Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Space & Astronomy
Astronauts create first ever food baked in space
1-24-2020 | 3 comments
In a first-of-its-kind experiment, the astronauts aboard the ISS have baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Doomsday Clock is now seconds from midnight
1-24-2020 | 14 comments | Science & Technology
According to the latest movement of the symbolic clock, the state of our world has gone from bad to worse.
Devon police once chased a UFO at 90mph
1-24-2020 | 9 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
One of Britain's strangest UFO cases began when two policemen spotted something very unusual in the sky.
Volcanic eruption turned victims' brains to glass
1-23-2020 | 5 comments | Ancient Mysteries
This dire fate awaited the residents of Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79.
'Bigfoot' shows up on Sherman Pass webcam
 Hot!  1-23-2020 | 52 comments | Cryptozoology
A mysterious figure was recently captured on camera by Washington state's Department of Transportation.
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Modern Mysteries
Strange black smoke ring filmed over Pakistan
1-23-2020 | 20 comments
This giant ring, which was spotted drifting up into the sky, has been the topic of some heated debate this week.
Ohio town sees mystery flashes, vibrations
1-21-2020 | 14 comments | Modern Mysteries
Recently released footage shows the moment the skies over Bethel, Ohio suddenly lit up in multiple colors.
US and UK sign new treaty to protect Titanic
1-21-2020 | 2 comments | Modern Mysteries
Access to the wreck of the world-famous vessel, which sank in 1912, has long remained a point of contention.
Could Hitler have won the Battle of Britain ?
1-11-2020 | 25 comments | Modern Mysteries
Mathematicians have used statistical models to calculate how different WW2 strategies would have played out.
SUV drives over edge of cliff, then disappears
 Hot!  1-7-2020 | 57 comments | Modern Mysteries
Police in California have appealed for information after footage emerged showing a car driving over a cliff.
Space & Astronomy
New facility to produce oxygen from Moon dust
1-22-2020 | 9 comments
A new technique could help make it possible for humans to live on the lunar surface in the not-too-distant future.
SpaceX rocket explodes as part of abort test
1-20-2020 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
The firm deliberately destroyed the rocket as part of its preparations for sending astronauts up to the ISS.
'Strange objects' spotted at the galactic core
1-16-2020 | 4 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists have discovered a new type of object that is so weird that it has been assigned a whole new class.
World's oldest material is older than the Earth
1-15-2020 | 2 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists have identified the oldest material ever to make it onto our planet - and it even predates the Sun.
Wolf moon lunar eclipse will be visible tonight
1-10-2020 | 0 comments | Space & Astronomy
Depending on where you are in the world, a penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible over the next few hours.
Elusive thief lives in grocery store ceiling
1-22-2020 | 4 comments
Cops in Auburn have been struggling to catch a thief who lives in the rafters of the very store he keeps robbing.
Mystery as pigeon spotted wearing a sombrero
1-19-2020 | 13 comments | Bizarre
Last month it was pigeons wearing cowboy hats - now it's pigeons wearing sombreros. But who is responsible ?
Man spends two months in a barrel up a pole
1-19-2020 | 13 comments | Bizarre
52-year-old Vernon Kruger is well on his way to beating his own existing world record for 'pole sitting'.
Man requests sword fight to settle legal dispute
1-18-2020 | 39 comments | Bizarre
A Kansas man has requested a duel with his ex-wife and her lawyer to 'resolve their dispute on the field of battle'.
World's shortest man has passed away aged 27
1-18-2020 | 1 comment | Bizarre
Khagendra Thapa Magar had been recognized as the shortest man in the world who was able to walk.
Ghosts & Hauntings
Video shows 'ghost' watching man sleeping
1-22-2020 | 20 comments
A peculiar video, which shows an eerie figure staring at a man through a window, has recently gone viral online.
Family 'haunted' by creepy talking Elsa doll
1-16-2020 | 25 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
A family in the United States has been left terrified by an Elsa doll that seems to have a mind of its own.
'Ghost' photographed in historic Scottish castle
 Hot!  1-10-2020 | 45 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Drew McAdam had been visiting Edinburgh's Lauriston Castle when he captured a figure in one of the windows.
'La Llorona' captured on film in Colombia ?
1-5-2020 | 20 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
An eerie video clip of the legendary 'wailing ghost' of Latin American folklore has recently appeared online.
Spiritual medium Derek Acorah dies aged 69
1-4-2020 | 5 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Acorah was well known for his many appearances on 'Most Haunted' and other ghost hunting shows in the UK.
'Dancing dragon' fossil is velociraptor relative
1-21-2020 | 0 comments
Palaeontologists have compared the feathers of a 120 million-year-old dinosaur to those of modern birds.
Volcanism ruled out in dino extinction debate
1-18-2020 | 2 comments | Palaeontology
A new study has suggested that it was an asteroid strike, not volcanism, that ultimately wiped out the dinosaurs.
Homo erectus lived alongside modern humans
12-26-2019 | 10 comments | Palaeontology
One of our ancient ancestors held on for so long that it was still around when modern humans arrived on the scene.
Cave painting depicts world's oldest cryptid
12-13-2019 | 16 comments | Palaeontology
A cave painting dating back 44,000 years shows the earliest known depiction of a supernatural creature.
18,000-year-old 'dog' found frozen in Siberia
11-28-2019 | 24 comments | Palaeontology
The incredibly well-preserved remains of a prehistoric canine have been recovered from the permafrost.
Are UFOs piloted by humans from the future ?
 Hot!  1-20-2020
Is it possible that unidentified flying objects are piloted, not by aliens, but by our own future descendants ?
'Alien warehouse' Hangar 18 - does it exist ?
Rumors about a secretive hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have been circulating for decades.
Giant squid may be intelligent, new study finds
For the first time ever, scientists have successfully sequenced the genome of the elusive giant squid.
Could consciousness pervade the universe ?
 Hot!  1-17-2020
The question of exactly what consciousness is has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike for millennia.
'Project Blue Book' stars talk real-life UFOs
During a recent TV interview, Aiden Gillen and Neal McDonough expressed their own thoughts on UFOs.
Russian firm will freeze your brain when you die
Looking for a way to cheat death? This firm will freeze your mortal remains in a vat of liquid nitrogen... for a fee.
Famed Bigfoot bog saved by conservationists
A rare Appalachian Mountain swamp in North Carolina has seen more than it's fair share of Bigfoot sightings.
Great Pyramid's hidden chamber set for re-scan
 Hot!  1-14-2020
Researchers from Japan will be conducting new scans in an effort to confirm the presence of a hidden chamber.
J.P Robinson
Our mysterious moon
Is the moon an artificial construct created by intelligent beings ?
William B Stoecker
Lessons from the other side
William B Stoecker talks about his own near-death experience.
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