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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Latest news and articles
The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot films mystery lights over South China Sea

 VIDEO  12-7-2021 | 7

A pilot flying over the Pacific has captured footage of several sets of lights moving in formation through the clouds.


Tyrannosaurus rex gets kitted out with a Christmas sweater

12-7-2021 | 1

An animatronic T. rex at the Natural History Museum in London is rocking a festive new look.


Georgia 'Bigfoot' footage emerges online

12-6-2021 | 13

A short video clip of what has been described as a mystery ape-like creature has recently appeared on Instagram.

Science & Technology

Insanely life-like robot has human-like expressions

 VIDEO  12-6-2021 | 4

British robotics company Engineered Arts has revealed what could be the world's most realistic human-like robot.

Space & Astronomy

Are we any closer to understanding black holes ?

12-5-2021 | 2

Advances in technology have helped astrophysicists learn more about how black holes work.

Modern Mysteries

Has the location of MH370 finally been found ?

12-5-2021 | 3

A British engineer believes that he has pinpointed the precise whereabouts of the missing airliner.

The UFO Phenomenon

Concerns raised over Pentagon's new UFO office

12-2-2021 | 0

Former officials maintain that the new office will compromise efforts to establish full transparency on the subject.

The UFO Phenomenon

'UFO death riddle' cop was hounded by 'government agent'

12-1-2021 | 7

When British policeman Alan Godfrey encountered a UFO 41 years ago, it would change his life forever.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious lights captured on camera over UK motorway

11-25-2021 | 12

A woman who had been traveling with her partner along the M6 recently photographed something unusual in the sky.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon announces new UFO investigation unit

11-24-2021 | 15

The Department of Defense has officially announced its latest effort to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery.


Man ends up in hospital with WW2 anti-tank shell stuck in his rectum

12-4-2021 | 22

The World War II enthusiast required medical assistance for an extremely unfortunate problem indeed.


Panther strikes up unlikely friendship with Rottweiler

 VIDEO  11-28-2021 | 6

An abandoned panther from a traveling zoo has been adopted by a woman and her pet rottweiler in Siberia.


'Dead' man is found alive after night in morgue freezer

11-22-2021 | 10

A man in India who was involved in a motorcycle accident was not quite as dead as doctors had believed.


'Time traveler' warns of an impending alien invasion

11-19-2021 | 28

A man claiming to be from the future has already amassed over one billion views on video sharing site TikTok.


Riegelsville mayor still haunted by Bigfoot encounter

12-3-2021 | 16

Mayor Greg Stokes experienced something while camping in 1984 that would stay with him for the rest of his days.


Kayaker claims to have photographed 'half-man, half-dog' creature

11-22-2021 | 27

The man had been out fishing in Australia when he captured the image.


Investigator claims to have evidence of Cannock Chase Bigfoot

11-19-2021 | 43

Stories of a Bigfoot-like creature in and around the Cannock Chase area have endured for centuries.


Filmmaker reports encounter with bipedal ape-like creature

 VIDEO  11-12-2021 | 12

Seth Breedlove maintains that he witnessed Bigfoot in the countryside while out putting up trail cameras.

Science & Technology

Firm will pay you $280,000 to use your face on a robot

 VIDEO  11-29-2021 | 2

Ever wanted an army of identical robotic counterparts and even get paid for the privilege ? Now you can!

Science & Technology

Science still cannot explain how some people live past 100

11-26-2021 | 9

The reason behind the incredible longevity of centenarians continues to remain something of a mystery.

Science & Technology

Never-before-seen mineral found trapped inside diamond

11-25-2021 | 2

A diamond that originated deep beneath the planet's surface has been found to contain a new type of mineral.

Science & Technology

Vials marked 'smallpox' found in US laboratory

11-18-2021 | 28

The vials were discovered quite by accident by a laboratory worker who had been cleaning out a freezer.

Space & Astronomy

Rover to investigate mystery cube-shaped object on the Moon

12-4-2021 | 13

China's Yutu-2 rover has set its sights on a very strange object spotted far off in the distance.

Space & Astronomy

Newfound 'iron planet' has molten metal surface

12-3-2021 | 2

Astronomers have identified a new extrasolar planet that is thought to be comprised of more than 80% iron.

Space & Astronomy

Metal rain pummels surface of ultra-hot exoplanet

11-23-2021 | 2

Some extrasolar worlds are so large and so hot that they experience weather like nothing seen on Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Wormholes could serve as stable conduits through space after all

11-16-2021 | 6

A new study has played down fears that wormholes would not be stable enough.

Modern Mysteries

Weird Chinese goose lays eggs with black yolks

 VIDEO  11-29-2021 | 27

A bird with a particular penchant for laying eggs with black yolks has recently gone viral on social media.

Modern Mysteries

DB Cooper case still remains unsolved 50 years on

11-26-2021 | 3

Although several clues have emerged over the decades, the identity of the hijacker continues to remain a mystery.

Modern Mysteries

Creepy clown trail camera mystery continues to endure

11-17-2021 | 9

Eerie photographs of a clown captured on a trail camera have remained a topic of debate for years.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds 'man of Etna' found dead in remote cave

11-14-2021 | 4

Police in Italy have discovered the remains of a man who is thought to have died over 50 years ago.


Absurd conspiracy theory claims that the Roman Empire is a hoax

12-2-2021 | 21

A ludicrous new conspiracy theory doing the rounds online is claiming that the Romans never existed.


Release of classified JFK assassination files delayed

10-25-2021 | 17

Sensitive classified documents pertaining to the assassination of John F Kennedy had been due for release.


Weird conspiracy claims the Internet is 'fake'

9-7-2021 | 80

A growing number of people seem to believe that the 'real' Internet went offline several years ago.


Iconic Area 51 black mailbox ranch up for sale

2-16-2021 | 1

A ranch made famous for its black mailbox and proximity to the secretive US base is now available for purchase.


Could Tanzania footprints really be those of a new species of human ?

12-1-2021 | 1

Scientists take a closer look at a set of 3.6 million-year-old footprints discovered in Northern Tanzania.


Mystery dinosaur tracks - did sauropods really walk on two legs ?

11-27-2021 | 8

Strange tracks left by giant sauropod dinosaurs have been leaving experts scratching their heads.


Mammoths still roamed the Earth when Egypt's pyramids were being built

10-30-2021 | 4

A new study has shown that some Ice Age mammals survived much longer than previously thought.


Human-like footprints could be over 6 million years old

10-22-2021 | 2

Tracks left by an ancient human ancestor in what is now Crete could be much older than previously believed.

Ancient Mysteries

Disappearance of advanced Chinese civilization finally solved

11-30-2021 | 9

Scientists have determined what caused the Liangzhu civilization to collapse around 4,300 years ago.

Ancient Mysteries

'Major find' as long lost Egyptian sun temple unearthed

11-14-2021 | 4

Archaeologists believe that they have discovered the location of one of the six Egyptian sun temples.

Ancient Mysteries

Controversy surrounds claim that a second Sphinx has been found

11-5-2021 | 11

The claim, which has been heavily refuted, comes courtesy of a prominent Egyptian tourism official.

Ancient Mysteries

Solar storm helps to date Viking settlement in North America

10-25-2021 | 9

New evidence has helped scientists pinpoint exactly when the Vikings were active on the continent.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Light creature' anomaly shows up in photograph

11-30-2021 | 23

A chance photograph taken by a random attendee at a rave many years ago shows something profoundly unusual.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Bigelow Institute's winning life after death essays published

11-27-2021 | 48

29 essays detailing the best evidence for life after death have been published and are available to read online.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Bigelow Institute unveils $1M life after death essay prize winners

11-8-2021 | 48

Robert Bigelow had launched the contest in an effort to find the best evidence of life after death.

Metaphysics & Psychology

CIA remote viewer now runs a psychic school

8-28-2021 | 7

A former government psychic spy is now heading up remote viewing classes at a school in Cedar City, Utah.