Saturday, August 8, 2020
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'Knife-wielding baboons' seen at safari park
8-7-2020 | 20 comments
Baboons at Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside have reportedly taken to wielding knives and sharp tools.
What will happen at the end of the universe ?
8-7-2020 | 29 comments | Space & Astronomy
The Big Bang may have brought the universe into existence, but will a similar event bring about its demise?
Ingested beetle escapes out of frog's posterior
8-6-2020 | 3 comments | Natural World
A bizarre experiment has demonstrated how one aquatic beetle can survive being swallowed up by a frog.
Neuralink chip to offer 'superhuman hearing'
8-6-2020 | 3 comments | Science & Technology
Elon Musk's potentially revolutionary brain-computer interface chip is nothing if not ambitious.
Donald Trump hints at UFO 'total transparency'
 Hot!  8-5-2020 | 39 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
The US President was quizzed again about the subject of UFOs during a recent interview on Fox Business.
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First evidence of cancer found in dinosaur bone
8-5-2020 | 1 comment
Palaeontologists have revealed for the first time that even the dinosaurs suffered from cancer.
Tiny dinosaur was the size of a coffee cup
7-8-2020 | 19 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have discovered a pint-sized dinosaur that was so small you could literally hold it in your hand.
Fossil of gigantic predatory fish unearthed
7-7-2020 | 3 comments | Palaeontology
Palaeontologists have discovered the fossil remains of a 70 million-year-old carnivorous fish in Patagonia.
Huge crocodiles once ran around on two legs
6-14-2020 | 10 comments | Palaeontology
Palaeontologists have discovered a prehistoric species of crocodile that walked on two legs instead of four.
Armored dinosaur fossil reveals its last meal
6-4-2020 | 3 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have analyzed the stomach contents of the well-preserved remains of an armor-plated dinosaur.
Science & Technology
Revealed: the CIA's nuclear-powered bird drone
8-4-2020 | 1 comment
Newly declassified CIA documents have revealed details of a secretive Cold War spy drone that looked like a bird.
MIT develops a dream manipulation machine
8-1-2020 | 7 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built a device that can influence your dreams.
Dinosaur-era microbes brought back to life
7-31-2020 | 10 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists have successfully revived microbes found in sediment samples that are over 100 million years old.
World's largest fusion project begins assembly
7-29-2020 | 36 comments | Science & Technology
The ambitious $23.5 billion endeavour aims to harness nuclear fusion as a source of limitless clean energy.
Civilization on track for 'irreversible collapse'
7-29-2020 | 31 comments | Science & Technology
Two theoretical physicists believe that there is a 90% chance that civilization will collapse within 40 years.
Ancient Mysteries
'Aliens built the pyramids', Tweets Elon Musk
 Hot!  8-4-2020 | 96 comments
The SpaceX CEO sparked controversy and debate recently after posting up a rather unusual Tweet.
Ancient figurine looks like 'Angry Birds' pig
7-30-2020 | 5 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A 3,000-year-old clay figurine found in China bears more than a passing resemblance to the pigs from Angry Birds.
CT scans reveal mummies that aren't human
7-20-2020 | 8 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Two Egyptian sarcophagi dating back 3,000 years have been found to contain something rather unexpected.
Ancient village was destroyed by a comet
6-22-2020 | 10 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A new study has indicated that a Syrian village was destroyed by debris from a comet 13,000 years ago.
Huge Neolithic circle found near Stonehenge
6-22-2020 | 0 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Forming a circle 1.2 miles in diameter, the Durrington Shafts site is just 1.9 miles from Stonehenge.
Rhode Island checks signed by Mickey Mouse
8-3-2020 | 4 comments
Dozens of residents received tax refund checks signed by the fictional anthropomorphic mouse and his creator.
The woman who believed she was a chicken
7-31-2020 | 10 comments | Bizarre
Psychiatrists have made progress in explaining a rare disorder that makes a person believe they are an animal.
Police: 'Apex predator' was actually stuffed toy
7-25-2020 | 3 comments | Bizarre
Police in Sussex recently attended the scene of a 'big cat' sighting only to find something a lot more innocuous.
Cops capture a kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale
7-18-2020 | 6 comments | Bizarre
Police officers in Florida recently encountered a feisty marsupial that was very far from home.
Group claims 'alien base' is protecting Mexico
7-18-2020 | 1 comment | Bizarre
A group in the country's north-east believes that aliens are helping to protect local cities from hurricanes.
Space & Astronomy
Crew Dragon successfully returns to Earth
8-3-2020 | 25 comments
NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley have safely returned home after two months in space.
Some stars could host seven habitable planets
8-2-2020 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
Other stars may be able to host more than our own solar system's solitary habitable world, a new study suggests.
NASA's new Mars rover successfully launches
7-30-2020 | 2 comments | Space & Astronomy
The ambitious new rover, which will look for signs of life on Mars, is now on its way to the Red Planet.
Russia conducts anti-satellite weapons test
7-24-2020 | 7 comments | Space & Astronomy
Both the US and UK have expressed concern about an apparent test launch of a Russian space-based weapon.
Evidence of active volcanism found on Venus
7-21-2020 | 1 comment | Space & Astronomy
Far from being a dormant world, the surface of Venus seems to show evidence of recent volcanic activity.
Mystery seeds start turning up worldwide
 Hot!  8-2-2020
Packets of unidentified seeds have been turning up, not just in the US, but also in Europe, Canada and the UK.
Near-death experiencers recount their stories
 Hot!  8-1-2020
Several people have recently come forward with details of their own harrowing near-death experiences.
Potato-throwing poltergeist reported in India
A series of strange object throwing incidents have been plaguing a residential abode in Umtrew, Ri Bhoi district.
Woman 'chased by Bigfoot' in New York park
A local news station has reported on one woman's disturbing encounter with a mysterious ape creature.
Senator sparks criticism with ET religion Tweet
 Hot!  7-25-2020
Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland angered many by suggesting that aliens would need to be Christian.
Pentagon has materials from 'off-world vehicles'
 Hot!  7-24-2020
A new bombshell report claims that the US government is in possession of exotic materials 'not of this Earth'.
Viral image shows fish with human-like teeth
A photograph of a very strange looking fish with lips and teeth like those of a human has gone viral online.
'Image of Jesus' discovered in cut tree branch
Workers in Brazil couldn't believe their eyes when they discovered a familiar figure inside a piece of wood.
Kathleen Meadows
Why did I choose the Tarot?
Kathleen Meadows recalls her earliest experiences with Tarot cards.
Jacob Bradley
Caesar's torch
Omen, weather phenomenon, or something else ?
Stories & Experiences
Black blob in my room/bed
7-23-2020 | Powell,TN U.S.
Transparent levitating ball
7-14-2020 | Santa Rosa, California
Grim reaper-like visitation
6-16-2020 | Canada
My monster catfish story
6-15-2020 | Dallas texas
Orb of light in room
5-9-2020 | USA/Texas/Waco
Not sleeping alone
5-9-2020 | Los Angeles
Glowing red eyes
5-9-2020 | Fields, Louisiana
Two creature sightings
5-1-2020 | Augusta and Louisana

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10 strange things about our solar system
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Lizzie - Scotland's other loch monster
Posted 3-8-2020 | 0 comments
Amelia Dimoldenberg investigates the Loch Ness Monster's neighbor.
Adam Savage and Spot
Posted 2-14-2020 | 4 comments
Adam Savage tests out Boston Dynamics' impressive Spot robot.
NASA 2020: Are you ready ?
Posted 1-1-2020 | 3 comments
A look at what's coming up in the world of spaceflight this year.
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Our mysterious moon
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William B Stoecker
Lessons from the other side
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Kathleen Meadows
Repeating clock numbers
Ever found that every time you look at the clock its 1:11, 2:22, 3:33... ?
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