Saturday, August 24, 2019
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  Latest news
City offers $1.1M for proof that it doesn't exist
8-23-2019 | 16 comments
A group in Bielefeld, Germany is offering a hefty cash prize to anyone who can prove that the city doesn't exist.
Russia's gun-toting robot flies to the ISS
8-23-2019 | 11 comments | Space & Astronomy
The humanoid contraption was the only passenger aboard a Soyuz capsule that launched on Wednesday.
Alien life forms could glow, say scientists
8-23-2019 | 1 comment | Extraterrestrial
It may be possible to detect signs of extraterrestrial life on a distant world by picking up its biofluorescence.
Woman reels in weird fish with two mouths
8-22-2019 | 12 comments | Natural World
Debbie Geddes had been fishing in Lake Champlain with her husband when she caught this peculiar specimen.
UFO caught on camera over Jackson, Wyoming
8-22-2019 | 31 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A strange object was picked up on a webcam at Spring Creek Ranch in the early hours of August 11th.
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Science & Technology
First Titanic footage in 14 years released
8-22-2019 | 1 comment
The first new expedition to the Titanic in over a decade has revealed the deterioration of the iconic vessel.
Scientists have discovered a new organ in skin
8-16-2019 | 6 comments | Science & Technology
It turns out that our skin may be home to an entirely new organ and it is all to do with how we process pain.
Mystery surrounds Russia's new nuclear missile
8-14-2019 | 33 comments | Science & Technology
A top-secret nuclear powered missile named 'Skyfall' is thought to have caused a recent fatal explosion.
Wearable 'tail' can help improve your balance
8-6-2019 | 12 comments | Science & Technology
This remarkable wearable robotic tail has been developed by researchers at Keio University in Japan.
Pentagon is testing mass surveillance balloons
8-4-2019 | 8 comments | Science & Technology
According to FCC documents, the US military has been experimenting with a new type of mass surveillance.
New Stegosaurus species found in Morocco
8-21-2019 | 0 comments
Not only is the fossil a new species but it is also the earliest known Stegosaurus specimen ever discovered.
Giant extinct penguin was the size of a human
8-15-2019 | 4 comments | Palaeontology
Palaeontologists have identified the fossil remains of an enormous species of penguin that lived in New Zealand.
Earliest evidence of human mountaineers found
8-10-2019 | 0 comments | Palaeontology
Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of Ice Age human habitation in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia.
Giant parrot fossil unearthed in New Zealand
8-7-2019 | 7 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have identified an extinct species of giant parrot that weighed 15lbs and stood up to 3ft in height.
Oldest human skull found outside Africa
7-11-2019 | 5 comments | Palaeontology
Scientists have identified the earliest known evidence of modern humans outside of the African continent.
Scientists to reveal 'plausible' Nessie theory
8-21-2019 | 16 comments
A biological study of Loch Ness has produced a credible explanation for the Loch Ness Monster phenomenon.
Footage of last known thylacine is colorized
8-9-2019 | 31 comments | Cryptozoology
A fascinating video has emerged showing colorized footage of the last known Tasmanian tiger.
Sonar picks up 25ft 'creature' in Loch Ness
 Hot!  8-6-2019 | 93 comments | Cryptozoology
A boat skipper has captured a sonar image of something large lurking in the depths of the world-famous loch.
Man opens fire on 'Bigfoot' in national park
 Hot!  8-2-2019 | 42 comments | Cryptozoology
A camper is being investigated for opening fire in a US national park after an alleged encounter with Bigfoot.
'Mystery creature' plagues Pakistani market
7-30-2019 | 35 comments | Cryptozoology
At least two watchmen have reported seeing a large black creature with glowing eyes in Karachi, Pakistan.
Ancient Mysteries
Mystery surrounds Himalayan 'skeleton lake'
8-21-2019 | 7 comments
A shallow lake situated high up in the mountains of India is filled with skeletal remains dating back centuries.
Infant remains found in Laos' 'Plain of Jars'
8-13-2019 | 1 comment | Ancient Mysteries
A recent excavation of an area containing 400 jars has revealed an unexpectedly high rate of child mortality.
Ancient temple found in 'Egyptian Atlantis'
8-5-2019 | 10 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists have made multiple discoveries within the submerged ruins of the Egyptian city of Heracleion.
Mystery 500-year-old wreck found in the Baltic
7-24-2019 | 4 comments | Ancient Mysteries
The incredibly well-preserved wreck of a Renaissance vessel has been discovered on the ocean floor.
Egypt opens unusual 'bent' pyramid to visitors
7-14-2019 | 4 comments | Ancient Mysteries
The 4,600-year-old structure is thought to mark the transition between smooth and step-sided pyramids.
Modern Mysteries
Woman is visited by Pennywise the Clown
8-20-2019 | 12 comments
A blood-soaked effigy of the titular character from the movie 'It' is the last thing you want to find in your yard.
Shopper discovers a dead body in her truck
8-20-2019 | 15 comments | Modern Mysteries
A woman who had been shopping in New York recently returned to her truck to find a dead body in the back.
Identity of 19th-Century 'vampire' revealed
8-3-2019 | 6 comments | Modern Mysteries
Scientists have determined the name of a 'vampire' whose coffin was unearthed almost 30 years ago.
Aleister Crowley's house burns down again
8-1-2019 | 12 comments | Modern Mysteries
The fire-ravaged Loch Ness home of the infamous occultist has been further damaged by another fire.
Mystery as surgical plate found inside crocodile
7-31-2019 | 9 comments | Modern Mysteries
An orthopaedic plate has been found in the stomach of a 4.7-meter-long crocodile that died in Queensland.
Europa Clipper mission gets the go-ahead
An ambitious endeavour to unlock the mysteries of Jupiter's moon Europa is finally moving ahead.
Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?
 Hot!  8-19-2019
Some patients who 'died' for a short period have reported things that they couldn't possibly have known about.
Too much karaoke gives man a collapsed lung
A man in China recently ended up in hospital after an evening of belting out songs caused his lung to collapse.
What did people think about aliens in the '60s ?
Amusing archive footage has highlighted how attitudes on the topic of alien life have changed over the years.
'Ghost' appears in Welsh councillor's photo
When Jason Wayne Parry had his picture taken recently, he had failed to notice what was lurking behind him.
'Storm Area 51' has now become 'Alienstock'
A plan to send thousands of people through the gates of Area 51 seems to have turned into a music festival.
World's largest frog builds its own ponds
The goliath frog is so ridiculously enormous that it is capable of building small ponds by moving rocks.
This real-life 'flying saucer' actually works
Engineers in Romania have invented a genuine disc-shaped flying machine that can move in any direction.
Chad Glapion
UFO perspectives
From the world's top experts (from Maccabee to Friedman).
William B Stoecker
The planets that never were
William B Stoecker looks at the habitability of our solar system.
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Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot
Posted 8-8-2019 | 5 comments
The late Carl Sagan delivers this moving monologue about our place in the universe.
How do you move a 13-ton Sphinx ?
Posted 7-3-2019 | 2 comments
A look at how the Sphinx of Ramses II was moved at Philadelphia's Penn Museum.
'Deleting' disease using CRISPR
Posted 6-15-2019 | 5 comments
A look at science's goal of eliminating genetic diseases using gene-editing techniques.
What happens when lava meets ice ?
Posted 5-18-2019 | 2 comments
This intriguing experiment reveals just what happens when you pour lava on to ice.
7 ghost stories from the Queen Mary
Posted 5-10-2019 | 2 comments
A look at some creepy tales of ghosts and hauntings from the retired ocean liner.
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