Thursday, June 13, 2024
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The Singapore Stone.
Archaeology & History

Scientists are trying to crack the mystery of the Singapore Stone

6-11-2024 | 3

This undecipherable inscription written in an unknown language and writing system has puzzled experts for centuries.

Kentucky footprint.
Creatures, Myths & Legends

Man discovers mysterious footprints in remote Kentucky woodland

6-11-2024 | 19

The alleged Bigfoot prints appeared to have been left by someone or something that wasn't wearing any shoes.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs may be evidence of 'cryptoterrestrials', scientists propose

6-10-2024 | 28

An 'out there' new study has put forward the notion that UFOs are piloted by secretive, highly advanced Earth-based beings.

Airline pilots in the cockpit.
The UFO Phenomenon

Two pilots radio in to report sightings of the same UFO over Ireland

6-10-2024 | 36

Both pilots had contacted air traffic control to report that they had spotted something unusual in the sky.

Shrimp Jesus.

Could 'shrimp Jesus' be a sign that 'dead Internet theory' is true ?

6-9-2024 | 15

Could the Internet be already filled with more AI-generated content than material actually written by humans ?

Goblin statue.
Creatures, Myths & Legends

Police in Zimbabwe claim to have been harassed by 'goblins'

6-9-2024 | 7

A totally bizarre story out of Zimbabwe this week concerns alleged 'goblins' that have been plaguing local police.

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Grey squirrel.
Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds grey squirrel found in 'impossible location'

6-8-2024 | 2

Conservationists have been left puzzled by the discovery of an invasive species of squirrel on a Scottish island.

Nature & Environment

Scientists may finally know why orcas keep ramming into boats

6-3-2024 | 52

The unexplained behavior has resulted in more than 700 cases of killer whales attacking and damaging boats.

Nature & Environment

Animals are able to self-medicate and have been doing so for millennia

5-26-2024 | 6

An injured orangutan was recently observed chewing a medicinal leaf and applying it to his wound.

Deep-sea footballfish.
Nature & Environment

Rarely seen deep-sea creature washes up along the coast of Oregon

5-24-2024 | 5

This alien-like fish, which typically lives 3,000ft beneath the surface of the ocean, is a very unusual find.

Quite Mysterious Episode 3
The UFO Phenomenon

Robert Taylor: the man who was attacked by a UFO

 QM EPISODE  6-6-2024 | 11

Robert Taylor encountered something strange in the woods near Dechmont Law, Scotland in 1979.

The UFO Phenomenon

Could Spielberg's new UFO movie be his long cancelled alien horror film?

6-3-2024 | 3

The release date of legendary director Steven Spielberg's upcoming UFO-themed movie has been announced.

UFO over air show.
The UFO Phenomenon

UFO captured on camera over New York during Blue Angels air show

 VIDEO  5-31-2024 | 11

An unknown object was spotted in a very brief clip recorded during the Memorial Day weekend activities.

The UFO Phenomenon

Fatal close encounters: have people really been killed by UFOs ?

5-28-2024 | 19

As strange as it may sound, there have been several cases of alleged 'death by UFO' over the decades.

Snake engraving
Archaeology & History

Giants, snakes and monsters among trove of ancient rock engravings

6-6-2024 | 1

Researchers have unearthed a huge collection of rock engravings in South America dating back over 1,000 years.

The San Jose goes down during the battle of Cartagena.
Archaeology & History

Exploration of 'holy grail of shipwrecks' worth $20 billion begins

5-27-2024 | 13

The wreck of the San Jose, a 300-year-old Spanish galleon, is thought to be filled with gold and jewels.

Mystery inscription.
Archaeology & History

Translation of mystery stone slab yields surprising discovery

5-25-2024 | 18

Efforts to determine what was inscribed upon the stone, which was found in a man's patio, had proven challenging.

Archaeology & History

US once tried to use glow-in-the-dark foxes against Japan during WWII

5-21-2024 | 0

A lot of strange tactics were thought up during the Second World War, but this is perhaps one of the strangest of them all.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Hundreds descend on Loch Ness for largest ever monster hunt

6-6-2024 | 12

Crowds of Nessie hunters tried their luck recently as the record-breaking Loch Ness Monster hunt got underway.

Quite Mysterious Episode 1
Creatures, Myths & Legends

What could the Loch Ness Monster actually be ?

 QM EPISODE  5-23-2024 | 23

The first episode of our brand new YouTube series 'Quite Mysterious' is now available to watch!

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Man claims to have found his daughter 'playing with Bigfoot' in the woods

5-19-2024 | 41

An intriguing story recently surfaced that describes a very close encounter with an alleged Bigfoot in California.

Goblin in Mexico.
Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bizarre footage shows alleged 'goblin' running across a road in Mexico

5-11-2024 | 41

The peculiar clip was reportedly taken from security footage recorded at a farm in the north-east of the country.

Dark secretive hangar at Area 51.

Veterans left struggling after work at secretive Area 52 made them sick

6-2-2024 | 5

Air Force technicians who studied captured technology at Area 52 are now suffering from health complications.


Avril Lavigne responds to bizarre conspiracy theory about herself

5-16-2024 | 5

For years, rumors have circulated suggesting that the singer was replaced decades ago by a body double.


What's the best way to tell whether or not a conspiracy theory is true ?

5-8-2024 | 15

Conspiracies are everywhere these days and sometimes it's hard to tell what's true and what isn't.

The Sun.

Now conspiracy theorists are claiming that our solar system has two suns

5-1-2024 | 15

This latest in a long line of ridiculous conspiracy theories is perhaps the most nonsensical one to date.

Greek island of Symi.
Modern Mysteries

Major mystery as TV doctor goes missing on small Greek island

6-8-2024 | 13

A huge search and rescue effort is currently underway to locate Michael Mosley who disappeared four days ago.

Mount Everest
Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds disappearance of bodies on Mount Everest

6-5-2024 | 6

Questions have been raised over the vanishing of the bodies of two prominent British explorers from the mountain.

Radio mast.
Modern Mysteries

Could mysterious radio station UVB-76 be a 'Dead Hand' signal ?

5-30-2024 | 6

For years, a radio station broadcasting continuously out of Russia has managed to defy explanation.

Forest path.
Modern Mysteries

Mystery of 'object from space' found in woods may have been solved

5-29-2024 | 3

The peculiar object had been found along a remote forest track recently in Haywood County, North Carolina.


Jaime Maussan claims three more 'non-human entities' have been found

6-7-2024 | 176

The controversial UFO researcher has revealed that three more alleged alien bodies have been discovered.


Discovery of aliens could reignite tensions between science and religion

6-4-2024 | 50

Former MoD UFO researcher Nick Pope has commented on the potential societal consequences of finding aliens.

Man looks at equation.

Updated Drake equation used to calculate number of alien civilizations

6-1-2024 | 31

Are we alone in the universe ? Scientists have taken another stab at finding out how common civilizations might be.

Alien statue found in Mexico.

Experts analyze 'alien statue' that was unearthed in Guerrero, Mexico

5-26-2024 | 17

A mysterious statue of an alien-like figure found by workers in Mexico has been analyzed by experts.

UFO on a truck.
World of the Bizarre

Puzzled motorists spot truck towing a UFO through Kennewick

6-7-2024 | 7

Heads were turned in Washington state recently when a truck was spotted towing some very peculiar cargo.

Elon Musk.
World of the Bizarre

Elon Musk says 'I am an alien' in strange interview exchange

5-28-2024 | 17

The SpaceX and Tesla entrepreneur made the tongue-in-cheek comment at the recent Viva Tech event.

Flat Earth.
World of the Bizarre

Slovakian government official raises eyebrows with 'flat Earth' comment

5-18-2024 | 6

Prominent Slovakian politician Lukas Machala is reportedly no stranger to conspiracy theories.

Panda dog.
World of the Bizarre

'Pandas' at zoo in China turn out to be dogs dyed black and white

 VIDEO  5-9-2024 | 8

A zoo in China is under fire for reportedly misleading visitors with fake pandas that are actually just dogs.

Starliner launch
Space & Astronomy

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft finally launches on first crewed flight

 VIDEO  6-5-2024 | 235

Boeing's long-troubled alternative to the SpaceX Crew Dragon has made it off the launchpad with two astronauts on board.

Devil Comet.
Space & Astronomy

Strange horned 'devil comet' to make closest approach in 71 years

 VIDEO  6-2-2024 | 1

One of the most unusual comets in the solar system is due to make its closest approach of the Earth today.

Mr Spock.
Space & Astronomy

Spock's real-life home planet is not what it seems, new study finds

6-1-2024 | 3

A planet thought to be the real-life equivalent of Spock's homeworld Vulcan might not actually exist after all.

Space & Astronomy

China's space plane releases another mystery object into orbit

5-30-2024 | 0

China's answer to the X-37B is doing something in Earth's orbit and nobody is quite sure what that might be.