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Ancient Mysteries

'Blank' Dead Sea Scrolls actually do contain text

5-16-2020 | 2

New research has determined that scroll fragments thought to be blank do in fact contain very faint text.

Ancient Mysteries

Jewellery-clad teenage mummy found in Egypt

5-3-2020 | 0

Archaeologists have unearthed the mummy of a 17th-dynasty teenager in the Egyptian city of Luxor.

Ancient Mysteries

'Nazareth Inscription' Jesus link now in doubt

4-26-2020 | 10

An inscribed stone tablet dating back 2,000 years may not be about Jesus' body as was previously believed.

Ancient Mysteries

Fleet of shipwrecks found in the Mediterranean

4-21-2020 | 3

British archaeologists have discovered a treasure trove of shipwrecks, the oldest dating back over 2,000 years.

Ancient Mysteries

Virtual tour offers trip inside Egyptian tomb

4-19-2020 | 5

You can now check out the 5,000-year-old interior of Queen Meresankh III's tomb and it's completely free.

Ancient Mysteries

'Hill of the Dragon' cave yields medieval shrine

4-18-2020 | 0

British railway workers have discovered a previously hidden cave that was exposed following a landslip.

Ancient Mysteries

Lost viking mountain pass reveals its secrets

 VIDEO  4-16-2020 | 5

Melting ice in Norway has revealed a long-lost Viking-era mountain pass brimming with archaeological discoveries.

Ancient Mysteries

Equinox highlights the wonders of the Sphinx

3-24-2020 | 7

Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass has dismissed the idea that the Sphinx was carved from a stationary rock.

Ancient Mysteries

Half-man, half-mantis petroglyph discovered

3-17-2020 | 6

A unique rock carving of a 'squatter mantis man' with six limbs has been identified at a site in Iran.

Ancient Mysteries

Museum's 'Dead Sea Scrolls' are all forgeries

3-14-2020 | 36

16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments on display at the Museum of the Bible in Washington have been exposed as fakes.

Ancient Mysteries

Long-lost Maya capital found in man's back yard

3-13-2020 | 5

Scientists have discovered the capital of an ancient Maya kingdom in the back yard of a cattle rancher.

Ancient Mysteries

Runaway truck slams into Easter Island statue

 VIDEO  3-9-2020 | 10

A man has been arrested after his truck caused 'incalculable' damage to one of the statues.

Ancient Mysteries

Egypt's oldest pyramid reopens after 14 years

 VIDEO  3-7-2020 | 3

Djoser's Step Pyramid has finally been reopened to the public after an extensive restoration effort.

Ancient Mysteries

5,000-year-old sword found in Venice monastery

3-5-2020 | 19

One of the world's oldest swords has been discovered in a display cabinet at an Italian island monastery.

Ancient Mysteries

Radar scans hint at King Tut hidden chamber

2-20-2020 | 50

A new radar survey of the young pharaoh's tomb has revealed the possible existence of a hidden room.

Ancient Mysteries

Egyptian board game used to contact the dead

2-10-2020 | 7

An ancient Egyptian board game may have evolved into a conduit through which to contact the other side.

Ancient Mysteries

Cahokia wasn't actually a 'lost civilization'

2-5-2020 | 4

The inhabitants of the pre-Columbian Native American city did disappear for a time, but then they came back.

Ancient Mysteries

Mummies of Egyptian high priests unearthed

2-1-2020 | 4

A huge burial ground filled with mummies and shabti figurines has been discovered at a site south of Cairo.

Ancient Mysteries

Scientists recreate voice of Egyptian mummy

 VIDEO  1-27-2020 | 9

The voice of an ancient Egyptian man who died 3,000 years ago has been recreated for the first time.

Ancient Mysteries

Volcanic eruption turned victims' brains to glass

1-23-2020 | 1

This dire fate awaited the residents of Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79.

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