Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Cave Ghost Creature Thingy

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2012
Uploaded by Robinknows1
Cave Ghost Creature Thingy
Image credit: © Robinknows1

Uploader comment: During I hike to a waterfall, in Cumberland, BC, Canada, my boyfriend and I found this cave. At first I thought it was so cool. I pulled out my DSI camera and started taking pics. I climbed up the rocks with my flashlight on shining it into the cave. It looked about 2 meters long before you could tell it turned in further. I put the flashlight on the ground pointing into the cave and walked right up to the opening I was clicking photos just looking at the camera display and not actually looking into the cave, I clicked three photos in a row walking closer as I took them. the first two pics were normal and then looking at the display of the pic I last took a seen, RIGHT away after clicking, what appeared to be some kind of wispy looking creature on the right of the pic. I looked up and seen the same thing. I tried to turn around and run the hell away from the cave and fell into the rocks. I still, even after falling was very far away from it in seconds. I felt like something was trying to scare me. it Felt perdy evil. I have never said that before It felt evil just sounds right.

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