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  Weird Horned Shark 1
Weird Horned Shark 1
Image credit: © DrZeehc

Uploader comment: Greetings. Here's some photos of a weird, horned shark we pulled up in our net. Didn't notice it till we got back and was emptying the net, it was dead by then. Been fishing a long time and occasionally we snag a baby shark, but in all of my years I have never seen anything like it. Does anybody know what kind of shark it is??? Thank You, Dr. Z


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 Bathynomus Giganteus (Giant Isopod)
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 Weird Horned Shark
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #2 Posted by glitchrr36 on 13 July, 2013, 18:37
its an abnormal growth
Comment icon #1 Posted by Erudite Celt on 20 May, 2012, 5:15
This is a shark known as the Spur-Dog.The poison spur glands in these small sharks can become infected, especially if they are caught and released with a hook that has penetrated the gland on the nose. This causes the gland to close up trapping the spur inside...[the spurs are usually cast of and renewed]...where it continues to grow until it breaks the skin. The result is what you see here.
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July 19, 2006, 7:02 am
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