Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Space & Astronomy

Super blood wolf moon impact mystery solved

 VIDEO  2-3-2019 | 9

An intriguing flash of light was captured on camera during the blood moon event that occurred last month.

Space & Astronomy

'Super blood wolf moon' is coming this month

 VIDEO  1-11-2019 | 3

A lunar eclipse with a rather unusual name will be visible in the Western Hemisphere on January 20th.

Modern Mysteries

Blood moon prompts fresh doomsday warnings

6-27-2018 | 29

Next month's spectacular blood moon will not bring about the end of days, despite the usual doom-mongering.

Space & Astronomy

Rare blood moon eclipse to occur tonight

9-27-2015 | 28

An impressive astronomical event is set to take place tonight for the first time in more than 30 years.


Prophecy surrounds 'blood moon' events

4-17-2014 | 109

This week's lunar eclipse has been seen as a sign that an ancient prophecy will soon be fulfilled.

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