Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Modern Mysteries
HMS Endeavour may have been found in the US
9-19-2018 | 0 comments
The final resting place of one of the world's most famous ships has reportedly been found after 240 years.
Group offers $11,700 for proof of superpowers
9-18-2018 | 31 comments | Metaphysics & Psychology
The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para-Sciences is looking for proof that psychic abilities exist.
UK tsunami risk is much higher than thought
9-18-2018 | 4 comments | Science & Technology
New research has revealed that the last tsunami to hit the UK was a lot more recent than anyone had realized.
SpaceX unveils identity of first Moon tourist
9-18-2018 | 13 comments | Space & Astronomy
The private space firm has revealed who will be flying around the Moon aboard its upcoming BFR rocket.
Psychic is investigating 'haunted' motorway
 Hot!  9-17-2018 | 39 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
One stretch of the M6 motorway in England has gained something of a haunted reputation in recent years.
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The UFO Phenomenon
Man admits to causing New Jersey UFO scare
9-17-2018 | 10 comments
A man has come forward on Reddit to explain how his science experiment ended up causing mass panic.
Triangular UFO sighted by Melbourne family
9-8-2018 | 16 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Three red lights in a triangular formation were spotted over a home in North Caulfield earlier this month.
'Flare training' causes San Diego UFO scare
8-31-2018 | 20 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Hundreds of people took to social media to report a set of strange lights hovering over the city on Wednesday.
Man built 'UFO landing pad' in Argentina
8-28-2018 | 33 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Werner Jaisli constructed the 'ovniport' after claiming to have received a 'telepathic message' from aliens.
UFO reports have been in decline since 2014
 Hot!  8-20-2018 | 142 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
The number of people reporting sightings of UFOs has been in sharp decline and nobody is quite sure why.
Sunspot Observatory is set to reopen today
 Hot!  9-17-2018 | 85 comments
The facility, which was mysteriously closed by the FBI this month, is set to resume normal operations.
Observatory provides update on FBI closure
 Hot!  9-14-2018 | 85 comments | Conspiracy
The National Solar Observatory has posted an update on its Facebook page regarding the unusual situation.
FBI mysteriously evacuates space observatory
 Hot!  9-13-2018 | 85 comments | Conspiracy
The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico has been shut down by the FBI under mysterious circumstances.
Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?
 Hot!  8-24-2018 | 48 comments | Conspiracy
Scientists have discovered that there is a psychological link between conspiracy theorists and creationists.
Mind control documents released by accident
4-22-2018 | 34 comments | Conspiracy
A file recently released by the US government contains information about 'psycho-electric weapons'.
Modern Mysteries
Mystery of Australia's first submarine solved
9-16-2018 | 1 comment
Researchers have finally determined what caused the destruction of the HMAS AE1 back in 1914.
Russia suspected in Cuba 'sonic attacks'
9-11-2018 | 18 comments | Modern Mysteries
According to reports, several US officials have cited Russia as being the main suspect in the investigation.
'Shoe island' baffles police in Massachusetts
9-8-2018 | 12 comments | Modern Mysteries
Old shoes have been mysteriously appearing on a traffic island at a road intersection in the town of Granby.
Man claims discovery of MH370 in Cambodia
 Hot!  9-5-2018 | 58 comments | Modern Mysteries
A British man claims that he has discovered the missing airliner in the jungles of Cambodia using Google Earth.
'Microwave weapons' suspected in Cuba attacks
9-3-2018 | 12 comments | Modern Mysteries
Scientists now believe that microwave weapons were used in the recent attacks on US diplomats in Havana.
Ancient Mysteries
World's oldest brewery discovered in Israel
9-16-2018 | 3 comments
Traces of beer dating back more than 13,000 years have been found in a cave near the Israeli city of Haifa.
800 tombs unearthed in Egyptian necropolis
9-15-2018 | 2 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists have discovered more than 800 tombs in an ancient necropolis outside of the village of Lisht.
Huge pot of gold found under Italian theater
9-12-2018 | 6 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed a broken soapstone amphora containing hundreds of gold coins.
Traces of cheese found in 7,200-year-old pots
9-6-2018 | 3 comments | Ancient Mysteries
The discovery of ancient cheese sieves has pushed back the origins of cheese making in the Mediterranean.
Oldest known Mayan book is declared authentic
9-1-2018 | 9 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A Mayan pictographic text dating back over 900 years has finally been confirmed as authentic by researchers.
Science & Technology
BMW has invented a self-riding motorcycle
9-16-2018 | 12 comments
The automotive giant has unveiled its latest creation - a motorcycle that can operate entirely on its own.
Scientists solve mummified penguins mystery
9-12-2018 | 5 comments | Science & Technology
Hundreds of mummified penguins dating back up to 750 years were found in Antarctica's Long Peninsula in 2016.
DARPA develops telepathic drone control
9-10-2018 | 7 comments | Science & Technology
Military scientists have created a brain interface that can enable a person to control drones with their mind.
Young blood could keep older people healthy
9-9-2018 | 24 comments | Science & Technology
There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that young blood can help to treat age-related diseases.
Wind turbines could transform the Sahara
9-7-2018 | 30 comments | Science & Technology
In addition to generating huge amounts of energy, wind and solar power could turn the Sahara desert green.
Antarctic village requires appendix removal
If you ever want to live in Villas Las Estrellas, it is compulsory to have your appendix removed.
'Private passenger' signs up for Moon trip
SpaceX has announced that a mystery individual has signed up to fly around the Moon on its upcoming rocket.
What wiped out the world's largest bird ?
The elephant bird, along with some of Madagascar's other megafauna, went extinct around 1,000 years ago.
SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy
Astronomers discovered the signals after analyzing 400 terabytes of radio data using an artificial intelligence.
New fish species found in the Atacama Trench
Scientists exploring one of the deepest parts of the ocean have discovered three new species of snailfish.
Musk: 'We are probably living in a simulation'
 Hot!  9-10-2018
The SpaceX CEO continues to maintain that the world we see is nothing more than a computer simulation.
Man charged with firing his gun at a 'ghost'
 Hot!  9-9-2018
Christain Devaux reportedly pulled out his gun and fired two rounds after encountering a ghostly intruder.
Mystery rogue kangaroo on the loose in Austria
Authorities in northern Austria have been investigating multiple sightings of a rogue kangaroo this week.
Melissa B. Newman
Halloween - A Scary Season Rooted In Reality
Melissa Newman takes a closer look at Halloween.
Sean Casteel
Nikola Tesla - The Unknown 'Healer'
Did Tesla's work inspire a new method of healing ?
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