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Space & Astronomy

Saturn moon has oxygen atmosphere

11-26-2010 | 43

A thin oxygen atmosphere has been discovered on Rhea, one of the moons of Saturn.

Science & Technology

Scientists grow monster dragonflies

11-4-2010 | 17

Scientists have raised super-size dragonflies in a controlled high-oxygen environment.

Science & Technology

Is the world's oxygen running out ?

7-22-2010 | 31

Salesman have used declining oxygen levels as an excuse to sell oxygen supplements - but how much truth is there to it ?

Space & Astronomy

Europa's ocean is rich in oxygen

5-31-2010 | 36

A new study has revealed that Jupiter's moon Europa is rich enough in oxygen to support millions of tons of fish.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop hangover-free booze

3-5-2010 | 29

Scientists in Korea have come up with a way to allow drinkers to avoid a hangover by increasing the oxygen content.

Science & Technology

Tough microbes could survive on Mars

7-21-2009 | 5

Scientists have found a microbe called Methanosarcina barkeri that lives in water sediment where oxygen is scarce, breat...

Nature & Environment

Reverse-engineering bird's quantum compass

6-29-2009 | 0

For years scientists have been studying birds in an attempt to determine exactly how they are able to navigate large dis...

Space & Astronomy

Earth's protective shield is stealing our air

6-1-2009 | 11

The Earth's protective shield, the magnetosphere, may not only be protecting us from the harmful charged particles strea...

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