Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Modern Mysteries
Sunken warship may contain gold worth $133bn
7-19-2018 | 9 comments
The wreck of a Russian ship thought to contain 5,500 boxes of gold bars has been found off South Korea.
Prehistoric baby snake found trapped in amber
7-19-2018 | 3 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have discovered the well-preserved remains of a jeuvenile snake dating back 99 million years.
Telescope receives upgrade, exceeds Hubble
7-18-2018 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
Adaptive optics technology has now made it possible for ground telescopes to take extremely sharp images.
Your earliest memory may be fake, study claims
7-18-2018 | 13 comments | Metaphysics & Psychology
Scientists maintain that our earliest memories could not have happened the way we remember them.
New geological era named the Meghalayan Age
7-18-2018 | 23 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have announced that the last 4,200 years of Earth's history have been given an official name.
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Space & Astronomy
Twelve new moons discovered around Jupiter
7-17-2018 | 8 comments
The discovery means that the gas giant has a total of 79 moons - more than any other planet in the solar system.
US startup reveals new flying car prototype
7-16-2018 | 18 comments | Space & Astronomy
Named BlackFly, the new aerial vehicle doesn't require a pilot's license and will cost the same as a typical SUV.
NASA captures image of 'spiders' on Mars
7-14-2018 | 7 comments | Space & Astronomy
Peculiar surface features that resemble large spiders can be seen in the latest image from NASA's Mars orbiter.
Scientists detect cosmic 'ghost particle'
7-13-2018 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
A particle that has traveled from deep space could help scientists to unravel the mysteries of the universe.
Astronomers detect very bright radio emission
7-11-2018 | 0 comments | Space & Astronomy
Originating deep in the universe, the radio blast is from a quasar - the luminous active nucleus of a distant galaxy.
Ancient Mysteries
5,500-year-old tomb discovered in Ireland
7-17-2018 | 3 comments
A megalithic tomb unearthed in County Meath has been described by archaeologists as the 'find of a lifetime'.
2,000-year-old Basel papyrus mystery solved
7-16-2018 | 4 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Researchers have finally succeeded in deciphering an ancient papyrus with mirror writing on both sides.
Mystery surrounds giant Egyptian sarcophagus
7-13-2018 | 35 comments | Ancient Mysteries
The huge black granite sarcophagus was unearthed in Alexandria and nobody yet knows what's inside it.
Stonehenge builders used 'stone highway'
6-30-2018 | 3 comments | Ancient Mysteries
New research has indicated that the huge stones were transported over both land and water.
Julius Caesar had a 'crazy bulge' on his head
6-26-2018 | 16 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A new 3D reconstruction of the Roman emperor has revealed that he had a rather unusually shaped head.
Science & Technology
A quadrillion tons of diamond discovered
7-17-2018 | 7 comments
Scientists have determined that there is 1,000 times more diamond beneath our feet than previously thought.
World's oldest biological colors unearthed
7-10-2018 | 0 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have discovered 1.1-billion-year-old pigments beneath the Sahara Desert... and they're bright pink.
Mystery source of ozone-depleting CFC found
7-9-2018 | 19 comments | Science & Technology
Investigators have finally determined the source of the unexplained rise in atmospheric levels of CFC-11.
Bananas may be at risk of going extinct
7-8-2018 | 8 comments | Science & Technology
A particularly virulent disease is threatening to completely wipe out one of the world's favorite fruits.
China develops working 'Star Wars' laser gun
7-5-2018 | 19 comments | Science & Technology
The futuristic new weapon is capable of setting fire to targets from a distance of over half a mile away.
Natural World
Eight black rhinos die after move to new park
7-15-2018 | 13 comments
The critically endangered rhinos had been living in a new sanctuary in southern Kenya when the disaster occurred.
Terrifying parasitic wasp found in the Amazon
7-9-2018 | 7 comments | Natural World
Scientists have discovered a new species of wasp that lays its eggs on spiders using its massive stinger.
Scientists solve mystery of flying spiders
7-6-2018 | 7 comments | Natural World
It turns out that spiders are able to stay airborne over vast distances using the Earth's natural electric fields.
Dogs have lost the ability to make up
7-4-2018 | 6 comments | Natural World
A new study has revealed that, unlike wolves, dogs seem to have lost the ability to reconcile after a fight.
Monkeys in Panama have entered the Stone Age
7-4-2018 | 15 comments | Natural World
Remarkable new footage shows a white-faced capuchin using a stone as a hammer to break open nuts to eat.
Ghosts & Hauntings
Woman photographs 'ghost' in her front yard
 Hot!  7-15-2018 | 50 comments
Tia Wilson of Durham, Maine captured the eerie image on a game camera she had set up in her garden.
Cops flee from 'haunted' police station
7-1-2018 | 17 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
A police station in India's Jharkhand state is reportedly so haunted that everyone leaves by 11pm every night.
Footage of a 'haunted swing' emerges online
6-27-2018 | 26 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
A bizarre new video, which shows a swing vigorously moving on its own, has gone viral on social media.
Cafe closes doors due to paranormal activity
 Hot!  6-24-2018 | 42 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
A cafe in San Antonio has closed up shop after its owners captured something unusual on camera.
Fire erupts at Shetland's most haunted house
5-30-2018 | 1 comment | Ghosts & Hauntings
Police are investigating a mysterious fire at what is thought to be one of Scotland's most haunted buildings.
Mystery shoplifter issues apology 40 years on
An anonymous shoplifter has written a letter to apologize for stealing chocolate from a shop four decades ago.
Biologist in new hunt for Tasmanian tiger
Wildlife biologist Forrest Galante is known for finding live specimens of species thought to have gone extinct.
Oldest giant dinosaur unearthed in Argentina
Researchers have discovered what is believed to be the first true giant dinosaur dating back to the Triassic.
Man claims to have discovered 'time warp'
Paranormal investigator Joshua Warren claims to have found evidence of the anomaly to the north of Las Vegas.
'World UFO Day' is celebrated once again
The annual event invites enthusiasts to venture outside and 'watch the skies' for signs of extraterrestrial visitors.
Kepler-186f is more habitable than we thought
An extrasolar world 500 light years away could be the most promising place yet to look for alien life.
Mind control documents released by accident
A file recently released by the US government contains information about 'psycho-electric weapons'.
Did a mystic predict Putin's rise to power ?
During a meeting in 1979, blind mystic Baba Vanga allegedly predicted that Putin would 'rule the world'.
Sean Casteel
UFOs: Are they friend or foe ?
Sean Casteel investigates reports of hostile alien visitors.
Robert Torres
Thom Reed UFO Monument Park
The story of Thom Reed and his encounter with a UFO in 1969.
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3-5-2018 | Ohio, USA

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The Slo Mo Guys attempt another intriguing slow motion experiment with old vinyl records.
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A pearlfish finds a particularly unappealing place to hide on the ocean floor.
What jobs will flourish in the future ?
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Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku predicts which jobs will be important in the future.
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Coyote Peterson meets a rather adorable skunk - but can he avoid getting sprayed ?
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Do you feel cursed?
Kathleen Meadows on how to help someone who believes that they have been cursed.
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Sean Casteel takes a look at cases of strange flying creatures.
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Out of our minds: are UFOs thought-forms?
Are UFOs physical or psychological in nature ?
Sean Casteel
Project Magnet 'exposed'
A look at the life and work of Canadian radio engineer Wilbert Smith.
Joe Posner
Close encounters today: a global UFO update
A look at the current state of the UFO phenomenon.
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