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Unexplained Mysteries
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Edward Crabtree

Moscow's mysterious lights

10-20-2018 | 0

When UFO witness and enthusiast Robbie Williams opened the World Cup in June of this year, it is doubtful whether h...

Edward Crabtree

Out of our minds: are UFOs thought-forms?

1-27-2018 | 16

The Martians had a chat with Gary Wilcox on 25th of April 54 years ago. At around 10 A.M in the morning in Newark V...

Edward Crabtree

The real aliens: a survey of 'praying mantis' entity reports

10-12-2017 | 3

Back in 1967 a child called Paul Nelson took a holiday with his parents and another male friend in Catalina Island ...

Edward Crabtree

A curious incident at Voronezh

6-3-2017 | 0

Two military officers, sent out to make contact with the pilots of a crashed UFO on the outskirts of a city, confro...

Edward Crabtree

A tale of two realities

9-27-2016 | 17

'No! This is getting crazy!' The middle-aged guy's can of Miller Light drops to the floor of his trailer park, and ...

Edward Crabtree

UFOs: The view from modern Russia

8-15-2016 | 0

The city of Kolomna, found about 132 kilometres to the south of Moscow, despite being the oldest city in the Golden...

Edward Crabtree

Russian Yeti stalkers

7-21-2015 | 3

As he bathed in a rural river, the young Russian boy from Orjol was alarmed to find that a strange red haired woman...

Edward Crabtree

Latitudes of terror

1-25-2015 | 1

Were it not for the rumble of traffic and the odd glimpse of office blocks through the trees, the place could feel ...

Edward Crabtree

Primates of the paranormal ?

10-17-2014 | 1

This year, at last, the first severed arm of a Sasquatch was found! From the unlikely setting of Liberty County, ne...

Edward Crabtree

Disc information

8-13-2014 | 1

A recent issue of Anomalniye Novosti (Number 21, 19th May) – a Russian news rag devoted to the mysterious – fea...

Edward Crabtree

Giant Squids: they're out there!

5-15-2014 | 5

The seamen wait with anxiety for news of their colleagues who have plumbed the depths in a bathysphere. They begin ...

Edward Crabtree

A defence of fringe science

3-8-2014 | 0

'Cats can be both alive and dead; particles can be in two places at one; Heisenberg says everything is uncertain. T...

Edward Crabtree

The great Himalayan Yeti debate

2-15-2014 | 17

The creature which almost dragged the Sherpa girl, Lakhpa Domini, into a stream was ape-like. An ape with large eye...

Edward Crabtree

The new agnostics

1-26-2014 | 15

'Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler, but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat' Sir J...

Edward Crabtree

Are UFOs telepathic projections beamed from the stars ?

1-6-2014 | 4

A young man named Philip Freeman drove his girlfriend, Angela, through a wooded part of Surrey, in the South East o...

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