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Marby Noffki

Family stories

9-9-2008 | 3

I have been very busy these days, researching my family history. It is a project my husband and I began when we wer...

Marby Noffki

Children and 'psychic sense'

8-1-2008 | 7

Children are innocent creatures, and no period of their childhood is more charmingly innocent than those years betw...

Marby Noffki

Are animals psychic ?

7-26-2008 | 15

As an animal lover, I have always been interested in stories about dogs and other critters sensing the spirit world...

Marby Noffki

The Bermuda Triangle

7-18-2008 | 6

A few evenings ago, I found myself arguing with people on the television much like my great-grandmother used to do ...

Marby Noffki

Ride in my fast machine

7-12-2008 | 4

According to Snopes, stories of vanishing hitchhikers date back to Biblical times when the Apostle Phillip vanished...

Marby Noffki

Smile for the camera

6-20-2008 | 2

The history of ghost photography is a chequered one that goes as far back as photography itself. Early photographer...

Marby Noffki

The only house in England that's not haunted

6-6-2008 | 4

When I submit my articles for this web site, with a few exceptions, I try not to let my personal experiences be the...

Marby Noffki

UFO's in the news

5-27-2008 | 10

It seems that UFOs have been all over the news lately. First, the British government made previously classified doc...

Marby Noffki

The Manoir de Gourlay

5-19-2008 | 4

Dreams are still very much a scientific mystery. It is generally agreed in the scientific community that the brain ...

Marby Noffki

Ouija boards

5-2-2008 | 25

We must have gone through ten Ouija boards when we were kids. If my grandmother happened to find it, she would thro...

Marby Noffki

Becoming aware

4-24-2008 | 18

For my mother, it was when she put shoes on by herself the first time and on the wrong feet. For my sister’s moth...

Marby Noffki

Local haunts

4-18-2008 | 1

The past seven days or so have been surreal in ways irrelevant to this column. Between a bad cold, a migraine, and ...

Marby Noffki

Is it a ghost ?

3-31-2008 | 4

The biggest challenge I am facing with this particular piece is finding a way to open it without saying, “So you ...

Marby Noffki

Man in Gray

3-24-2008 | 17

I feel that it would be generally boring and lazy of me to turn this column into a retelling of spooky personal exp...

Marby Noffki

The right medium

3-18-2008 | 2

I will never claim to be a great psychic, medium, or whatever it is the kids are calling them these days. I am sens...

Marby Noffki

What is a ghost ?

3-12-2008 | 4

I have never liked the words supernatural or paranormal. There is something both irrational and arrogant about thes...

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