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Marby Noffki

Man in Gray

March 24, 2008 | Comment icon 17 comments
Image Credit: iStockPhoto
I feel that it would be generally boring and lazy of me to turn this column into a retelling of spooky personal experiences that I have no way of proving to the reader, nor do I want to give the impression that I ride around in the Mystery Machine in my spare time. I could probably fill a book with spooky personal experiences, and may do so eventually, but for the purposes of this column, I am trying to keep the focus away from that with very little exception. This article is one such exception because I am writing it at my mother’s request, and one does not deny Mom.

I have mentioned previously that I have had some psychic experiences in my time, but they are sporadic, often vague, and far from extraordinary considering that there are those with more highly developed gifts out there. This gift is one that my grandmother could have harnessed and used, and one that my mother is coming into in the most morbid way imaginable.

Mom has predicted the deaths of no less than five people over the past few years. This isn’t some vague feeling. This is not something she has mentioned to others after the fact, and for this reason alone, I am sharing it with world. Mom is freaking us out, but it goes well beyond the mere prediction.

Mom was mopping her living room floor on a summer’s day a few years back when she described a moment during which she saw a man in a gray suit, wearing a bowler hat. His features were so plain that she could never recall them, even moments after her experience, and in fact, she is not entirely sure if this man was standing in her living room or simply in her mind’s eye. What she did remember was his calm, but otherwise nondescript voice informing her that her eighteen month old grand-nephew was dead. She dismissed it at first, but was disturbed enough to tell a few people about it. She also made sure to verify that this child was alive, and on that day, he was. It was two weeks later that he drowned in a swimming pool.
This was not an isolated incident. The man in gray has appeared to my mother several times since, and each time, he has delivered the news of somebody’s death. Each time, that person was dead within a few weeks. They were not always people she knew well or even cared for, though some were. My mother does not like receiving this information before it happens, and she has always said that if she thinks about it too much, it bothers her to think that she might predict the death of someone much closer to her than the grand-nephew that was a difficult enough loss to bear.

Apparently, my mother is not the only person to have encountered this prophet of doom. My sister’s mother-in-law has seen him as well, and he also informed her of an impending death in the family.

It was this revelation that prompted my mother to request this article of me.

An admittedly brief web search of legends surrounding a prophetic man in gray turned up no information, though I have heard of him from one or two people over the years. This information was as vague as the gray clad man’s face and gave me little to go on. Unfortunately, the closest I have come to actually seeing anything about him was an old Anthrax album cover, and while I am a fan of theirs, I would hardly consider them a starting point for serious research.

I’m just throwing this out there. Is this man in gray part of an elusive legend? Have others seen him? If he’s out there, wandering the earth and delivering bad news, I sure don’t want to meet him, but I would like to know if you have. Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Marby 17 years ago
I would like to thank all of you for your responses. Caana, I am sorry you have had to go through what you have. I often say I wish I had better developed ability, but my mom's experiences, as well as your own, make me glad that I don't. I don't know that there is much we can do, but there is no reason the person that sees it should be blamed. This does bring me to the free will comment from mbyte. I like to think that all we do and all that will happen is not written in stone and that if we are able to make certain decisions, we can avoid this or that. I like to think that our paths are forke... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Caana 17 years ago
The event's that i reffered to as hardpoint probability's are what hold the sequences together. Probability event's that lead up to them, are defined by what you call chioce, and you can have different careers and friends between hardpoint's, with no worry's about changeing sequences which define the observed sequencal percieved reality. Or what is reffered to as history.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Mbyte 17 years ago
MY brother in law you is from argentena has a cousin who can also tell who is going to die but it's much stronger with her then that of your mother. She doesn't get visted by a gray guy (as ffar as I know) I do know she knows who will die and who wont. Well she knows if they are near to their time. She works in a hospital and she knows who is not going to leave the hospital alive and who will. It's upsetting for her
Comment icon #11 Posted by occultus sententia 17 years ago
hey!, i was reading this article with my friend and i found it quite intriguing, it reminds me of my own mother who was able to predict things. well she predicted them a bit differently though, she knew when someone in the family was to die because she would dream of a room filled with all our deceased family members, but there would be an empty chair, and that chair was meant for the one who was to pass away. this happened with every family member except for my father. my mom sort of knew something was to happen to him a different way. she sort of sensed that something was wrong and continual... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by mouse888 17 years ago
interesting, instead of a man in black its a man in a bowler at this times! not a lot of people would wear a bowler now i thinkl
Comment icon #13 Posted by sjlennon 17 years ago
I knew my dead son in law was going to die before he was 22. And he did, exactly as i remembered he would. I don't know about any man in gray, because it is myself showing/telling me these thing's before they happen. When i had thought to tell him what i had seen so that he could prevent it, i was shown what would happen if he did'nt die when he was supposed to. And i kept silent about it, because if he had'nt died, two more people would have died by his own hands. I saw this about two years before it actually had happened. I really liked him, because he took on my daughter, who was a bit mess... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by choateyj 17 years ago
Comment icon #15 Posted by LineaArlis 16 years ago
Just like skinbone, I decided to register to comment this article, because I feel I have to express how I feel about it. The main word is, I am amazed, thrilled, awed, or anything along these lines. You see, in my family, we have always had ghost stories and incredible anecdotes around, for as long as I can remember, and from way before I was born. These stories may seem unbelievable to other people, but strangely for a family of scientists like us, we have never questionned any of them, though I am quite sure some of them are made up. What is really incredible is a story which I believe to be... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by sevendaydemon 16 years ago
Ahh the man in grey, when you look at the circumstances; bland looking guy, wearing sort of depressing colours like grey, it makes you think could he be the reaper? In spiritual terms there has to be someone who oversees the passing from the physical world to the next, the unpredictable nature of the fabric of the universe would sprial out of control otherwise in many aspects and not just in this one. Certain people have certain abilities, and for some reason, this man in grey sees fit to notify members of your family about the coming tragedies, so perhaps you should take some time to consider... [More]
Comment icon #17 Posted by nothingliz 16 years ago
Well I have seen this man in grey. Often times as I have heard it can be more than one. They reside in the 4th dimension. Called the grey dimension, that is why they often times appear grey or black. When the mind is active and thinking of other things while often times working or playing or even entering sleep mode. The mind responsive to outside interactions with the higher and lower fields of existance. The grey man you report has also been known as the shadow men. They are only observers of the waking world. Yet when someone is about to die or already dead, they the shadow men await to tak... [More]

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