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Anthony North

Life is just a great big poltergeist

2-23-2011 | 10

The title is a bold statement. I’m claiming that nearly everything we do and perceive in life is based around the...

Anthony North

[Fiction] Bed mate

1-15-2008 | 3

Is the world we see about us real or illusion? Is the world a hard, material fact, or does reality bend to how we w...

Anthony North

[Fiction] Masquerade

11-26-2007 | 1

They're taking over and it's hard to retain my sanity. Sometimes I think I'm imagining it all. It's all one big, ho...

Anthony North

[Fiction] It's like a virus

10-21-2007 | 0

They say that life is like a road you travel down. For a while it will go nice and straight, but occasionally you g...

Anthony North

[Fiction] We must go there

9-3-2007 | 0

The forces in our life are great. We think ourselves individuals, but when we really look at the choices we make in...

Anthony North

[Fiction] It stalks me

7-24-2007 | 0

Contagion. A simple word. A medical word. Someone catches a cold. They pass it on. You suffer from closeness to the...

Anthony North

[Fiction] Any body will do

7-7-2007 | 4

What is mind? Is it a form of energy, whirling around the body, or even the world? Or is it a spin-off of the physi...

Anthony North

Conspiracy theory theory

6-19-2007 | 11

Even the title is ridiculous. Bad grammar. But this is the nature of conspiracy theory – none of it makes sense. ...

Anthony North

The world of cults

6-1-2007 | 19

The On 19 April 1993 tanks stormed the ranch of a Branch Davidian break-off group at Mount Carmel, Waco, Texas. In ...

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