Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Also Exorcist.

The expulsion of demons or spirits from a person or place. The duration and nature of an exorcism depends on both the severity of the possession and the religious practices being employed.

In film and media the stereotypical exorcism involves a demon or evil entity being expelled from an individual who is possessed. The helpless victim may go through any one of a large range of phenomena from Levitation to crude swearing, vomiting of foreign objects, superhuman strength and the sudden ability to speak in different languages or with a deep voice.

The exorcism is a battle between the exorcist and the possessing entity for the soul of the victim. Many exorcisms may begin with "I adjure thee, most evil Spirit, by almighty God". The demon may spout crudities and insults at the exorcist who must continue to counter with demands for the demon to leave the person's body. Only when the demon has finally left the body of the victim is the ordeal over.

Some paranormal investigators may elicit the help of an exorcist in ridding a home of an entity that is thought to inhabit it.

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