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Hearing heartbeat improves self-awareness

Posted on Friday, 8 February, 2013 | Comment icon 9 comments | News tip by: Insanity

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New research suggests that hearing your own heartbeat can make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The results of the study indicate that a person able to hear their own heart beating is less likely to objectify themselves than someone who can't. The concept lies within the idea that awareness of one's heartbeat tends to provide greater awareness of being inside of one's own body.

"If people are able to stand inside their bodies and feel their body, they have a good sense of what's happening inside themselves, and they're less likely to objectify themselves," said study co-author Vivien Ainley.

"How well people are able to hear their heartbeat is a good measure of their awareness of being inside their own body."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by stevemagegod on 8 February, 2013, 18:30
Comment icon #2 Posted by gnostic-deity on 8 February, 2013, 23:00
whatever, ot: i dont like hearing my heartbeat, it kinda freaks me out. reminds me how one day it will stop, and im not ready to ponder that thought fully, yet.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Eldorado on 9 February, 2013, 0:22
I'm with you on that. If I heard it skipping a beat or two I reckon it would be panic-attack time.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Lady Annabella on 9 February, 2013, 1:59
I am a little confused . I thought we all heard our own heart beat all the time . I know I do . Its rather annoying at times . I thought it was just something we got used to hearing so we did not really pay to much attention to it . I have always gotten a lot of ear infections in the past , I always hear my heart beating , Fast to slow . When I was a kid I used to hold my breath because my heart beat would change ... Again maybe I am just someone that can't stop hearing it 24/7
Comment icon #5 Posted by KainFall on 9 February, 2013, 2:03
your conscious an aware. =P its natural when someone has a common sense for the health of there bodys.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Lady Annabella on 9 February, 2013, 2:07
It is an interesting topic , because I thought it was common among us all . Well now I know . lol . I am health oriented , I try to use herbs and other methods of healing myself and children other then pills . Definitely a good read !
Comment icon #7 Posted by GirlfromOz on 9 February, 2013, 15:23
When you hear your own heartbeat,you know.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Capt Amerika on 13 February, 2013, 20:17
I could probably hear my heartbeat if i could just get the voices in my head to shut up for 5 minutes!
Comment icon #9 Posted by wolfknight on 13 February, 2013, 20:20
I hear and feeling my heartbeat. It is a wonder thing .
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