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  Hubble - Carina Nebula (2)
Hubble - Carina Nebula (2)
Image credit: NASA/ESA/Hubble

Uploader comment: Composed of gas and dust, the pictured pillar resides in a tempestuous stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7500 light-years away in the southern constellation of Carina.


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 Hubble - Carina Nebula
Comments on this image:
Comment icon #3 Posted by Tyminator on 27 December, 2011, 4:50
Question: Why do people always have to say that nebulas look like something else? Ex: Eagle Nebula, Cats Eye Nebula, etc.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Primordiak on 2 June, 2011, 18:52
if you look closely it looks like some type of animal face with its mouth the dark areas around the illumination. like a horse face or something. Mouth open, nostils overtop and eye beside to the left.. I wish i could take and circle the area...
Comment icon #1 Posted by ovaz1088 on 13 April, 2011, 4:30
badass. It almost looks like a rose.
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March 28, 2011, 2:21 pm
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