J Sheen, who died in 1979, is responsible for saving a baby's life.
William B Stoecker
The planets that never were
William B Stoecker looks at the habitability of our solar system.
Sean Casteel
Gef the talking mongoose
Sean Casteel recounts the very strange case of a rather bizarre creature.
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Posted 7-3-2019 | 1 comment
A look at how the Sphinx of Ramses II was moved at Philadelphia's Penn Museum.
'Deleting' disease using CRISPR
Posted 6-15-2019 | 5 comments
A look at science's goal of eliminating genetic diseases using gene-editing techniques.
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The Paranormalist
David Lange takes a look at the work of paranormal investigator Christopher Chacon.
Sean Casteel
Tesla's secret space program
A look in to the world of Nikola Tesla conspiracy theories.
Kathleen Meadows
Life lessons and esoteric secrets
Kathleen Meadows talks about the many things that the Tarot can reveal.
Edward Crabtree
Moscow's mysterious lights
Edward Crabtree investigates reports of UFOs over Russia.
Melissa B. Newman
Halloween - A Scary Season Rooted In Reality
Melissa Newman takes a closer look at Halloween.
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Nikola Tesla - The Unknown 'Healer'
Did Tesla's work inspire a new method of healing ?
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