Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Unexplained Mysteries
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Author Bio: T.K. Randall

T.K. Randall (also known as "Saru" on the UM forums) is the owner and editor of Unexplained-Mysteries.com.

He founded the site back in 2001, as well as an earlier, similarly themed site in the late 90s.

Having long held a keen interest in all things unexplained and mysterious, Randall has written and published thousands of news articles on the site over the last two decades and has also worked on numerous redesigns, site features and improvements during that time as well.

In 2022 he wrote and published a tie-in book - The Unexplained Mysteries Book of Weird News (available on Amazon) - which features a selection of some of the strangest stories covered by the site over the years.

Randall is online regularly and can be contacted either through the forums or via our contact page.

Recent News and Articles
World of the Bizarre

'Extreme eater' dies during livestream while eating 10kg of food

7-23-2024 | 5

The act of eating outrageously enormous portions of food has become strangely popular online in recent years.

Science & Technology

Scientists have scoured the Internet for evidence of time travel

7-23-2024 | 1

Could a potential time traveler have inadvertently posted information about future events online ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can meditation actually make mental health problems worse ?

7-22-2024 | 71

Some researchers have highlighted potentially harmful effects of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as six people found dead from cyanide in Bangkok hotel room

7-22-2024 | 3

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of six people who drank from cups laced with poison.

The UFO Phenomenon

19th Kecksburg UFO festival celebrates legendary local incident

7-21-2024 | 44

Crowds descended on the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania over the weekend to celebrate UFO culture.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as couple found washed up on 'Graveyard of the Atlantic'

7-21-2024 | 9

A couple who had been attempting to sail across the Atlantic have been found dead in a washed up lifeboat.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scotland's own 'Bermuda Triangle' still intrigues over 30 years on

7-20-2024 | 3

One part of Scotland has become synonymous with strange phenomena, UFO sightings and other weirdness.

Space & Astronomy

Biosignature gases in the clouds of Venus hint at presence of alien life

7-20-2024 | 11

Scientists have detected two gases indicative of life on Venus and nobody can explain how they got there.

Science & Technology

Major worldwide IT outage: exactly what happened and why ?

7-19-2024 | 18

Cybersecurity expert Alan Woodward explains just how something like this can happen and how it can be avoided.

The UFO Phenomenon

MUFON unveils unidentifiable 'alien material' at annual symposium

 VIDEO  7-19-2024 | 21

The Mutual UFO Network showed off mysterious material that is thought to be from an alien spacecraft.