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Dreaming 2

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Uploaded by baro67
Dreaming 2
Image credit: © baro67

Uploader comment: This picture has a shadow side that initially I was reluctant to post because I myself didn't belived to what I saw: a group of characters who are interested in the face on the right and if you look good the last character on your right you will find that there seems to be a cross on his chest (!)

Recent comments on this image
Comment icon #4 Posted by Gallimaufry on 8/25/2011
Please be joking.
Comment icon #3 Posted by baro67 on 8/25/2011
pareidolia even in this case?or ghost blur? that comment would please be joking? I like joking but when it comes to the afterlife and the paranormal does not joke ever
Comment icon #2 Posted by numagirl22 on 1/23/2012
I see it, but just like every photo of yours I've seen, it's probably just the camera flash.
Comment icon #1 Posted by baro67 on 1/23/2012
before giving hasty judgments numagirl22 I suggest you take a look at ALL the photos I posted until now (find in another section) in two I used a low-res camera WITHOUT flash and the other two have nothing to do with the mirrors but ' they ' are always there so no offense but your explanation doesn't explain anything
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