Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Science & Technology
Sediment cores shine light on Antarctic forests
4-4-2020 | 1 comment
It might be a freezing wasteland today, but in the past Antarctica was covered in lush swamps and forests.
Lockdown is causing Earth's crust to fall silent
4-3-2020 | 11 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have revealed that the coronavirus lockdown has reduced the level of vibrations in the Earth's crust.
Tom DeLonge films UFO off California coast
4-3-2020 | 15 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
The co-founder of the 'To The Stars' group reported that he had witnessed something unusual on Tuesday night.
Thousands of pink jellyfish invade Philippines
4-3-2020 | 4 comments | Natural World
Video footage has emerged showing vast numbers of giant pink jellyfish crammed together in the water.
AI can turn human thoughts into written word
4-2-2020 | 14 comments | Science & Technology
A remarkable new AI system has been designed that can read what someone is thinking and turn it into text.
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Space & Astronomy
Astronomers discover 'cosmic killer' black hole
4-2-2020 | 1 comment
A type of black hole that could be an important 'missing link' has been discovered outside of our galaxy.
Astronaut pee could help to build Moon base
3-31-2020 | 11 comments | Space & Astronomy
The urine of the first lunar settlers could be used as a construction material to help build new structures.
First US Space Force satellite has launched
3-27-2020 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
A 'jam-proof' communications satellite for the newest branch of the US military has successfully launched.
Uranus is leaking atmospheric gases into space
3-27-2020 | 12 comments | Space & Astronomy
A new analysis of data from NASA's Voyager 2 mission has revealed that the atmosphere of Uranus is leaking.
Could Mercury have once supported life ?
3-25-2020 | 0 comments | Space & Astronomy
According to a new study, the nearest planet to the Sun may have once been a lot more habitable.
Ghosts & Hauntings
Linda Blair speaks out on 'The Exorcist' curse
4-2-2020 | 4 comments
The former child actress, who starred in the iconic horror film, suffered significant real-life injuries during filming.
Robbie Williams: a lifetime of paranormal activity
4-1-2020 | 18 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
The British chart-topper has had a long history of experiences with UFOs and paranormal phenomena.
Museum 'haunted by ghost of Agatha Christie'
3-6-2020 | 9 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Staff members at a museum in Devon, England maintain that the building is haunted by a familiar specter.
Ghost Hunters S2 promises 'indisputable proof'
2-19-2020 | 30 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Season two of the rebooted Ghost Hunters TV show will reportedly offer up concrete evidence of the afterlife.
Police respond to report of 'demonic sounds'
2-18-2020 | 12 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Officers were called out to investigate a very strange incident in Pueblo, Colorado on February 13th.
Modern Mysteries
What are the origins of April Fools' Day ?
4-1-2020 | 4 comments
We celebrate it each year by pulling pranks on one another, but nobody is quite sure how it all started.
Fifth person dies in hunt for Fenn's treasure
3-26-2020 | 15 comments | Modern Mysteries
Said to be hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, the treasure is believed to be worth over $2 million.
Ghosts and UFOs abound on the M5 motorway
3-24-2020 | 3 comments | Modern Mysteries
Over the last 50 years, one of England's major roads has had its fair share of mysterious occurrences.
Winchester Mystery House offers free virtual tour
3-23-2020 | 3 comments | Modern Mysteries
Anyone self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic can now explore the mansion's mysteries from home.
Mystery as severed possum tails litter highways
3-22-2020 | 12 comments | Modern Mysteries
Commuters in New Zealand have been left puzzled by the appearance of possum tails all over the roads.
Science & Technology
Is there a scientific explanation for deja vu ?
4-1-2020 | 15 comments
Most of us will have experienced deja vu at some point in our lives, but what exactly causes this sensation ?
'Dr. Strangelove Syndrome' actually exists
3-29-2020 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
Named after the 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie, this very rare condition gives your hands a will of their own.
Coronavirus was not made in a lab, study finds
 Hot!  3-27-2020 | 59 comments | Science & Technology
New research has played down conspiracy theories suggesting that the virus was created in a laboratory.
Scientists solve mystery of Tuvan throat singing
3-23-2020 | 7 comments | Science & Technology
A unique form of singing that produces two tones simultaneously has remained an enigma for many years.
Can humans sense the Earth's magnetic field ?
3-22-2020 | 18 comments | Science & Technology
The results of a recent experiment suggest that it is not just animals that can sense our planet's magnetism.
Cops bust man who was 'teaching dog to drive'
3-31-2020 | 5 comments
No, teaching your dog how to drive a car is not an appropriate use of your time during self-isolation.
These 'alien eggs' are not what they seem
3-26-2020 | 2 comments | Bizarre
Images showing a field full of objects resembling eggs from the 'Alien' movie franchise have recently gone viral.
Self-isolating man uses drone to walk his dog
3-25-2020 | 14 comments | Bizarre
Some people have found ingenious new ways of carrying out everyday tasks without going near other people.
Vicar catches on fire during online sermon
3-22-2020 | 8 comments | Bizarre
A Plymouth vicar managed to set his own clothes on fire while filming for his church's online Sunday service.
Spanish police stop man dressed as a T-rex
3-20-2020 | 10 comments | Bizarre
A man who was supposed to be self-isolating was recently caught out on the street in a dinosaur costume.
Turkey Mountain 'Bigfoot' caught on camera
Visitors to the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area have been reporting sightings of a strange creature.
Three new pterosaurs discovered in the Sahara
Scientists have unearthed the fossil remains of three new species of prehistoric winged reptile in Morocco.
Gorillas may also be susceptible to coronavirus
Researchers have warned that COVID-19 may pose a serious risk to endangered gorilla populations in Africa.
Barman recounts 'Black Knight' UFO sighting
Zayell Gillespie and two friends encountered something very strange over Nottinghamshire, England in 2016.
Equinox highlights the wonders of the Sphinx
Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass has dismissed the idea that the Sphinx was carved from a stationary rock.
Abductees worldwide mark 'alien abduction day'
A surprising number of people in countries all across the world believe that they have been abducted by aliens.
YouTube's war on conspiracy videos continues
 Hot!  3-3-2020
The video hosting giant has been drastically reducing the number of conspiracy video recommendations.
Could consciousness pervade the universe ?
 Hot!  1-17-2020
The question of exactly what consciousness is has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike for millennia.
Kathleen Meadows
Fate: A lesson in how to lose control, gracefully
Kathleen Meadows on fate and destiny.
Sean Casteel
UFOs and deja vu
When the unexplained happens over and over again.
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2-8-2020 | ON
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2-7-2020 | Michigan
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12-19-2019 | Australia
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10 strange things about our solar system
Posted 3-17-2020 | 0 comments
A look at some of the most mysterious things about our solar system.
Lizzie - Scotland's other loch monster
Posted 3-8-2020 | 0 comments
Amelia Dimoldenberg investigates the Loch Ness Monster's neighbor.
Adam Savage and Spot
Posted 2-14-2020 | 4 comments
Adam Savage tests out Boston Dynamics' impressive Spot robot.
NASA 2020: Are you ready ?
Posted 1-1-2020 | 3 comments
A look at what's coming up in the world of spaceflight this year.
Is it possible to levitate a human ?
Posted 12-15-2019 | 2 comments
Science enthusiast Rick Edwards attempts to unlock the secret of levitation.
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Column Articles
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J.P Robinson
Our mysterious moon
Is the moon an artificial construct created by intelligent beings ?
William B Stoecker
Lessons from the other side
William B Stoecker talks about his own near-death experience.
Kathleen Meadows
Repeating clock numbers
Ever found that every time you look at the clock its 1:11, 2:22, 3:33... ?
William B Stoecker
Panspermia revisited
William B Stoecker on the possibility that life travels between worlds.
Sean Casteel
Witchcraft, UFOs and Rock'n Roll
A look back at David Bowie's encounter with witch Walli Elmlark.
Kathleen Meadows
Kathleen Meadows explores the nature and meaning of nightmares.
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