Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Canadian sets record for lowest female note
4-21-2021 | 1 comment
Singer/songwriter Joy Chapman recently set a new world record for the lowest musical note sung by a woman.
Telescope could find alien life 'within 5 years'
4-20-2021 | 4 comments | Extraterrestrial
The upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will be able to detect the signatures of life on other worlds.
How many Tyrannosaurus rex walked the Earth?
4-20-2021 | 0 comments | Palaeontology
It's arguably the world's most famous dinosaur, but just how many of these notorious carnivores were there ?
Mars helicopter makes historic first flight
4-19-2021 | 2 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA has made history today by achieving the first ever powered, controlled flight on another world.
Could this be the Rendlesham Forest UFO ?
4-19-2021 | 17 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A UFO photograph has emerged that was taken near RAF Woodbridge on the night of December 24th, 1980.
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Space & Astronomy
What happens if you die during a trip to Mars ?
4-18-2021 | 11 comments
It hasn't happened yet, but it is inevitable that one day, someone will die during a mission in deep space.
SpaceX awarded $2.9bn to build lunar lander
4-17-2021 | 6 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA has chosen SpaceX to build the landing vehicle that will carry the next humans onto the lunar surface.
60yrs on - Yuri Gagarin: the first man in space
4-14-2021 | 3 comments | Space & Astronomy
On April 12th, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human ever to venture into outer space.
Eerie rumbles are coming from Mars' interior
4-2-2021 | 7 comments | Space & Astronomy
NASA's Insight lander has recently picked up the telltale signs of seismic activity on the Red Planet.
Virgin Galactic reveals its latest space plane
3-30-2021 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
Sir Richard Branson's fledgling space tourism firm has revealed the latest member of its burgeoning fleet.
Woman is planning to marry a chandelier
4-18-2021 | 10 comments
Amanda Liberty, who previously had a relationship with a drum kit, now intends to marry a chandelier.
Police disarm 'UFO detector' in New Jersey
4-14-2021 | 22 comments | Bizarre
A 'suspicious' device allegedly used to track UFOs was reported to the police in New Jersey State Park recently.
'World's largest rabbit' stolen from garden
4-13-2021 | 12 comments | Bizarre
An enormous record-breaking rabbit has been stolen from its enclosure in Worcestershire, England.
Man freaked out by face in his washing machine
4-9-2021 | 9 comments | Bizarre
Alex Boardman had been doing his washing when he saw someone inside the machine looking back at him.
iPhone still works after year spent in lake
4-7-2021 | 9 comments | Bizarre
A man who lost his iPhone over 12 months ago couldn't believe his luck when he managed to find it again.
Alien AI 'could be billions of years old'
 Hot!  4-6-2021 | 116 comments
A NASA philosopher maintains that an ancient extraterrestrial artificial intelligence might already exist.
Michio Kaku: 'contacting ET is a terrible idea'
4-4-2021 | 17 comments | Extraterrestrial
The author and theoretical physicist has expressed doubts about the wisdom of contacting intelligent aliens.
Revisited: astronaut saw 'snake' out in space
4-4-2021 | 38 comments | Extraterrestrial
Veteran astronaut Franklin Story Musgrave saw what he described as 'the snake' during several space missions.
Musk posts 'strongest argument against aliens'
 Hot!  3-26-2021 | 114 comments | Extraterrestrial
The SpaceX CEO is no stranger to expressing skepticism on the subject of extraterrestrial visitation.
What radio messages have we sent to aliens ?
3-21-2021 | 9 comments | Extraterrestrial
Scientists have made several attempts to communicate with intelligent extraterrestrials over the decades.
The UFO Phenomenon
Prince Philip was fascinated by UFOs
4-16-2021 | 6 comments
The late Duke, who died this month aged 99, had long maintained a keen interest in the UFO phenomenon.
Pentagon: Pyramid UFO footage 'authentic'
 Hot!  4-15-2021 | 170 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
The Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of recently released footage of pyramid-shaped UFOs.
US Navy ships buzzed by unidentified objects
3-27-2021 | 24 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Government documents have revealed that the USS Nimitz 'Tic-Tac' UFO incident was not an isolated case.
US military has evidence of supersonic UFOs
 Hot!  3-22-2021 | 64 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
Former intelligence chief John Ratcliffe claims that the US has evidence of objects moving at extreme speeds.
Documentary to explore Scotland's UFO capital
3-18-2021 | 1 comment | The UFO Phenomenon
The town of Bonnybridge is set to be the focus of a new documentary due to its reputation as a UFO hotspot.
Science & Technology
Hybrid embryos are part human, part monkey
4-16-2021 | 37 comments
The controversial research, while impressive, has unsurprisingly raised some major ethical concerns.
Monkey plays game of Pong using only its mind
4-10-2021 | 3 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists at Neuralink have made it possible for a monkey to play a computer game just by thinking.
Genetic tests - do you really have viking DNA ?
4-13-2021 | 21 comments | Science & Technology
Genetic ancestry tests are very popular these days - but just how accurate and meaningful are the results ?
Has 5G achieved what Nikola Tesla could not ?
4-10-2021 | 3 comments | Science & Technology
The 5G network has the potential to realize the dream that Tesla obsessed over more than a century ago.
Particle is disobeying the known laws of physics
4-9-2021 | 9 comments | Science & Technology
Recent experiments involving muons have blown open a hole in our current understanding of the universe.
Only 3% of Earth's land ecosystems are intact
Mankind's relentless and destructive influence has damaged just about every ecosystem on Earth.
Eerie note discovered in charity shop jacket
A woman who was about to buy a red coat from a charity shop found a rather unnerving note inside its pocket.
Humans were apex predators for 2 million years
A new study has indicated that Homo sapiens dined almost exclusively on meat for over two million years.
Egypt's lost 'Golden City' unearthed at Luxor
 Hot!  4-11-2021
Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a 3000-year-old city situated beneath the ancient capital.
Russian official admits to staging Yeti sightings
 Hot!  4-11-2021
One of Putin's longest-serving regional leaders has admitted to using a fake Yeti to attract tourists.
House for sale has 'not haunted' sign outside
Residents of a town in Massachusetts have been left perplexed by a very unusual 'for sale' sign.
4-year-old recalls 'past life' 9/11 experience
 Hot!  3-13-2021
A mother on TikTok has shared the remarkable recollections of her young daughter's alleged past life.
Virgin Mary chalk drawing reappears 13 yrs on
 Hot!  10-14-2020
A chalk drawing of the Virgin Mary has mysteriously reappeared 13 years after it had faded away.
Kathleen Meadows
Receiving messages following trauma
Exploring the impact of traumatic events.
Kathleen Meadows
October oracle's role in uncertain times
Kathleen Meadows offers her insight for October.
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6-16-2020 | Canada
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