Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Nature & Environment

Rarely seen deep-sea creature washes up along the coast of Oregon

5-24-2024 | 5

This alien-like fish, which typically lives 3,000ft beneath the surface of the ocean, is a very unusual find.

Modern Mysteries

Strange, eerie pillars of light appear in the skies over Japan

5-23-2024 | 5

The phenomenon, which was visible over the ocean, occurs under very specific atmospheric conditions.

Space & Astronomy

Frozen world: scientists are seeking a way to detect life on Enceladus

4-25-2024 | 9

Saturn's icy moon is thought to be home to an ocean of liquid water, meaning that it might also be home to alien life.

The UFO Phenomenon

Tucker Carlson claims that UFOs are piloted by 'spiritual entities'

4-21-2024 | 189

The former Fox News host also claimed that there are UFO bases both underground and under the ocean.

Modern Mysteries

Research vessel encounters unexplained light under the sea

4-18-2024 | 23

A research team studying bioluminescence came across this perplexing anomaly in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nature & Environment

Venomous 'blue dragons' are washing up on beaches in Texas

2-17-2024 | 3

A strange and rarely seen type of sea creature has been appearing more and more frequently along the coastline.

Space & Astronomy

Bennu may have come from an ancient ocean world, analysis suggests

2-11-2024 | 2

Scientists have started analyzing the material samples returned to Earth by the OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission.

Nature & Environment

Scientists discover weird black eggs 3.7 miles beneath the ocean's surface

2-8-2024 | 1

The discovery provides further proof of life's ability to thrive in extremely deep, high-pressure environments.

Science & Technology

Gigantic Pacific 'rogue wave' was the most extreme on record

12-14-2023 | 6

For centuries, rogue waves were thought to be little more than myth, but that all changed three decades ago.

Science & Technology

Deepest virus ever found discovered in Mariana Trench

9-27-2023 | 5

Scientists have identified a virus that lives in the sediment some 8,900 meters beneath the surface of the ocean.

The UFO Phenomenon

Should we be doing more to search for UFOs in the ocean ?

9-22-2023 | 15

UFOs are typically observed in the sky, but there have also been numerous sightings of objects emerging from beneath the waves.

Space & Astronomy

Has Avi Loeb really found the first ever samples from another solar system ?

9-7-2023 | 2

Planetary scientist Prof Monica Grady examines Loeb's claims concerning spherical metallic fragments found on the ocean floor.

World of the Bizarre

Man arrested while trying to 'run' across the ocean in a hamster wheel

9-7-2023 | 23

The man had been attempting to run across the entire Atlantic Ocean using a crude hamster wheel contraption.

Nature & Environment

Mysterious 'golden egg' discovered on the ocean floor

9-6-2023 | 9

The unidentified object, which has been likened to one of the eggs from the movie 'Alien', was found off the coast of Alaska.

Nature & Environment

Hidden 'underworld' discovered beneath deep sea hydrothermal vents

 VIDEO  8-10-2023 | 2

Scientists have discovered an entirely new ecosystem filled with exotic life forms beneath the ocean floor.

Space & Astronomy

OceanGate co-founder wants to build a floating colony on Venus

7-30-2023 | 10

As if visiting the Titanic wasn't risky enough, imagine living in a colony suspended in the clouds of another world.


Scientists dispute Avi Loeb's 'alien' metallic spherules claim

7-28-2023 | 6

The Harvard astronomer recently claimed to have found evidence of alien technology on the ocean floor.

The UFO Phenomenon

Avi Loeb's expedition finds 'metallic spherules' on ocean floor

6-26-2023 | 24

These tiny metallic spherules were found during the search for the remains of IM1 - the first recognized interstellar meteorite.

Science & Technology

Debris field discovery confirms that the Titan submersible has been lost

6-22-2023 | 275

Search and rescue officials have revealed that parts of the missing sub have been found on the ocean floor.

Space & Astronomy

One of the building blocks of life has been found in the ocean of Enceladus

6-16-2023 | 3

Scientists have discovered evidence of phosphorous in data previously collected by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

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