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Mysterious Face in Window

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2006
Uploaded by PolishGuy
Mysterious Face in Window
Image credit: (Copyright expired) archive image

Uploader comment: This mysterious face appeared in the window in this late 1800's family photo. The face is said to be a relative of the family that had recently died. Seems they wanted inclusion in their family photo!

Recent comments on this image
Comment icon #10 Posted by sakaweed on 12/16/2006
Comment icon #9 Posted by american chupacabra on 12/19/2006
The man is probably looking out of the window and the rest of his face was flushed out from age.
Comment icon #8 Posted by bjb on 12/22/2006
New member BJB here. I think the dating on this photo is off by about 20 or 30 years, the clothing is definately 20th Century and no self-respecting woman would have shown her calves and ankles in a Victorian picture.
Comment icon #7 Posted by morgan on 2/2/2007
I agree with bjborsody on the dating, and the "ghost" looks like its just someone looking out the window. interesting picture though.
Comment icon #6 Posted by i'mabeliever on 6/7/2007
good call bjborsody Cool pic....does he have a 3rd eye?
Comment icon #5 Posted by md_sb on 8/21/2007
If you look (or use Photoshop to be SURE) you'll find the face of the "real" woman in the upper left (back row/far left - of the group of people) and the "face" in the window behind is the same face, just cut out into a semi-square and re-pasted in the window. Obvious "fake" if you look at the facial lines... :|
Comment icon #4 Posted by oushgirl on 9/13/2007
excellent eye mdenbeste!! definate fake.
Comment icon #3 Posted by jambone on 11/10/2007
mdenbeste is right...fake!
Comment icon #2 Posted by ~*phoenix*~ on 12/28/2007
i have to say its fake too, it looks too out of place to be a 'ghost'
Comment icon #1 Posted by bigdaddyinge on 12/20/2008
mdenbeste, nice job with that!!! finally someone who can give PROOF of an obvious fake.
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