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Space & Astronomy

Martian caves could act as radiation shelters

8-31-2021 | 8

Caves dotted around the surface of the Red Planet could provide a safe haven for future human explorers.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious cave on Mars prompts speculation

3-3-2020 | 22

NASA has released a fascinating photograph showing a large cave entrance on the slopes of a Martian volcano.

Science & Technology

Ice Age cave network found beneath Montreal

 VIDEO  12-6-2017 | 4

Two cave experts have discovered a hidden network of caves underneath the busy streets of the city.

Nature & Environment

Life may thrive down in icy Antarctic caves

9-11-2017 | 16

Scientists have found evidence of life in a cave system hidden deep beneath the Antarctic ice.


DNA of prehistoric humans found in caves

4-28-2017 | 6

Scientists have found a way to identify extinct species of human by analyzing the sediment inside caves.


Evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism found

7-9-2016 | 8

Neanderthal remains unearthed in Belgium's Goyet caves show indications of cannibalistic behavior.

Archaeology & History

Ritual caves found on 'witchcraft' island

10-6-2015 | 12

Evidence of a 9,000-year-old Stone Age ritual site has been found on the Swedish island of Bla Jungfrun.

Nature & Environment

'Centipede from Hell' discovered underground

7-1-2015 | 13

A new species of centipede has been found inside a cave system 4,700ft below the Earth's surface.

Space & Astronomy

Robot may explore caves on the Moon

11-18-2012 | 27

A robot designed to enter and explore coal mines may soon be heading off to visit caverns on the Moon.


Cavers find huge fossil deposit in Australia

7-27-2012 | 6

Fossils dating back to 500,000 years ago have been found in a vast newly discovered network of caves.


Lost giants of Australia rediscovered

1-4-2010 | 18

Palaeontologists are working round the clock to uncover lost secrets of Australia's largest ever carnivores in a network of caves.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Yeti expedition planned in Russia

5-5-2009 | 3

A new expedition is planned for June 2009 to seek out the legendary Yeti in Russia following sightings and reports near ...

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Yeti activity surge noted in Siberia

4-17-2009 | 3

Multiple sightings dating back many years have prompted a surge of interest in the Yeti in Russia's Kemerovo region, a r...

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