Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

What would happen if you moved at twice the speed of light ?

5-24-2022 | 24

Einstein's theory of relativity would seem to preclude the possibility, but what if it could be done ?

Space & Astronomy

Light detected from behind a black hole

 VIDEO  7-31-2021 | 13

The unexpected discovery succeeds in proving Einstein's theory of general relativity right once again.

Space & Astronomy

General relativity is proven right once again

7-5-2018 | 8

A new study has managed to prove that Einstein's theory still holds up even under extreme conditions.

Science & Technology

Relativity now 10,000 times more accurate

2-22-2010 | 1

Physicists in the United States have succeeded in proving Einstein's theory of relativity 10,000 times more accurately.

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