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Amelia Earhart distress call details emerge

Posted on Sunday, 3 June, 2012 | Comment icon 15 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: Wikipedia

Distress calls believed to have been sent by aviator Amelia Earhart were largely dismissed for 75 years.

Transmissions picked up just hours after Earhart had gone missing in 1937 prompted a massive search and rescue operation, but when nothing was found the signals were discounted as bogus and largely dismissed. Now thanks to new research the signals have been brought back in to the limelight and suggest that Earhart's plane must have both been on land and upright for some time after she had gone missing.

"Amelia Earhart did not simply vanish on July 2, 1937," said Ric Gillespie, executive director of TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery. "Radio distress calls believed to have been sent from the missing plane dominated the headlines and drove much of the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy search."

"Dozens of previously dismissed radio signals were actually credible transmissions from Amelia Earhart, according to a new study of the alleged post-loss signals from Earhart's plane."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by reggie2011 on 4 June, 2012, 9:26
ooohhh those distress calls were actully distress calls ohhhh ...ediots
Comment icon #7 Posted by libstaK on 4 June, 2012, 10:39
What a horrible shame, we take so much for granted these days but I guess back then alot of things were new and questionable on so many levels. The idea that they may be on an island probably was considered a bit of a reach based on the experience with downed planes they had at the time.
Comment icon #8 Posted by thewatchman7 on 4 June, 2012, 11:09
its a shame. im pretty sure she would have died on impact, in the ocean somewhere.
Comment icon #9 Posted by libstaK on 4 June, 2012, 12:22
There's talk of extracting DNA (gee it must be pretty degraded by now mind you) - I guess we will find out, being a castaway on such a small atoll would have been a death sentence in a few short years - you would think there would be bones, but if they died on the beach, those could have been washed away too I suppose.
Comment icon #10 Posted by thewatchman7 on 4 June, 2012, 13:15
not only that but a lot of bird life and sea life would have wanted the calcium etc, from the bones. that said i cant imagine anyone being able to survive on those small islands for any period of time without any previous survival experience.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Rafterman on 4 June, 2012, 23:07
Not those TIGHAR idiots again......
Comment icon #12 Posted by Damian Bâthory on 18 July, 2012, 5:44
The Show was unknown mysteries if i can recall right, it played in the late 80's and early 90's. it said that a lady told the story that Amelia and her copilot landed on an Island after running out of fuel and they were captured and executed by Japanese. An american soldier who was taken prisener on the same Island said he saw Amelia's Plane but could not get near for a positive identification, he also said he saw two graves that the Japanese said were of two American spys and that he would be buried there too, but he survived.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Damian Bâthory on 18 July, 2012, 6:21
The greatest mystery about Amelia Earhart was that after her radio went dead her liferaft still had a signal "bip", that it produced every few seconds, the search for her was intensive hundreds of planes and ships were searching for her, every available american army and navy personnel in the area were searching for her without counting the civil ones, they followed the bip produced by her life preserving kit, but everytime they reached the location, there was nothing, and the signal was now a few miles away so they moved to the new location, still nothing and the signal was again in... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Spectre1979 on 23 July, 2012, 6:13
Interesting, could it have been swallowed by a sea creature and it was swimming around or did it just keep appearing and re-appearing instantly?
Comment icon #15 Posted by Spectre1979 on 23 July, 2012, 23:52
It's her birthday today.
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