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LeAnne Miller

In review - Charmed: Demon Dopplegangers

July 17, 2006 | Comment icon 2 comments
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Written by Greg Elliot, Charmed: Demon Doppelgangers is a media-tie-in novel of around 35,000 words aimed primarily towards Young adults of the fan base of the tv show, Charmed (created by Constance M. Burge). One of the more recent novels in the Simon & Schuster 'Charmed' series line, Demon Doppelgangers is definitely one book that, once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down until you reach "the end". Right from Chapter one, line one, the story is full of mysterious intrigue which motivates the never- ending action. What makes 'Doppelgangers' and interest- ing asventure, is the interweaving of ancient Greek culture and mythology, which Elliot manages to accomplish success- fully. He draws Paige Matthews (nay, "Halliwell") immedi- ately into the action, by showing her applying to be a tour guide for the Legion of Honor Museum; this museum has just recently agreed to showcase a mysterious touring exhibit of Greek antiquities. Although, in order to get the job as a tour guide, Paige is required to know more detailed information concern- ing the ancient gods, goddesses, demons, and heroic figures and creatures who were notable in historical Greece; as well, Paige knows quite a lot about the art, artists, and architect- ure of ancient Greek Culture. (It could be easily assumed that she was able to additionally draw on her own 'life- experience'--when "The Power of Three" had fought (and defeated) the Titans. (This was shown in the Charmed episodes: Oh, My Goddess--parts 1 & 2.). For where ever Paige based her knowledge on, she is hired, on the spot, during her interview with museum director, Grace Stephens. And as Fate would have it, the director also hires several additional tour guides; among them, a really cute gentleman to whom Paige instantly takes a fancy to--and hopes to get to know better.
However, she has no idea if she will have much time to let the cute guy, Chase, know her thoughts about the two of them as a couple, because Chase is only in San Fransisco temporarily. He may likely be returning to his home in Kansas. One afternoon, while Paige and Chase are working on moving some pieces of the exhibit, Chase inadvertantly picks up a large stone-looking piece (which Paige says gives her the creeps!) which is supposed to represent an ancient dragon egg, and with no knowledge what so ever of what he is doing or saying, Chase recites the words which are written on the stone-egg. In doing this, the stone cracks open slightly just enough for a strange, creepy mist to escape. This is an ages old demon who was imprisoned inside the stone-egg. One thing Paige learns quickly, is that the Demon exhibits a unique chameleon-like ability. The chameleon characteristic of this particular demon allows him to morph and shapeshift into any physical form he wishes. And in this instance, the demon chooses to don the appearance of the person who set him free from his stone cold prison; Paige's friend, Chase. From the moment the demon is released, the action and "ticking clock" momentum are non-stop.

The Halliwell sisters definitely have their Wicca work cut out for them this time, as they have never fought with a demon like this before. Because the demon can not be vanquished very easily. For when he is killed in one 'Charmed' way or another, he resurrects himself with more aggression and immunities than before; as the demon, when he is killed in one way and then resurrects himself, he is immune from being killed in that one particular way--ever again. So, How can the Charmed Ones vanquish an ancient demon who can't stay vanquished? It's definitely a demonic dilemma. And the sisters need to figure out how to destroy the demon for good, forever; before the demon accomplishes its own completely destroy the world! All in all, Demon Doppelgangers is most definitely worth reading (and owning), and will surely weave its Charm- ing magic over a reader; as a spell that makes the reader not want to put down the book until they reach " The End". On a scale of one to twelve, Greg Elliot's Demon Doppelgangers is certainly a twelve. It is a piece of history -- that's Classic. Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Great Big Sea 18 years ago
Ooh that sounds good that's my favorite series of books that I like to read other than my old Nancy Drew books. I think I'm going to buy that one next time I'm up at Chapters.
Comment icon #2 Posted by myyaya420 18 years ago
Though i'm not into magic or anything satanist, I do like to watch charmed ,can't help it!!

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