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Edward Crabtree

The real aliens: a survey of 'praying mantis' entity reports

October 12, 2017 | Comment icon 3 comments
Image Credit: Wikipedia
Back in 1967 a child called Paul Nelson took a holiday with his parents and another male friend in Catalina Island off the coast of California. His buddy and he had bought some comic books and they seated themselves in Paul's father's boat to enjoy them, when the missing time event happened. The next thing they knew was that they had awoken the next morning without even remembering having fallen asleep.

Later, as an adult and out of touch with his friend, this odd event troubled Nelson, who now worked as a doctor. He had read up on UFO abduction claims and took the plunge in arranging a hypnotic regression to relive this evening of his life.

Sure enough, a textbook abduction scenario was recovered from Nelson's buried memories. There was however one detail that differed from the norm and which Nelson had no foreknowledge of: his abductors, in tight fitting tunics were insect-like, with large bulging eyes (Dennet, p-192).

Dr Nelson's situation is not unique. Abduction stories feature not only the usual Greys and some reptilian denizens but sometimes more repulsive forms such as beings compared to Praying Mantises.

Investigators using both hypnotic regression and straight interviews have, in particular from North America from the late Eighties, logged Close Encounters of the 4th and 5th kinds involving these 'Mantises'. Moreover, some have been seen without any associated UFO craft. They feature in altered states of consciousness and, according to some, crop up in ancient artefacts. One has even been captured on camera.

Bug Eyed Monsters.

In the seventies I owned a pulp novel called 'Eat Them Alive' by Pierce Nace. The dust jacket described this fictional farrago, which concerns a man revenging himself on his enemies with the help of a troop of giant Praying Mantises, as a 'new peak in horror', which is about right. Long before that though, insect-like monsters had formed a cheesy part of science-fiction iconography.

Despite this, these green and brown short-lived carnivores number among the few insects that we keep as pets. There exist 2,400 species of manta religiosa (named after their long legs) and they are all harmless to humans, and indeed can help us in pest control.

The ones described by abductees are tall, sometimes have six legs and appear to communicate with clicks and wear garments. (To those who say that such a big Mantis would be a biological impossibility it might be countered that the name is a comparison only. The sea horse, for example, does not belong to the equine family. Indeed some abductees argue that the Mantis beings possess some distant humanoid link). They appear alongside the more traditional humanoid entities and some say they fulfil the role of 'examiners' (Donderi, p-128).

Martin S. Kottmeyer, the Illnois based writer for the Skeptical Enquirer proposes that 1990 was the year that 'mantis mania' got started and claims to be aware of 26 cases involving them ('Greying Mantis. www.reall.org). Some non-sceptical researchers have chosen to look the other way and discount such lurid cases. These people were taken to task, over twenty years ago, by John Carpenter who was MUFON's Director of Abduction Research:

'They are judged either 'too weird' or 'too few to be significant'... many researchers draw the line in an effort not to lose ground' (Abduction Notes: Reptilians and Other Unmentionables, MUFON Journal, 1994).

Whilst it seems embarrassing to propose that out planet is a host to a carnival of monsters, Mantis type episodes do pre-empt their current cult status.

Older cases.

As far back as 1973 a law student named Michael Shea was out motoring on Interstate 70, taking the westbound exit to Olney, near Maryland when he observed a big red and yellow structure beaming light down onto a barn roof. What occurred over the next two hours would only be dredged up under a hypnotic trance. The beings that took him to get organic samples wore 'armour' and had black faces in helmets and long arms and bowlegs. Michael described them as 'grasshopper people'. (UFO.Info.com)
Fourteen years later o September 2nd a man identified only as Kevin was biking along the North Canol Road in Yukon, Canada. He had moose hunting on his mind. A dark green cigar shaped craft appeared passing by overhead. It looked to be about 'the size of a bus' and as it descended Kevin hid. Later, however, on a bend in the road, he met two 5ft tall 'grasshopper people' in blue jumpsuits. He also experienced lost time and was left with marks on his hands (Abovetopsecret.com).

Even Whitley Streiber, in his fantasia Communion (1987) – a book that fixed the image of the 'Grey' onto the public mind –mentioned a 'big bug' like creature, which he had espied in his childhood.

Stranger yet.

Throughout the noughties there have also been legends of Mantis-like creatures minus any associated UFO activity. The site UFO-BC devotes a special section to just such experiences. From 2001 Jim, living on the outskirts of London, has been terrorised by a number of nighttime bedroom visitations from the Mantises. Whilst such phenomena could be consigned to the realm of hypnopompic hallucinations that can occur during sleep paralysis, Jim claims to have bodily physical evidence.

Over in the Musconetcong river in New Jersey, a number of fisherman have witnesses a 6 to 7 foot tall grey and black Mantis like humanoid in the vicinity (Phantoms and Monsters.com).

Exponents of the 'Ancient Astronauts 'theory, meanwhile, have proposed that some historical artefacts are literal representations of non-terrestrial insectoid beings. For example, the bug-eyed sculptures, dated from the 2nd Millennium AD, and found in Nuku Hiva, one of the Marquesa Islands in French Polynesia look very non-human.

Then there is camera evidence as well. A police officer snapped a curious shot of what looks like a translucent insect figure walking about near Jiang Lake, Taitung, in the central highlands of Taiwan. With his I-phone 4, Chen Yung-Huan took the photo without having noticed anything at the time. Among those who give credence to the image is the Taiwan UFO Centre (weekinweird.com) Space brothers... or living nightmares?

There is no shortage of soothsaying 'contactees' who allege to have personal contact with these beings. One of these is Simon Parkes, a former Whitby town Councillor in North Yorkshire in the UK. Being with these 'mantids' his says, is a 'spiritual' experience.

Davis M. Jacobs, a retired history professor who has studied numerous abduction cases in the U.S.A, would not agree. To him the alien agenda is a malign one and the real aliens behind it all are the Praying Mantis ones.

We had better hope that he is crazy!

Edward Crabtree


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Comment icon #1 Posted by Occams Razor 7 years ago
I wonder why he didn't mention the subject matter of the comics... Praying-Mantis type aliens invading Earth perhaps.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Hammerclaw 7 years ago
Not the most original concept of aliens........                      
Comment icon #3 Posted by Gromdor 7 years ago
I loved that series. 

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