Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Natural World
What are great white sharks frightened of ?
4-18-2019 | 0 comments
Despite their fearsome reputation, these monster sharks will always try to steer clear of one particular creature.
Scientists revive pig brains hours after death
4-18-2019 | 1 comment | Science & Technology
A recent experiment has called in to question our understanding of when a person's brain has truly 'died'.
'Image of Jesus' spotted in Notre Dame fire
4-18-2019 | 15 comments | Spirituality
Some witnesses to the recent devastating fire believe that they've seen something otherworldly in the flames.
10 robotic dogs pull truck along in new video
4-17-2019 | 8 comments | Science & Technology
A small army of Boston Dynamics' dog-like robots have been filmed hauling a truck through a parking lot.
Earth was hit by interstellar visitor in 2014
4-17-2019 | 6 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists have revealed that a meteor from another star system may have collided with the Earth 5 years ago.
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Science & Technology
Liquid blood extracted from 42,000-year-old foal
4-17-2019 | 11 comments
Scientists in Siberia have succeeded in retrieving blood from the well-preserved remains of an extinct horse.
Human genes used to enhance monkey brains
4-16-2019 | 19 comments | Science & Technology
A controversial experiment in China has been likened to something out of a 'Planet of the Apes' movie.
World's largest plane flies for the first time
4-14-2019 | 8 comments | Science & Technology
The gargantuan aircraft, which has a wingspan bigger than a football field, soared in to the sky on Saturday.
Video shows Russia's futuristic Arctic base
4-13-2019 | 2 comments | Science & Technology
Newly released footage shows 'Northern Clover' - a military base situated far above the Arctic Circle.
Scientists discover whole new state of matter
4-9-2019 | 6 comments | Science & Technology
A new 'chain-melted state' makes it possible for atoms to exist as both a solid and a liquid at the same time.
Space & Astronomy
Nearest exoplanet has potential to support life
4-16-2019 | 10 comments
Scientists have determined that planets orbiting red dwarf stars may be capable of supporting primitive life.
Israel's unmanned probe crashes on the Moon
4-12-2019 | 19 comments | Space & Astronomy
The world's first attempt to land a privately-funded lander on the lunar surface has sadly ended in failure.
Mystery surrounds hunt for methane on Mars
4-11-2019 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
Despite methane being detected on Mars previously, more recent scans have revealed no sign of it at all.
Spectacular fireball explodes over Siberia
4-11-2019 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
Russia has seen more than its fair share of space rocks exploding in the Earth's atmosphere in recent months.
First ever image of a black hole revealed
 Hot!  4-10-2019 | 51 comments | Space & Astronomy
In a major breakthrough, astronomers have achieved the impossible by capturing an image of a distant black hole.
Stranded dog is rescued 135 miles out to sea
4-16-2019 | 6 comments
The exhausted canine was pulled from the sea by oil rig workers who had spotted him off the coast of Thailand.
Everyone is two years older in South Korea
4-15-2019 | 11 comments | Bizarre
A long-lived Korean tradition sees two years added to the age of newborn babies within their first 12 months.
Doctors find bees feeding on woman's tears
4-11-2019 | 4 comments | Bizarre
A young woman in Taiwan who complained of a swollen eye was found to have small bees under her eyelid.
99-year-old woman had reverse internal organs
4-9-2019 | 4 comments | Bizarre
Scientists have discovered what is thought to be the oldest known person with this rare congenital condition.
Cops stop driver with a large pig on his lap
4-1-2019 | 7 comments | Bizarre
A driver who had been stopped for driving erratically was found to be sharing his front seat with a 250-pound pig.
Natural World
Last known female Yangtze giant turtle dies
4-15-2019 | 5 comments
One of the last four remaining members of a critically endangered species of turtle has sadly passed away.
How can sea spiders grow to such huge sizes ?
4-12-2019 | 2 comments | Natural World
Scientists have determined how sea creatures living in the depths of the polar oceans become so enormous.
Record-breaking 17ft python found in Florida
4-8-2019 | 5 comments | Natural World
The huge snake was tracked down by a team at the Big Cypress National Preserve in the Florida Everglades.
1 billion birds a year killed by US skyscrapers
4-7-2019 | 12 comments | Natural World
New research has revealed just how dangerous tall, reflective buildings are to wild birds in large cities.
World's tallest tropical tree discovered
4-6-2019 | 2 comments | Natural World
Scientists have identified and climbed a record-breaking tree in Borneo that measures a whopping 328ft in height.
Ancient Mysteries
Colorful 4,300-year-old tomb unveiled in Egypt
4-15-2019 | 4 comments
The L-shaped necropolis, which dates back to the Fifth Dynasty, was discovered near Saqqara last month.
Why do Egyptian statues have missing noses ?
3-19-2019 | 10 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Tomb robbers may have deliberately defaced statues and artwork to prevent spirits from seeking revenge.
2,000-year-old pot contains 'elixir of immortality'
3-5-2019 | 11 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists in China have unearthed an ancient bronze vessel containing a rather curious concoction.
Creepy 'witch marks' found on cave walls
2-25-2019 | 1 comment | Ancient Mysteries
Strange etchings on the walls of Creswell Crags in England were created to trap or repel evil forces.
Did European megaliths inspire Stonehenge ?
2-12-2019 | 10 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A new study has suggested that European neolithic stone monuments may have first arisen in France.
Mashed potato mystery endures in Mississippi
An unknown individual has taken to leaving bowls of mashed potatoes around a Jackson neighborhood.
Sasquatch calling contest held in New York
One of the world's strangest sports sees participants compete to make the most convincing Bigfoot call.
New human species unearthed in island cave
Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of an extinct species of human in a cave in the Philippines.
Long-lost 'cursed' film emerges 40 years on
An infamous cinematic project from the late 1970s has resurfaced and will soon be released to the public.
Couple terrified by UFO encounter in Auckland
A woman who had been enjoying a trip to the beach with her boyfriend reported a rather strange UFO experience.
Pascagoula abduction witnesses come forward
 Hot!  4-5-2019
Three witnesses claim to have seen a UFO on the night of one of the world's most famous abduction cases.
Russian spy plane checks out secret US bases
A Russian spy plane recently flew over Area 51 in Nevada with full permission from the US government.
Priests burn Harry Potter books in Poland
 Hot!  4-2-2019
An evangelical group has taken to burning J.K Rowling's novels because it considers them 'sacrilegious'.
Sean Casteel
Gef the talking mongoose
Sean Casteel recounts the very strange case of a rather bizarre creature.
David Lange
The Paranormalist
David Lange takes a look at the work of paranormal investigator Christopher Chacon.
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Posted 4-7-2019 | 4 comments
What happens if you light a cannon made out of 50,000 matches ?
Latin America's most dangerous snake
Posted 3-24-2019 | 1 comment
Coyote Peterson comes face to face with an extremely dangerous reptile.
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Michael returns with another mind-bending problem - this time concerning squares.
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Posted 3-3-2019 | 0 comments
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Thailand's snake village
Posted 2-26-2019 | 2 comments
Steve Backshall visits a village where the inhabitants live alongside dangerous snakes.
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Sean Casteel
Tesla's secret space program
A look in to the world of Nikola Tesla conspiracy theories.
Kathleen Meadows
Life lessons and esoteric secrets
Kathleen Meadows talks about the many things that the Tarot can reveal.
Edward Crabtree
Moscow's mysterious lights
Edward Crabtree investigates reports of UFOs over Russia.
Melissa B. Newman
Halloween - A Scary Season Rooted In Reality
Melissa Newman takes a closer look at Halloween.
Sean Casteel
Nikola Tesla - The Unknown 'Healer'
Did Tesla's work inspire a new method of healing ?
Kathleen Meadows
July, Cancer and the Moon Card
Kathleen Meadows takes a look at this month's Tarot card readings.
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