Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Space & Astronomy
Liquid water discovered inside a meteorite
5-16-2021 | 1 comment
For the first time, scientists have found liquid water inside a meteorite from the earliest days of the solar system.
Flight crews saw UFOs 'every day for two years'
5-16-2021 | 11 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A former US Navy pilot has explained how commonplace sightings of UFOs off the east coast actually are.
Can humans breathe through their rectum ?
5-15-2021 | 24 comments | Science & Technology
A new study has revealed that pigs and other mammals can absorb oxygen through their rear-ends.
Man has incredible ability to sing backwards
5-15-2021 | 6 comments | Bizarre
John Sevier Austin possesses the unique ability to talk and even sing backwards with absolute precision.
Pink drinks help you run faster, study claims
5-14-2021 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
The findings of a recent study have suggested that runners perform better if they consume pink liquids.
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Modern Mysteries
Mysterious attacks more common than realized
5-14-2021 | 0 comments
Directed energy attacks (or 'Havana Syndrome') are far more widespread than had been previously reported.
Was this note written by a Titanic passenger ?
5-9-2021 | 6 comments | Modern Mysteries
A message-in-a-bottle found washed up on a beach in Canada may have come from the ill-fated vessel.
MH370 pilot 'deliberately masked flight path'
5-8-2021 | 20 comments | Modern Mysteries
The pilot of the doomed airliner may have attempted to leave 'false trails' and hide the plane's true trajectory.
'Directed energy attack' hits White House staff
5-1-2021 | 22 comments | Modern Mysteries
Two cases of what has become known as 'Havana syndrome' are being investigated by federal agencies.
Mystery figure appears on highway at night
4-23-2021 | 27 comments | Modern Mysteries
A motorist recently captured dashcam footage of a child-like figure that appeared in the middle of the road.
Science & Technology
'Living skyscraper' wins architecture prize
5-11-2021 | 7 comments
A design concept for a skyscraper made from genetically modified trees has won this year's eVolo contest.
Hybrid embryos are part human, part monkey
4-16-2021 | 32 comments | Science & Technology
The controversial research, while impressive, has unsurprisingly raised some major ethical concerns.
Monkey plays game of Pong using only its mind
4-10-2021 | 3 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists at Neuralink have made it possible for a monkey to play a computer game just by thinking.
Why can we still recognize someone in a mask ?
5-4-2021 | 5 comments | Science & Technology
Despite a face mask covering up most of a person's face, we are still able to recognize who they are at a glance.
UK joins genomic technology arms race
4-30-2021 | 1 comment | Science & Technology
From bioweapons to super soldiers, genomic technology is changing the way militaries engage in warfare.
The UFO Phenomenon
UFO report could open lid on US spy failings
5-3-2021 | 6 comments
A whistleblower who worked on the AATIP UFO program has warned of what the long-awaited report could reveal.
UFO expert returns to Scotland's UFO capital
4-27-2021 | 0 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Malcom Robinson, who investigated a spate of UFO sightings in the 1990s, is still keen to solve the mystery.
Cosmonaut remains open-minded about UFOs
4-26-2021 | 0 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Oleg Kononenko recently stated during an interview that he believes in the possibility of life on other worlds.
Could this be the Rendlesham Forest UFO ?
4-19-2021 | 18 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A UFO photograph has emerged that was taken near RAF Woodbridge on the night of December 24th, 1980.
Prince Philip was fascinated by UFOs
4-16-2021 | 8 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
The late Duke, who died this month aged 99, had long maintained a keen interest in the UFO phenomenon.
Natural World
Monstrous deep-sea fish washes up on beach
5-12-2021 | 7 comments
A black fish with razor-sharp teeth was photographed after washing up on a beach in California last week.
Giant fish is among largest ever caught in US
5-7-2021 | 2 comments | Natural World
A group out fishing in the Detroit River recently managed to reel in a staggeringly large lake sturgeon.
Humans could one day evolve venom glands
4-1-2021 | 16 comments | Natural World
Scientists believe that our salivary glands have the potential to evolve the ability to produce deadly venom.
Only 3% of Earth's land ecosystems are intact
4-15-2021 | 7 comments | Natural World
Mankind's relentless and destructive influence has damaged just about every ecosystem on Earth.
Has an Amazon 'river monster' invaded Florida?
3-28-2021 | 5 comments | Natural World
The remains of a giant predatory fish from the Amazon basin were recently found washed up in Jaycee Park.
Australian woman wakes up with Irish accent
5-12-2021 | 12 comments
A woman from Australia who underwent tonsil surgery woke up to find that her accent had completely changed.
Gangsters launch 'cockroach attack' on eatery
5-6-2021 | 7 comments | Bizarre
An unusual, yet effective form of intimidation was witnessed at a restaurant in Taiwan earlier this week.
Weird device lets you take your fish for a walk
5-3-2021 | 13 comments | Bizarre
A Japanese firm is developing a portable container that enables you to take your pet fish for a walk... yes, really.
Mutant lamb learns how to walk on two legs
5-2-2021 | 7 comments | Bizarre
A young sheep at a farm in China has overcome the odds to gain its mobility using only its two front legs.
Man names his son 'Communication Office'
4-29-2021 | 6 comments | Bizarre
A man in Indonesia has made the rather unusual decision to name his newborn son after his workplace.
Osiris-Rex heads for home with Bennu samples
NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft is now on its way back to Earth with samples collected from the asteroid Bennu.
Oregon hiker films alleged 'Bigfoot' in woods
Outdoor adventurer Mike Bodewitz has captured what he believes to be evidence of a real-life Bigfoot.
Woman claims to have been abducted 50 times
 Hot!  5-9-2021
Paula Smith maintains that she has had several dozen close encounters with extraterrestrial visitors.
Humans were apex predators for 2 million years
A new study has indicated that Homo sapiens dined almost exclusively on meat for over two million years.
Ghost-like anomaly captured on pub CCTV
The intriguing anomaly, which looks like a figure with two green orbs, was filmed at the Twa Dogs Inn, England.
5,000-year-old fingerprint found on Orkney
Archaeologists have unearthed a pottery shard that still bears the fingerprint of the person who made it.
4-year-old recalls 'past life' 9/11 experience
 Hot!  3-13-2021
A mother on TikTok has shared the remarkable recollections of her young daughter's alleged past life.
Virgin Mary chalk drawing reappears 13 yrs on
 Hot!  10-14-2020
A chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary has mysteriously reappeared 13 years after it had faded away.
Kathleen Meadows
Receiving messages following trauma
Exploring the impact of traumatic events.
Kathleen Meadows
October oracle's role in uncertain times
Kathleen Meadows offers her insight for October.
Stories & Experiences
Mystery 'troll' captured on camera
4-24-2021 | Marsta, Sweden
My Grandfather's NDE
4-24-2021 | Oakland, California
The voice of something not human
11-17-2020 | Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles
Shadow figure demon ?
11-14-2020 | USA
Ghost following me
9-18-2020 | Iowa
Mysterious glowing cube
8-23-2020 | Alabama
Black blob in my room/bed
7-23-2020 | Powell,TN U.S.
Transparent levitating ball
7-14-2020 | Santa Rosa, California

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NASA studies underwater 'white smoker' vents
Posted 4-17-2020 | 3 comments
Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor can teach us about possible habitats on other worlds.
10 strange things about our solar system
Posted 3-17-2020 | 0 comments
A look at some of the most mysterious things about our solar system.
Lizzie - Scotland's other loch monster
Posted 3-8-2020 | 0 comments
Amelia Dimoldenberg investigates the Loch Ness Monster's neighbor.
Adam Savage and Spot
Posted 2-14-2020 | 5 comments
Adam Savage tests out Boston Dynamics' impressive Spot robot.
NASA 2020: Are you ready ?
Posted 1-1-2020 | 3 comments
A look at what's coming up in the world of spaceflight this year.
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Why did I choose the Tarot?
Kathleen Meadows recalls her earliest experiences with Tarot cards.
Jacob Bradley
Caesar's torch
Omen, weather phenomenon, or something else ?
Kathleen Meadows
Spring is here and we have nowhere to go
Kathleen Meadows on the coronavirus situation.
Kathleen Meadows
Fate: A lesson in how to lose control, gracefully
Kathleen Meadows on fate and destiny.
Sean Casteel
UFOs and deja vu
When the unexplained happens over and over again.
J.P Robinson
Our mysterious moon
Is the moon an artificial construct created by intelligent beings ?
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