Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Ancient Mysteries
Was ancient 'hashtag' the first human symbol?
4-25-2018 | 3 comments
Hashtag-like etchings found on a rock in South Africa's Blombos Cave are thought to be over 100,000 years old.
'World's largest mosquito' discovered in China
4-25-2018 | 12 comments | Natural World
A Chinese entomologist found the insect, which has a wingspan of 11.5cm, during a field trip last year.
New 'Noah's Ark' will store DNA of complex life
4-24-2018 | 0 comments | Science & Technology
The ambitious BioGenome Project aims to sequence and store the genomes of more than 1.5 million species.
Hubble Space Telescope has turned 28
4-24-2018 | 2 comments | Space & Astronomy
The world-famous telescope has been capturing images of the cosmos for the better part of three decades.
Children are as fit as endurance athletes
4-24-2018 | 1 comment | Science & Technology
A new study has revealed that the muscles of children resist fatigue in the same way as those of elite athletes.
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Space & Astronomy
Uranus smells like rotten eggs, say scientists
4-23-2018 | 20 comments
Hydrogen sulfide, which gives rotten eggs their smell, has been discovered in the seventh planet's atmosphere.
Asteroid mining could be worth trillions
4-22-2018 | 7 comments | Space & Astronomy
According to Goldman Sachs, asteroid mining has the potential to produce the world's first trillionaires.
Work on lunar space station to begin in 2019
4-21-2018 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA has revealed that its ambitious Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway will launch as early as 2022.
NASA teases plans for nuclear power in space
4-19-2018 | 6 comments | Space & Astronomy
The space agency will be revealing new details of its 'Kilopower' system at the beginning of next month.
Orion will use over 100 3D-printed components
4-18-2018 | 1 comment | Space & Astronomy
Several parts of NASA's deep-space Orion capsule will be created through the use of 3D printing technology.
'Super Earth' aliens may be trapped by gravity
4-23-2018 | 17 comments
On planets more massive than the Earth, launching things in to space will be a lot more challenging.
Mars probe to begin hunt for signs of alien life
4-11-2018 | 3 comments | Extraterrestrial
The European Space Agency's Trace Gas Orbiter will be starting its mission within the next two weeks.
Discovery suggests that alien life may be rare
4-5-2018 | 12 comments | Extraterrestrial
A lack of phosphorus in the universe could mean that Earth-type life is a lot rarer than commonly thought.
Could there be life in the clouds of Venus ?
4-1-2018 | 7 comments | Extraterrestrial
A new paper has put forward the suggestion that the clouds of Venus could be a habitat for microbial life.
'Alien fossils' found on Mars, claims scientist
 Hot!  3-5-2018 | 54 comments | Extraterrestrial
Geomicrobiologist Barry DiGregorio maintains that the Curiosity rover has found evidence of alien life forms.
Science & Technology
Bill Gates backs 'big brother' satellite network
4-23-2018 | 13 comments
Known as EarthNow, the project aims to offer live streaming of the entire planet 24 hours a day.
Mutant enzyme breaks down plastic bottles
4-17-2018 | 11 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have inadvertently created a mutant enzyme capable of breaking down common waste plastics.
Google AI can now pick out voices in a crowd
4-16-2018 | 2 comments | Science & Technology
The search giant has developed new software that can isolate individual voices in a crowded room.
Scientists solve mystery of Giant's Causeway
4-14-2018 | 7 comments | Science & Technology
Volcanologists have succeeded in recreating the area's distinctive hexagonal columns in a laboratory.
Elon Musk warns of 'immortal AI dictator'
4-9-2018 | 29 comments | Science & Technology
The SpaceX CEO has warned of a future ruled by an unstoppable AI that could ultimately destroy mankind.
Mind control documents released by accident
4-22-2018 | 15 comments
A file recently released by the US government contains information about 'psycho-electric weapons'.
Mystery phone trackers detected in Washington
4-4-2018 | 7 comments | Conspiracy
Unknown phone-tracking or 'Stingray' devices are thought to be in operation within the D.C. area.
Mystery US aircraft crashes in Nevada desert
 Hot!  9-12-2017 | 84 comments | Conspiracy
The unknown aircraft, which was being flown by pilot Eric Schultz, went down exactly one week ago.
1962 'thing in the woods' was CIA spy camera
7-26-2017 | 10 comments | Conspiracy
A mystery spanning over 55 years has finally been solved thanks to newly released CIA documents.
Was Marilyn Monroe killed over a UFO leak ?
 Hot!  5-25-2017 | 58 comments | Conspiracy
A controversial new documentary claims that Monroe was murdered because she knew too much about UFOs.
Natural World
'Bizarre' squid seen alive for the first time
4-22-2018 | 5 comments
The NOAA's Okeanos Explorer vessel filmed this extraordinary cephalopod during a recent expedition.
New species of 'exploding ant' discovered
4-20-2018 | 10 comments | Natural World
Capable of taking drastic action to protect their colonies, these ants have a rather unusual defense mechanism.
Mutation helps Bajau people stay underwater
4-19-2018 | 7 comments | Natural World
In a rare case of natural selection in modern humans, the free-diving Bajau people have developed a larger spleen.
Plants have a unique way of avoiding sunburn
4-18-2018 | 3 comments | Natural World
A new study has revealed that plants protect themselves from Sun damage by repairing their own DNA.
Humpback whale filmed sneezing a rainbow
4-14-2018 | 6 comments | Natural World
A wildlife photographer recently captured the moment a whale's blowhole spray produced a spectacular rainbow.
Cows could end up as world's largest mammals
Scientists have warned that cows could eventually become the largest remaining mammals on Earth.
Missing Nazi submarine mystery finally solved
The wreckage of one of Germany's most advanced U-boats has been discovered off the coast of Denmark.
Artist can draw entire cities from memory
Stephen Wiltshire, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, is one of the world's most skilled artists.
Stonehenge stones may have predated humans
Two of the largest stones that make up Stonehenge may have actually been at the site for millions of years.
NASA astronauts pass UFO 'lie detector test'
 Hot!  4-8-2018
Audio clips of astronauts talking about their experiences with UFOs have been analyzed for truthfulness.
Did a mystic predict Putin's rise to power ?
During a meeting in 1979, blind mystic Baba Vanga allegedly predicted that Putin would 'rule the world'.
Ghostly figure filmed aboard the HMS Victory
 Hot!  3-19-2018
Tony Ferguson had been visiting the historic vessel in Portsmouth when he caught something strange on film.
Cottingley fairies still intrigue 100 years on
 Hot!  3-3-2018
In 1917, two English schoolgirls claimed to have photographed fairies at the bottom of their garden.
Featured book
By Keith Linder
Based on a true story. In 2012, Keith Linder and his girlfriend took up residence in a Seattle suburban home and within days of moving in began experiencing some of the most hellish events in paranormal history.
Robert Torres
Thom Reed UFO Monument Park
The story of Thom Reed and his encounter with a UFO in 1969.
Kathleen Meadows
Do you feel cursed?
Kathleen Meadows on how to help someone who believes that they have been cursed.
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Featured Videos
Gallery icon 
Could you survive a nuclear bomb ?
Posted 4-24-2018 | 0 comments
If someone dropped an atomic bomb on a city, what would be your chances of survival ?
What does space smell like ?
Posted 4-23-2018 | 0 comments
Does the vacuum of space actually smell of anything and if so, what ?
Why is US paper money green ?
Posted 4-22-2018 | 0 comments
Simon Whistler investigates why the color green was used when printing US bank notes.
Revealing the secrets of the deep ocean
Posted 4-19-2018 | 0 comments
Scientist Mandy Joye has dedicated her life to exploring the depths of the world's oceans.
Giant 3D-printed man
Posted 4-15-2018 | 2 comments
British YouTuber James Bruton has created a giant 3D-printed sculpture of himself.
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Sean Casteel
Weird winged wonders
Sean Casteel takes a look at cases of strange flying creatures.
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February, the month of the Hierophant
Kathleen Meadows talks about love, Valentine's Day and the Hierophant.
Edward Crabtree
Out of our minds: are UFOs thought-forms?
Are UFOs physical or psychological in nature ?
Sean Casteel
Project Magnet 'exposed'
A look at the life and work of Canadian radio engineer Wilbert Smith.
Joe Posner
Close encounters today: a global UFO update
A look at the current state of the UFO phenomenon.
Rob MacGregor
Journey to the Akashic Records
A detailed look at the out-of-body experiences of Wesley Meeks.
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