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The Sealand Skull (3)

Posted on Sunday, November 28, 2010
Uploaded by UM-Bot
The Sealand Skull (3)
Image credit: © Anton spangenberg

Uploader comment: A mysterious skull discovered at Olstykke on the Danish island of Sealand in July 2007 during the replacement of old sewer pipes.

Image status: UNEXPLAINED The full story can be found at:

Recent comments on this image
Comment icon #6 Posted by user107026 on 1/24/2011
let's see how the scientific community explains this one away like they do with darwinian evolution lol
Comment icon #5 Posted by PolCat81 on 1/24/2011
I'm not an expert by any stretch. But this appears to have a fabricated look to it. I'd have to see other angles to say I buy it or not
Comment icon #4 Posted by Atlantis Rises on 7/21/2011
I bought the very same skull on ebay.
Comment icon #3 Posted by VietRulerZ on 8/3/2011
deformity maybe?
Comment icon #2 Posted by FMH on 11/21/2011
Fake, obviously. It has some anatomical details of a human skull, but they aren't very exact. The teeth aren't seperate teeth, but a single block, like wooden dentures. Furthermore, that's not how human or animal teeth work into each other, believe me, I study dentistry. And why are the eye sockets black? If it was bone, they would have the same color as the rest. The same counts for the nose.
Comment icon #1 Posted by Eihpospiritamer on 1/25/2012
Probably a monkey, by the humanish shape, large eyes and long, sharp canines.
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