Monday, June 18, 2018
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Space & Astronomy
A trip to the ISS will cost you $55 million
6-17-2018 | 2 comments
Space tourism firm Axiom Space is offering people the opportunity to spend ten days aboard the space station.
Antarctica ice melt rate triples in five years
6-17-2018 | 2 comments | Science & Technology
New research has revealed that Antarctica is melting three times faster than previously thought.
Mystery sludge falls from sky over Canada
6-17-2018 | 11 comments | Modern Mysteries
Several residents in the city of Kelowna have reported having their cars hit by a mysterious substance.
Work begins on Large Hadron Collider upgrade
6-16-2018 | 2 comments | Science & Technology
The upgrade will significantly boost the facility's potential to make groundbreaking new physics discoveries.
Gust of wind sends portable toilets flying
6-16-2018 | 13 comments | Bizarre
Bystanders ran for cover as a freak gust sent two toilets flying through the air at a park in Colorado this week.
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Science & Technology
AI is able to identify people through walls
6-15-2018 | 5 comments
Scientists have used radio signals as well as an artificial intelligence to track individuals through solid walls.
MIT develops world's first 'psychopathic' AI
6-13-2018 | 30 comments | Science & Technology
The disturbing experiment has been designed to highlight the potential dangers of intelligent machines.
China's 'Dark Sword' stealth drone revealed
6-6-2018 | 35 comments | Science & Technology
A recently released photograph appears to confirm the existence of a secretive Chinese drone project.
US Army develops 'Third Arm' exoskeleton
6-3-2018 | 10 comments | Science & Technology
The unique device acts as a third limb, enabling soldiers to aim and fire heavier weapons during combat.
Glasses wearers are smarter, new study claims
5-31-2018 | 23 comments | Science & Technology
Researchers have determined that intelligent people are 30 percent more likely to have eyesight problems.
Space & Astronomy
Ceres turns out to be rich in organic matter
6-15-2018 | 10 comments
Scientists have revealed that the building blocks of life are far more common on Ceres than previously believed.
Stephen Hawking's words to be sent into space
6-14-2018 | 8 comments | Space & Astronomy
The words of the much missed astrophysicist will be beamed towards the nearest black hole on Friday.
Woman sues NASA over vial of Moon dust
6-12-2018 | 0 comments | Space & Astronomy
A woman in Tennessee is claiming ownership of a vial of Moon dust given to her family by Neil Armstrong himself.
Mystery glow is due to spinning nanodiamonds
6-11-2018 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
A long-running mystery concerning an unexplained glow in parts of the night sky has finally been solved.
Mars rover Opportunity engulfed by dust storm
 Hot!  6-11-2018 | 51 comments | Space & Astronomy
The long-lived rover has halted its science work while it waits out a massive dust storm on Mars.
Earliest known frogs found trapped in amber
6-14-2018 | 1 comment
Scientists have discovered the oldest known frog specimens within pieces of fossilized tree sap.
World's oldest animal footprints discovered
6-7-2018 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have found the fossil footprints of a creature that walked the Earth 541 million years ago.
Dinosaur asteroid wiped out most bird species
5-26-2018 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
According to a new study, only a few select bird species survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs.
New fossil find prompts Pangaea split rethink
5-24-2018 | 6 comments | Palaeontology
A new fossil discovery has revealed that the early supercontinent split more slowly than previously believed.
Dinosaur tracks 'thrown into lake' in Utah
5-14-2018 | 11 comments | Palaeontology
Visitors to a US state park in Utah have been inadvertently destroying fossil dinosaur footprints.
Raccoon climbs up skyscraper in Minnesota
6-14-2018 | 12 comments
The fearless mammal managed to climb up the vertical outer wall of the 25-storey UBS Tower in St Paul.
Man begins epic attempt to swim the Pacific
6-6-2018 | 14 comments | Bizarre
French long distance swimmer Ben Lecomte has set off in a bid to become the first person ever to swim the Pacific.
Excrement rains from the sky over Canada
6-5-2018 | 23 comments | Bizarre
Motorists in British Columbia were less than impressed when sewage started to rain down on their cars last month.
Woman to become world's oldest mother at 70
5-25-2018 | 28 comments | Bizarre
A mother-of-seven in Mexico has claimed that she is six months pregnant with her eighth child at the age of 70.
Florida city sends out zombie alert message
5-23-2018 | 25 comments | Bizarre
Lake Worth residents were shocked to receive an alert warning them about zombies earlier this week.
Bizarre 'bird fish' caught in Chinese river
6-13-2018 | 22 comments
A fish with a head resembling that of a bird has been caught in a river in China's Guizhou Province.
New Loch Ness Monster footage surfaces
 Hot!  6-1-2018 | 52 comments | Cryptozoology
Eoin O'Faodhagain from Donegal captured the video from a webcam that overlooks the famous Scottish loch.
Loch Ness DNA tests to aid in hunt for Nessie
5-23-2018 | 23 comments | Cryptozoology
Scientists are aiming to learn exactly what types of creatures are living in Scotland's enigmatic loch.
Couple report 'Bigfoot' sighting in New Jersey
5-16-2018 | 37 comments | Cryptozoology
The report is one of several dozen to have arisen in the northeastern US state over the last few decades.
Man reports 'Bigfoot' sighting in England
5-12-2018 | 24 comments | Cryptozoology
A train passenger traveling from Exeter to Bristol claimed to have seen a 'Bigfoot-like creature' in a nearby field.
Mystery object spotted over Whidbey Island
 Hot!  6-12-2018
A weather camera picked up this peculiar anomaly on Sunday night and nobody can agree on what it is.
Mystery as Africa's oldest trees suddenly die
Several of the trees, which date back thousands of years, have abruptly died off within the last decade.
$42,000 found stuffed in priest's confessional
The huge sum of money had been left by an anonymous benefactor in the confessional of a church in Rome.
What would an alien language sound like ?
If we ever do make contact with intelligent aliens, would we have any chance of understanding them ?
Fire erupts at Shetland's most haunted house
Police are investigating a mysterious fire at what is thought to be one of Scotland's most haunted buildings.
'Made in China' label solves shipwreck mystery
The origins of a mysterious 800-year-old shipwreck have been determined thanks to a rather helpful label.
Mind control documents released by accident
A file recently released by the US government contains information about 'psycho-electric weapons'.
Did a mystic predict Putin's rise to power ?
During a meeting in 1979, blind mystic Baba Vanga allegedly predicted that Putin would 'rule the world'.
Robert Torres
Thom Reed UFO Monument Park
The story of Thom Reed and his encounter with a UFO in 1969.
Kathleen Meadows
Do you feel cursed?
Kathleen Meadows on how to help someone who believes that they have been cursed.
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6-13-2018 | Mt Maunganui New Zealand
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3-8-2018 | Bellflower, LA
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3-5-2018 | Near Sultan, Washington
Ghost, or something else ?
3-5-2018 | Ohio, USA

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Featured Videos
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Throwing water at -52 below zero
Posted 6-10-2018 | 1 comment
What happens when you throw hot water in to the air in extreme freezing temperatures ?
Man was bitten by snakes 200 times
Posted 6-6-2018 | 0 comments
Despite being bitten so many times, 'snakeman' Bill Haast lived to be over 100 years old.
Catching an octopus
Posted 6-4-2018 | 0 comments
Coyote Peterson goes in search of an octopus in the tidal pools of South Africa.
The mystery of Tic-Tac bouncing
Posted 5-29-2018 | 0 comments
How is it that Tic-Tacs can bounce higher on the second bounce than on the first ?
The Galton Board
Posted 5-25-2018 | 0 comments
How do the balls in a Galton Board end up forming a seemingly pre-determined pattern?
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Column Articles
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Sean Casteel
Weird winged wonders
Sean Casteel takes a look at cases of strange flying creatures.
Kathleen Meadows
February, the month of the Hierophant
Kathleen Meadows talks about love, Valentine's Day and the Hierophant.
Edward Crabtree
Out of our minds: are UFOs thought-forms?
Are UFOs physical or psychological in nature ?
Sean Casteel
Project Magnet 'exposed'
A look at the life and work of Canadian radio engineer Wilbert Smith.
Joe Posner
Close encounters today: a global UFO update
A look at the current state of the UFO phenomenon.
Rob MacGregor
Journey to the Akashic Records
A detailed look at the out-of-body experiences of Wesley Meeks.
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