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Unexplained Mysteries
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LeAnne Miller


9-25-2007 | 3

"....The lady with the snaky hairdo is probably more famous for turning folks to stone than she is for becoming ...

LeAnne Miller

Something about.. familiars

6-13-2007 | 1

"By the pricking of my thumb, something Wicked, this way comes..." -- William Shakespeare. They may enter into you...

LeAnne Miller

Beneath the vampire's shadow

5-16-2007 | 1

Child, Mother, Sister, Lover.... All of these images have one connection in common; they are all motifs used in the...

LeAnne Miller

Do demons really exist ?

8-25-2006 | 6

"In England, where the Old Ways were more harshly stamped out than in other parts of the British Isles, most of the...

LeAnne Miller

In review - Charmed: Demon Dopplegangers

7-17-2006 | 2

Written by Greg Elliot, Charmed: Demon Doppelgangers is a media-tie-in novel of around 35,000 words aimed primarily...

LeAnne Miller

Who ya' gonna call?

7-9-2006 | 4

The monster in the closet is beating the door & is raging to come out. While downstairs all of the Poltergeists are...

LeAnne Miller

The vampire among us...

7-3-2006 | 2

He's back! And his bite is still as strong as ever! Even farther back in time, before the late 1980's, the legendar...

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