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Real-life 'vampire' addicted to blood

Posted on Saturday, 9 February, 2013 | Comment icon 29 comments

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Doctors in Turkey have detailed the case of a man who exhibited all the traits of a real-life vampire.

The 23-year-old individual came to the attention of doctors when he developed a strong addiction to blood, an obsession that would lead him to slice in to parts of his own body with a knife so that he could collect and drink it. His addiction eventually progressed to the point where he had need to stab and bite people to get his 'fix' and even relied on having his father obtain packs of blood from a blood bank to help quench his insatiable thirst.

The unusual case was published in a recent report released by the Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. Doctors concluded that a series of traumatic and violent events in the man's life were likely to have been the trigger of his strange obsession and that it is the only known case of vampirism they had ever come across.

"In a chilling case report, doctors in Turkey have described what they claim to be a real-life vampire with multiple personalities and an addiction to drinking blood."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #20 Posted by Hazzard on 10 February, 2013, 12:21
Part from the mental aspect there are other dangers that comes with this "hobby",... Blood is the carrying source for diseases like HIV, HPV, CMV, and hepatitis.
Comment icon #21 Posted by orangepeaceful79 on 10 February, 2013, 15:22
This. yes. Thanks lava lady.
Comment icon #22 Posted by stevemagegod on 10 February, 2013, 16:29
Thats just nasty
Comment icon #23 Posted by King Cobra 1408 on 10 February, 2013, 22:05
I believe in vampires and etc but at the same time i always think for myself and do my own research and use critical thinking always.ask yourselves this people for example are they using this as a reason to sell garlic and vampires hunting or repelling products and etc?so pretty much just their way of making money of people using fear and people run to the stores.that's how they control people by using fear and spreading fear all over the could be or not that there's a vampire but i need more proof real proof meaning i not a dumb person or easily fooled at all
Comment icon #24 Posted by Lava_Lady on 11 February, 2013, 1:10
I don't think you are dumb for believing what you believe. I am curious though, have you or someone you know gone through an experience that made you believe?
Comment icon #25 Posted by King Cobra 1408 on 18 February, 2013, 0:23
wow this as crazy as in out of the normal and etc.i would like to see more info and pictures of this guy online and uncensored info about this i said before i believe in vampires and etc but i also use critical thinking,keep a open mind and do my own research.has there been any new reports as in what happen to this person and vampire
Comment icon #26 Posted by Etu Malku on 18 February, 2013, 16:10
Good idea . . . done!
Comment icon #27 Posted by nohands on 19 February, 2013, 15:30
hahahah nice story
Comment icon #28 Posted by LocalLegend on 25 March, 2013, 15:15
Welcome to the age of Aquarius.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Mider on 1 May, 2013, 13:23
If he is not 'Undead' he isn't a "real life vampire". He is just a loony who likes drinking blood?
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