Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Biefield-Brown Anti-Gravity Effect

While researching the effects of X-rays generated from a Coolidge tube, American physicist, T. Townsend Brown found a relationship between gravity and high voltage. Press reports state that a 2 foot diameter disc was made to fly around a central pole when tethered and excited with a potential of 50 KiloVolts. The disc circled the pole at almost 12 MPH. Later improvements using 3 foot discs driven by potentials of 150 KiloVolts and up yielded results so spectacular that the test results were classified. Working in conjunction with Dr. P.A. Biefield, Brown found that highly charged capacitors when properly suspended showed a tendency to move relative to the gravitational force. When the poles of a freely suspended charged capacitor were placed on a horizontal axis a forward thrust would be produced which would move the capacitor in the direction of the positive pole.

The direction of thrust would reverse in conjunction with a polarity change. This is the phenomenon known as the Biefield-Brown Effect. Anti-gravity was Demonstrated by placing the capacitor on a beam balance and charging it. When the positive pole pointed upwards the condenser would move to a point of equilibrium, when the positive pole was pointed downwards the balance would show a downward deflection.

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