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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Patrick Bernauw

Saint George is killing the dragon over and over again

7-12-2010 | 4

In the city of Mons (Belgium), Saint George is killing the Dragon over and over again. His legend here is inextrica...

Patrick Bernauw

Egyptian mysteries

2-1-2010 | 3

Had the spectre of an Egyptian Princess something to do with the Curse of Tutankhamen? And why this story had to be...

Patrick Bernauw

Doomsday chronicles

1-4-2010 | 0

There are far more "apocalyptic visions" than the ones that now seem extremely fashionable, featuring Nostradamus o...

Patrick Bernauw

Florence Marryat: There is no death

12-10-2009 | 3

Florence Marryat (1833-1899) was a British novelist, playwright, spiritualist, revue singer and actress in Gilbert ...

Patrick Bernauw

The Lost Dutchman gold mine found ?

11-20-2009 | 12

One John V. Kemm states he has found the legendary Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, using Google Earth. According to some v...

Patrick Bernauw

A ghost city trip to Bruges

11-4-2009 | 0

Want to make a ghost city trip, take the ghost city tour or play the ghost city game in the medieval town of Bruges...

Patrick Bernauw

Demonic dolls and puppets

10-27-2009 | 0

Dolls of Death, manufactured to avenge a broken heart or to have an enemy dying in great torment; the mystery of a ...

Patrick Bernauw

A Halloween murder mystery script

10-17-2009 | 0

With this script, you can organize all by yourself a Murder Mystery as a Halloween Party Game, Dinner Party Game, M...

Patrick Bernauw

Is your pet paranormal ?

10-7-2009 | 2

Science still is not certain how animals "navigate" home: by the position of the sun or by the earth's magnetic fie...

Patrick Bernauw

Cursed cars, haunted automobiles

9-25-2009 | 3

Here are three true stories of Cursed Cars and Haunted Automobiles. "You Will Be Dead Next Week!" James Byron Dean ...

Patrick Bernauw

The life and times of Doctor Dee

9-7-2009 | 0

The greatest magician of all time was undoubtedly the Englishman John Dee. His life and his works are wrapped in sh...

Patrick Bernauw

The curse of Macbeth

8-10-2009 | 5

Don't mention the name of "that play"! The Unmentionable is considered to bring bad luck to its cast... Apparently,...

Patrick Bernauw

Haunted castles to visit.. in Scotland!

8-3-2009 | 4

[b]Glamis Castle:[/b] The most famous haunted castle of Spooky Scotland is propably Glamis Castle. Since 1372, the ...

Patrick Bernauw

Nostradamus, Obama and 2012

7-16-2009 | 32

Nostradamus strikes again. Google “Obama”, “Antichrist”, 2012… and I predict you will get a massive number of hits....

Patrick Bernauw

The Satanist Chaplain

7-4-2009 | 0

In 1891 Joris-Karl Huysmans published his novel "Lŕ-bas" in which he paints a fantasy of Satanism and the occult, s...

Patrick Bernauw

Down there: a history of Satanism

6-19-2009 | 2

In 1890, the already famous French "decadent" writer Joris-Karl Huysmans wrote to a friend that he was looking for ...

Patrick Bernauw

The ghost of Anne Boleyn

6-9-2009 | 8

The spirit of Henry VIII apparently sleeps peacefully. But the two wives he executed - Anne Boleyn and Catherine Ho...

Patrick Bernauw

3 days of mysteries with Kathleen McGowan

5-30-2009 | 1

I've just spend three days in Belgium with Kathleen McGowan, author of "The Expected One" and "The Book of Love", i...

Patrick Bernauw

The Holy Blood of Bruges-la-Morte

5-19-2009 | 0

Annually, and this since 1150, the city of Bruges has been attracting thousands of visitors to one of the great rel...

Patrick Bernauw

Mysteries of the Mystic Lamb

5-10-2009 | 0

The Ghent Altarpiece, also known as the Mystic Lamb, was completed in 1432 by Flemish Primitive Jan Van Eyck. The p...

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