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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Natural World

Amazon rainforest could be drying out

12-26-2012 | 4

New fears have been raised over the rainforest's capacity to adapt to upcoming changes in the climate.

Space & Astronomy

Environmental satellites are rapidly failing

11-10-2012 | 12

The failure of older instruments and the lack of replacements could lead to future 'climate blindness'.

Science & Technology

Will global warming change our diets ?

11-4-2012 | 19

There could soon be shortages of staple foods like potatoes due to the effects of climate change.

Science & Technology

Could asteroid dust fight climate change ?

10-1-2012 | 14

Scientists have come up with a radical new way in which to help reduce the effects of global warming.

Science & Technology

Could a nuclear 'binge' solve global warming?

9-11-2012 | 38

Professor Peter Wadhams is concerned that the world hasn't been doing enough to tackle climate change.

Natural World

Could palm trees grow in the Antarctic ?

8-2-2012 | 13

If climate change continues then the Antarctic could be transformed in to a lush forest zone.


Antarctica was lined with trees 15M years ago

6-21-2012 | 15

Parts of Antarctica would have enjoyed a warmer climate ripe with greenery around 15 million years ago.


Did dinosaur wind cause climate change ?

5-8-2012 | 19

Dinosaur flatulence may have produced enough gas to change the climate 150 million years ago.

Natural World

Climate change tree testing begins

3-30-2012 | 5

Scientists in Europe are attempting to determine which trees will thrive during predicted climate change.


CIA keeps global warming research classified

9-25-2011 | 29

Those hoping to find out what the CIA has learned about climate change are going to be disappointed.

Science & Technology

IPCC climate change plans leaked

6-17-2011 | 28

Leaked documents have disclosed a number of potential ways that the IPCC may tackle climate change.


Cold snap drove Vikings from Greenland

6-2-2011 | 6

Extreme climate changes caused the Vikings to abandon their homeland in search of warmer weather.


Huge prehistoric ants thrived in hot climate

5-5-2011 | 20

The fossil of a giant ant that would have been the size of a hummingbird has been discovered.

Natural World

Water demand to outstrip supply by 40%

3-3-2011 | 32

Population growth and climate change could threaten the world's water supplies within the next 20 years.

Ancient Mysteries

Roman rise and fall 'recorded in trees'

1-19-2011 | 5

Scientists link changes in our climate with the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history.

Science & Technology

Scientists: man-made climate change is real

1-5-2011 | 94

Over 97 percent of scientists are convinced that man-made global warming is very real indeed.

Science & Technology

Case for man-made warming increases

11-27-2010 | 97

The case for man-made warming is on the rise according to a leading climate research center.

Natural World

Climate change creating 'super marmots'

7-26-2010 | 22

Another consequence of global warming has become apparant in the creation of bigger and stronger 'super marmots'.


Woolly mammoth hunters helped change climate

7-17-2010 | 30

Early hunters may have helped bring about global warming by hunting woolly mammoths thousands of years ago.

Science & Technology

Climate change affecting how oceans function

6-20-2010 | 49

Scientists have expressed concern over the way in which climate change is affecting how the world's oceans function.

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