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Lt. Colonel speaks out about Roswell report

By T.K. Randall
April 12, 2009 · Comment icon 13 comments

The Lt. Colonel who contributed to the Air Force's 1997 study in to the Roswell Incident that concluded that the crash was a myth, has now stated that the report itself was a lie, and that he believed extraterrestrials did crash to Earth in 1947.
Anthony Bragalia: The Lt. Colonel who was a major contributor to the Air Force's official 1997 study that concluded that the Roswell ET crash of 1947 is a "myth"- now states that the Air Force's Roswell report is itself a lie. The Colonel goes further to state that what he really believes to be true is that aliens actually did crash to Earth decades ago."

Source: The UFO Iconoclast(s) | Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by DONTEATUS 14 years ago
Some of the Skeptics in here woudnt know the truth if It Hovered right over them and tossed a operators manuel out the window.Now that wound be Exibit-A right?
Comment icon #5 Posted by Lt_Ripley 14 years ago
not exactly new news is it ?? anyone with a brain didn't buy the 'dummy' story the air force put out. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see it wasn't Mogul. While many witnesses are full of BS ... many are not. and the one's that are not know exactly what they saw , what it was and who knew what .... like Marcel. For Gods' sake , he was the intell officer ! if he didn't know what was going on there , no one did.
Comment icon #6 Posted by IamsSon 14 years ago
So, now we have an Air Force Colonel to add to the U.S. army Colonel (Philip Corso), and the Air Force Major (Marcell) who have claimed there was a real crash of a craft.
Comment icon #7 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: 14 years ago
So, now we have an Air Force Colonel to add to the U.S. army Colonel (Philip Corso), and the Air Force Major (Marcell) who have claimed there was a real crash of a craft. Indeed. I just wish someone would make up their minds. So many different stories, it's a headache.
Comment icon #8 Posted by L33TNerd 14 years ago
I just love it when these people age into severe psychosis and start making things up for attention. Then poorly-written articles get written to try an convince the masses. Great.
Comment icon #9 Posted by 747400 14 years ago
Severe psychosis? You've studied his medical records, or is that your assessment?
Comment icon #10 Posted by L33TNerd 14 years ago
Well, in this case it might only be minor brain deterioration, I'll give you that. But this happens so often that a pattern is arising. Why aren't these people admitting to cover ups earlier on? Sure, lots of young people have stories. I just find it....rather convenient....that those who had authority in these situations wait until they're virtually on their deathbed to say, "Oh, wait, I got it all wrong! There WERE aliens!"
Comment icon #11 Posted by 747400 14 years ago
I see your point, but it might, perhaps, also be that they decide that, now that they don't have to worry about a career or promotion prospects, they can speak out about something that they'd had to keep under the carpet while they were working for the government.
Comment icon #12 Posted by L33TNerd 14 years ago
Yes, that makes sense. Who knows, maybe this guy is right. There's just a lot of old kooks who make a bad name for that small percentile who have some real truth to reveal.
Comment icon #13 Posted by aquatus1 14 years ago
Ha! Surely, it's by now been proven time and time again that the authorities routinely, what's the word I'm looking for, lie, that's it, about any topics that are at all controversial, and so surely there's more than enough evidence that people should think very carefully before automatically accepting the official line on anything? To be fair, the authorities aren't the only one who routinely lie about controversial topics. If people are going to be careful about accepting the official line, they should be just as, if not more, careful, about accepting something as true based on little more t... [More]

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