Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Author Bio: T.K. Randall

T.K. Randall (also known as "Saru" on the UM forums) is the owner and editor of

He founded the site back in 2001, as well as an earlier, similarly themed site in the late 90s.

Having long held a keen interest in all things unexplained and mysterious, Randall has written and published thousands of news articles on the site over the last two decades and has also worked on numerous redesigns, site features and improvements during that time as well.

In 2022 he wrote and published a tie-in book - The Unexplained Mysteries Book of Weird News (available on Amazon) - which features a selection of some of the strangest stories covered by the site over the years.

Randall is online regularly and can be contacted either through the forums or via our contact page.

Recent News and Articles
Space & Astronomy

Mystery of 'Oumuamua has finally been solved... or has it ?

3-25-2023 | 2

Scientists believe that they have definitively proven that the interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua was not an alien spacecraft.

Science & Technology

Is the mysterious 'Havana Syndrome' really a psychosomatic illness ?

3-24-2023 | 1

Neurology expert Robert Baloh takes a closer look at the phenomenon that left government officials scratching their heads.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO hotspot in Japan is now calling itself 'home to aliens'

3-24-2023 | 5

A town in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture has become synonymous with UFO sightings and the idea of alien visitation.

The UFO Phenomenon

Alien 'mothership' could be watching us with probes, researchers suggest

3-23-2023 | 87

Avi Loeb and Sean M. Kirkpatrick discuss the possibility of such a scenario in their recent paper on the subject of UFOs.

Nature & Environment

Extinction of the Tasmanian tiger has been moved up to the late 1990s

3-23-2023 | 5

Researchers now believe that the extinction of the thylacine occurred much more recently than the 1930s.

Science & Technology

Will the Earth eventually end up like Coruscant from Star Wars ?

3-22-2023 | 10

Our cities are getting larger all the time, but is it really plausible for them to ever cover the entire planet ?

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Lake monster' captured on camera in Madin Dam, Mexico

3-22-2023 | 4

Police in Atizapan de Zaragoza have reportedly been investigating sightings of a large creature in the water.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Scotland's Cawdor Castle said to be home to ghostly woman with no hands

3-21-2023 | 1

A castle made famous for its connection to Shakespeare's Macbeth is also thought to be home to a resident spook.


USAF once investigated case of 'alien' who made pancakes for witness

3-21-2023 | 28

One of the strangest cases in all of Ufology involved an alleged alien encounter reported by chicken farmer Joe Simonton.

Archaeology & History

Aftermath of Notre Dame fire continues to reveal its secrets

3-20-2023 | 6

The fire that tore through the iconic Parisian landmark was undoubtedly devastating, but there has been a silver lining.