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Are we the earliest intelligent species ?

Posted on Wednesday, 10 October, 2012 | Comment icon 114 comments

Image credit: NASA

Could humans be one of the earliest or even the first intelligent species to evolve in the universe ?

Most people believe that we will eventually find life elsewhere in the universe despite us having found no conclusive evidence of it so far. SETI has been hunting for signs of an advanced alien civilization for years but has to date come up with nothing. Could it be that intelligent life is simply too 'young' to be sufficiently widespread for contact to occur ? What if humans are one of the first ever intelligent species to exist in the universe ?

Arthur C Clarke once commented on this possibility by suggesting that in a trillion years advanced civilizations may look back on us and say "they knew the Universe when it was young."

Perhaps he was right.

"There are 200 billion stars in the Milky Way and 90% are small enough and old enough to have planets in orbit."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #105 Posted by psyche101 on 1 November, 2012, 3:42
HI D Good call mate, someone will no doubt believe we had a shrink ray. My niece spent quite some time gathering oral Australian Indigenous history, but Google stole some of it. The Uni took them to court, but had no luck against a giant like Google. They lost what was stolen, and Google can no longer steal their work for public domain. Not too much respect for history these days, but I feel we will regret that when it is gone, or replaced with peoples imaginations. It's a crime, no two ways about it. Cheers.
Comment icon #106 Posted by TheLastLazyGun on 1 November, 2012, 15:05
Humans aren't a species. Our species is homo sapiens sapiens, just one of many human species which has existed on this planet. Humans aren't a species. Our species is homo sapiens sapiens, just one of many human species which has existed on this planet.
Comment icon #107 Posted by TheLastLazyGun on 1 November, 2012, 15:17
Comment icon #108 Posted by TheLastLazyGun on 1 November, 2012, 15:18
this is the world's oldest known cave art, done in Spain about 40,000 years ago. In fact, it may have been done by a different species of human - the Neanderthals.
Comment icon #109 Posted by Slave2Fate on 1 November, 2012, 15:48
Meh, semantics. We are the only existing species of homo sapien, tomAYto tomAHto. Regardless, our 'human heritage' was certainly one of the first to give rise to higher intelligence on Earth. Poorly worded or not it is still a valid question.
Comment icon #110 Posted by Orcseeker on 3 November, 2012, 13:26
After seeing things like that it made me think we really underestimate the people over there and what they are capable of with what they have. I'd agree with you on the UN as well. The countries are also realising the value of their plants and animals to them as well, such as a rare turtle I believe in Vietnam? Or Cambodia? I read this somewhere and can't quite remember the details but there are a handful of these left and they are now doing what they can to keep them alive. Oh I'll definitely have to drop around sometime. Great array of plants you have there, I'm really... [More]
Comment icon #111 Posted by DONTEATUS on 4 November, 2012, 4:42
Well everyone have a good spit on the wall and see you all,ANd thanks for all the Fish !
Comment icon #112 Posted by blind pew on 17 November, 2012, 4:50
I believe if we survive for another 500 to 1000 years we will become like the klingon race.
Comment icon #113 Posted by Daniel Knight on 5 January, 2013, 6:28
When will you stupid scientologists stop pushing evolution atheist and cult nonsense? Shut up already and accept reality. God damn, grow up. "Dur I hate God some I'm gonna believe in evolution and big bangs and not admit the Bible is true duuuur." Shut up, what immaturity.
Comment icon #114 Posted by The Silver Thong on 5 January, 2013, 7:13
If man were to die out tomorrow 65 million yrs from now would we be concidered primates because the new guys didn`t understand our backward ways so to speak. i think we are the first on this planet but again in 100 yrs nobody will know what Detroit Michigan was all about.

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